Update: Trooper Travis Beebe is back on patrol in Clallam County


  1. rochelle

    If it were you or me that had caused all the wrecks he has, we would have no license!!! I feel like we are paying someone with a badge to play Russian roulette with!! My kids and grandchildren are out there driving, if they make a mistake while driving is he going to run them off the road because he wears a badge and can???? Then we let him go? I SAY NO!!!! AS DO MOST PEOPLE IN CLALLAM COUNTY!!! My 17 year old grandson just had his license suspended for 6 months by the state for 1 no seat belt and 1 speeding ticket!!?? CRAZY!!! Amazing Beebe can kill people and not be held accountable!!!! Took his vacation? !!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  2. Herbert Senft

    Interesting read, when NOTHING is below the title.


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