Smart Meters & Blood Damage by Dr. Frank Springob, D. C.

Smart Meters and Blood Damage—Take a Look!

Frank Springob, DC

Several years ago, Port Angeles Nutritional Therapist Autumn Smith and I created a technique to analyze the energetic resonance of the human body for the purpose of identifying nutritional needs.  Over time, this system of analysis has grown into a nationally-known professional education program called Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT).
The premise of MFT is simple—the size and balance of the body’s energy field is a reflection of the vitality of the individual.  Healthy, energetic people will have a large and symmetrical M-Field, while people with health challenges will have small, disproportionate M-fields.
In MFT analysis, the goal of the procedure is the expansion and balance of the field using appropriate nutritional or herbal protocols. We accomplish this goal by matching the resonance, or energy signature, of the individual to the energy signature of our test-vials, which leads us to the whole-foods nutritional protocol recommended for that person.
At the end of the MFT Procedure, with the right nutritional supplement held “in-the-field”, the M-Field can be measured to radiate 5-7 feet from the body.  Over time, the result is profound improvement to the health of the individual, as the body responds to the nutritional improvements.  MFT is a totally natural health procedure that addresses the customized nutritional needs of the person being tested.
I describe the MFT concepts in greater detail in the book, “Bugs in My Brain, Poison on my Plate”, co-authored by Sydney Upham Soelter.  The book also contains 7 health-improvement stories written by local individuals in their own words. The MFT Procedure subscribes to the premise of the evolving science of epigenetics, addressing the challenges of our current environment and its affect on how our individual genes express.
Morphogenic Field Technique is growing in popularity around the nation. In April, 2013, I received a phone call from Canadian Movie Producer/Director Josh Del Sol.  He was producing a documentary film, “Take Back Your Power, Investigating the Smart Grid” and had heard of our work with the human energy field. Josh wondered if we could use MFT to document the environmental hazards related to the new electrical meters, called “smart meters.” He was inquiring specifically about our ability to objectify complaints from multiple sources about damaging health effects following the installation of the smart meters.
We set up an appointment to meet three days later.  Since a smart meter had been installed at my office by the City of Port Angeles, I decided to use those three days to test the meter against the M-Field of 30-40 different people.
I was appalled by what I found!  The M-Field was absolutely obliterated when each person was tested while standing in front of the smart meter at my office!  Naturally, I wanted to compare this result with the analog meter that was installed at my home nearby.  The analog meter had no effect on the M-Field after multiple tests.  Clearly, there was a difference between these two different types of electrical meters.  
Our next step was to document the difference in a visual way, for possible use in the documentary movie. From prior experience in our work with the M-Field, we knew that anything that improved the size and balance of the M-Field could be immediately viewed in blood-related improvements using Darkfield Microscopy.  Conversely, we also know that the opposite was true.  Anything that degraded the M-Field could be observed as blood degradation using Darkfield Analysis.  
I commissioned natural health practitioner Mindy Osetek to bring her Darkfield Microscope to Port Angeles to do some filming of blood samples before and after exposure to the smart meter at my office.  I also asked her to do the same with an analog meter.  The dramatic results of our blood work can be viewed in “Take Back Your Power”.
Check it out for yourself:  To see a clip of this blood work on Youtube you can go to this link:
Since blood damage due to smart meter exposure has the potential to affect the health of the citizens of Port Angeles, I assumed that the City Council would be interested in seeing this film.  I was extremely disappointed to find that this was not true.  After first presenting the blood evidence to the Council at a public meeting in June, I was consistently ignored by City Hall until the day the film was released three months later.
Rather than an attempt to seek the truth, the response from the Port Angeles City Council and staff has been to emphatically defend the smart meter program without any scientific evidence of public safety.  The Council has voted to spend more of our tax money on “consultants” to identify reasons for the failed smart meter start-up.  
What is really going on here?
In next month’s issue, I will offer information about continuing research into health risks related to smart meters.  In the meantime, educate yourself about other smart meter concerns and see the documentary, “Take Back Your Power”.


  1. tom coville

    The smart meter in his office was never put in service. This must be a story by a quack quack.

  2. Robert Mithra

    See the video ‘Live Blood Analysis Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters’ (2 min. 43 sec.) at

    For a comprehensive analysis of the dangers of WiFi, read ‘WiFi – The Invisible Killing Fields’ at

  3. Jordan Van Voast, L.Ac.

    Thank you Dr. Springob for your important work exposing the fraudulent claims made by the “smart” (dumb)-meter industry and their agents at City Hall. We owe you an immense debt of gratitude for you development of techniques to observe harmful changes of microwave radiation at the cellular level.


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