Radiation Levels Around the Olympic Peninsula after the Disaster at Fukushima by Dr Robert Crittenden


I have owned a modern solid-state Geiger-counter, since, before the disaster at the powerplant in Fukushima, on March 11th, 2011, because, a few years, earlier I did a study on why blood and hair samples from many ordinary people on the Peninsula contained toxic levels of uranium. According to the medical literature which commented upon the origin of uranium contamination among individuals who had neither been in the military nor were associated with nuclear power plants, the cause of that contamination is that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permits the uranium mining and refining industry to dispose of contaminated phosphoric acid, which is a waste product from their operations, by adding it to fertilizers. They even allow them to add it to “organic” fertilizers.
After I learned that, I began testing foods that I bought at the local grocery stores. Many of them had elevated levels of radiation. Thus, it is evident that radioactive contamination was a problem, before the disaster at Fukushima. I also learned from that study, that with my Geiger-counter the background level before the disaster at Fukushima, was a count of 180 in ten minutes. That instrument is an “Inspector Alert” by International Medcom.

To give a point of reference, the International Commission on Radiation Protection (ICRP) recommends exposures of one milli-sievert per year or less. That corresponds to a count of approximately 400 in ten minutes with my Geiger-counter.

After the disaster at Fukushima. I did several surveys of the spatial distribution of radioactivity on the Olympic Peninsula. Radioactive fall-out is a very fine dust, probably of atomic proportions. It settles effectively everywhere, but it accumulates where one might expect dust to accumulate. So, the sampling method I employed was to drive for ten minutes, pull over on a straight section of highway at the first place where I could safely do so, place the Geiger-counter on the asphalt, about a foot from its edge, avoiding any acumulations of dirt or gravel, and take a ten-minute measurement. The instrument was inside a zip-lock plastic freezer bag, to prevent its, becoming contaminated. (I also, tested, multiple layers of freezer bags, showing that they didn’t cause a measurable reduction of the count.) Also, I only sampled in dry weather, because, various emitted particles are absorbed by water. This sampling method provided random samples from similer micro-environments. The data were remarkably repeatable: Specifically, the counts were usually within plus or minus 10, or less, whenever I returned, within a few days to resample at approximately the same location.

I did my first surveys in September, 2011: Specifically, I took measurements along Highway 101 westwards from the Jefferson County border, through Sequim and Port Angeles to the Elwha River. Those measurements were relatively low and constant, with counts in the 300s. However, they increased abruptly west of the bridge on Highway 101, over that river, to counts in the 500s to low 600s.

They continued at that level all the way to Beaver. There, I took Highway 113 northwards to Clallam Bay , where I turned westwards on Highway 112, along the coast. The counts remained relatively constant at that same level, all the way to the parking-lot at that end of the road.

The next day, I repeated that survey, except, that I continued on Highway 101 almost all the way to Forks, before turning Westwards towards the coast. That survey ended at La Push. Its results were essentially the same, as the previous survey.

Over multiple surveys, I observed a relationship between chemtrail spraying and the radiation levels in the areas where that spray settles. As the chemtrails gradually spread out and settle, they appear to filter the fine radioactive particles out of the atmosphere and precipiate them. The end result would be no different, if, they were spraying radioactive waste.

At about that same time, it became recognized that the barium salts in chemtrails suppress plant growth, and that that was harming the food supply of rare and endangered wild freshwater fish species. So, the barium salts were replaced with something else, unknown.

Later that year, I began doing surveys around the Olympic Peninsula. In one of the first of those, I began at Sequim and went Eastwards on Highway 101 and then, southwards along the Hood Canal. The counts remained in the 400s, until I got to Hoodsport. There the count was 224, which is close to the background level. As I continued on from there to Olympia, the counts gradually rose to the low 300s. From there, I drove Westwards on Highway 8, towards Aberdeen. They remained in the 300s and low 400s until I ended that survey at Elma.

A week later, I drove to Forks, and surveyed southwards to Aberdeen and then, eastwards as far as Elma, except that on the way to Forks, I also took measurements at the lookout on Highway 101, over the Elwha River ( 565), at the east end of Crescent Lake (439), and at Beaver (477). As I continued south from Forks, the counts were in the mid-400s to mid-500s, until I reached Hoquim. There they abruptly decreased to 335. They rose to 530 in Montasano but in Elma they fell again to 417.

The next year, 2012, there was extensive chemtrail spraying over Eastern Clallam County. The spraying occurred almost every day, that Summer. Some days, the settling spray almost obscured the view of the mountains from Carlsborg. By the end of that summer, the radiation levels in the Eastern part of the county reached counts in the 500’s, even a few in the low 600’s. In contrast, the radiation levels had decreased in the West end of the County, since the previous year. This may have been due to the fall-out’s, being washed off by rain.

That October, I surveyed Eastwards from Sequim, along Highway 101 and, then, southwards to Hood Canal. The count was 520 in Sequim but dropped to the 400s until, I went over the pass at Walker Mountain just south of Quilcene. South of there, it dropped to 390. The day after that, I continued surveying southwards alongside the Hood Canal. The counts were in the high 300s or low 400s. South of Shelton, I took Highway 108 Westwards, to McCleary, to try to better describe the radiation levels in the regions between Hoquim and Hoodsport. The count rose to 528 midway along that road, at the border of Mason and Grays Harbor County, but it was 475 at Elma, and 460 at Montasano.

Next, I surveyed southeastwards from Elma along Highway 12 to where it intersects I5 at Grand Mound north of Centralia. The count was 392 in Elma but only ten miles down Highway 12, it had risen to 541. It remained in the high 500’s until I reached I5.

Then, I turned south on I5 and continued to Portland and, went further along 99W, as far as McMinnville. Except for two measurements of 514 and 513, near Longview, the counts were in the High 500s the whole way.

The head offices of Evergreen Aviation, who claim to be doing the chemtrail spraying, are located in McMinville. I saw no related activity there. The count in the parking-lot of McMinnville
Municial Airport was 620 but in downtown McMinnville it was only 513 and in my well-cleaned hotel room it was 301. (Remember that fallout is a fine dust.)

From Mcminnville, I took Highway 18 out to the Oregon Coast, a little north on Lincoln City. The counts gradually rose as I went through the Coast Range and were 658, at Neskowin Beach. They remained in the high 500s, as I went northwards along the coast, until I got to the Northern part of the City of Aberdeen. There, they were 385.

After that, I turned Eastwards towards Montesano. The count was 411 at the viewpoint over the Chehalis River and 387 in Montesano.

The next survey I did, in October, 2012, was eastwards over the Cascades as far as Moses Lake in Eastern Washington. The count was 573 in Sequim, at the Kingston Ferry Terminal it was 457, and in Monroe it was 465. I took Highway 2 over the Cascades. The counts gradually rose as I went up the mountains. It was 608 at Steven’s Pass but it didn’t drop, as I went down their Eastern side: In particular, they were 635 at a rest area seventeen miles beyond the pass, 591 just east of Leavenworth, and 613 on Highway 2 a little east of Winachi. Following Highway 2, eastwards, they were 615 at Waterville, and at Coalee City they were 581.

Then, I turned Southwards down the Grand Coule, on Highway 17, and followed it to Moses Lake. The measurements remained in the high 500s until I reached Moses Lake, where they were 616. From Moses Lake. I returned to Western Washington on I90. The counts remained in the low 600’s until I got to Cle Elum, where they dropped to 545, However, it, then, began to rain. So that ended that survey.

My conclusions regarding the patterns of radiation levels, is that fallout may have naturally settled fairly uniformly over Eastern Washington but, as it rarely rains there, relatively little of it washed off. In contrast, the Western parts of Washington and Oregon, exhibit more complex patterns that reflect both precipitation of fallout due to chemtrail spraying and natural rainfall patterns, which both cause the fallout to precipitate and wash it off. In particular, the low radiation levels along the Hood Canal may be due to that area’s, being in the windshadow of the Olympic Mountains but there are no mountains near Hoquim, So, I suppose that the low radiation levels there may be due to locally not spraying chemtrails and the irregular counts eastwards from there towards Olympia may represent a turbulet wake downwind from the low radiation levels in Hoquim. The discontinuity at the Elwha River may initially have been due either to rainfall or chemtrail spraying but the subsequent increase in the radiation levels in the Eastern part of the County appear to have been due to the latter, and the recent complete ceasation of spraying, in that region, during the Summer of 2014, is expected to result in lower radiation levels, there, but the current rainy weather has interrupted, taking measurements of it.


  1. Sam Deeds

    Dr. Crittenden–

    You lost me immediately after I read “chemtrails”.

    1. MIchael Gentry

      Perhaps there is an equally rough guesstimation of chemtrail activity over the same period of time as this test? Is that documented?

  2. Michael Gentry

    In a era of Makers and Breakers I really have to admire the idea of doing a seat of the pants testing survey. In fact, from what we know about corporations doing this is that is an approach akin to asking a fox to go out and count the hens.
    Taking back your community design from the powerful bureaucracies will encompass this ” do it anyway” approach. Now, let’s get a crew together and fix the alleys in Poor Angeles! That is after we wash them down really well, right?

  3. HerbS

    Dr Robert Crittenden? I would like to have some corroborative background on this before printing this story. His background, training do not seem to suggest expertize in this field. The headline is either misleading (using Disaster at Fukushima) and then delving off into “chemtrails.” Sam, I with you on this one.

    Hell, for health concerns you might as well go into pesticide spraying along roadsides and in DNR land or the use of rock salts yada yada. Might as well point out radioactivity that comes from polluted dust storms from China or dare I say it, the foods they export to us.

    1. Dr. Robert Crittenden

      I’m s PhD with a broad background in both training and experience. That includes a book I wrote on spatial survey methods and published research on filters. If you think chemtrails are a conspiracy theory, You haven’t been very observant of what has been occurring around you. But they haven’t been doing that over Eastern Clallam County for the last few months, so, perhaps, you missed your chance.

  4. Nadia Seymour

    We don’t need to look to the sky, or to Japan to find plausible sources for human created radiation pollution. Remember that the US military dumped something like 50,000 metal barrels of radioactive waste near the Farallone Islands, located about 30 miles off San Francisco. This was decades ago, and the metal barrels have been rusting away ever since, releasing their contents into our waters. ( Search terms: radioactive wasted dumped Farallone).

    Locally, Nikola Broadband (offices located in Sequim) website has a 24/7 radiation meter with records running back years.

  5. HerbS

    My God,
    Nadia that takes me back to a ‘”not good place’ in time. Santa Cruz in the 60’s and Vietnam. Though well south of the Farallone’s it was an issue at that time. Totally forgotten in my dotage. As I remember most of that dump age ended in the early 60’s but the consequences of those rust able metal drums remain. I would add that it was also the graveyard of ( January 1951) the highly radioactive hull of USS Independence that was scuttled in the area.

    Considering the NAVY environmental experts testifying to our local issue, they have no standing in my book whatsoever. BTW the Farallon Islands are or were an important reserve protecting a huge seabird colony. Who knows how many wings those birds have now.

  6. Michael

    Thank you for your diligence in putting together this field work I am very grateful for people who are dedicated to finding out the truth in these matters, if only the tax payers money was properly spent we would not have to have watchdogs shadowing the insane programs of the military industrial madness.

  7. Dr. Robert Crittenden

    Regarding the measurements that Nikola broadband have taken, they can not be used to estimate the average radiation level in Sequim, because, hey were taken at a single fixed location. You need samples that were randomized
    over locations in Sequim in order to estimate the average radiation level in that city.. This genera principle also applies to a new meter that is currently being set up in Dungeness.,

  8. Jack Facs

    This monthly rag is just too funny…it must be a takeoff of the “The Onion”…well done.

    Everyone get your AFDB’s…for your own protection!!


    Mr Wilson…your paper is hilarious…keep up the spoof articles…this one is a hoot!
    (Though it doesn’t do much for your credibility)


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