Something to Think About by Edna Willadsen


The US National Parks Service gave the go-ahead to raise the entrance fees

for 131 parks.


The statement that caught my attention was, Yosemite National Park will have a 50%

rate increase and the Olympic National Parks fees will triple.


When the Park Superintendent Sarah Creachbaum spoke to the business association

breakfast earlier this month, she thought it doable to divide the increase over

three years.


I ask, why are the fees tripling for us, could it be because of the anticipated

revenue loss if the Navy is successful in obtaining the permit that enables them

to due warfare testing?


What effect will this have on the local economy’s?

This could prove to be catastrophic.


  1. R2

    The primary purpose, in the eyes of professional naturalists, of the park is to preserve wilderness, not provide recreational opportunities for people. So anything that discourages people from trampling the wilderness is, in their eyes, a good thing. The founders of the national park system wanted wilderness to be preserved so the people (all the people) could enjoy it and come to love it so popular demand would ensure it’s protection and preservation. The forest service has had its budget cut drastically, but the Pentagon is always flush, so will buy FS approval. The Pentagon only cares about achieving “Full-Spectrum Dominance” i.e. world domination. The only purpose of these tests is to prepare for more unprovoked, illegal, preemptive wars, with the ultimate goal of surrounding Russia & China and neutralizing them via partitioning them, as we did Iraq and Libya. Such endless war will always take precedence over tourism or preservation of wilderness.

    1. MIchael Gentry

      You are not supposed to spoil so much fun with such careless truth telling R2 d too? You need a license to do that. Especially when it’s out of season and beyond a locked trail gate. Didn’t your mother teach you not to scare pets or little children waving around enlightenment sabers?

      1. R2

        I call ’em as I see’em. I don’t always see them accurately, but if anyone at the park or forest service can correct me I’d appreciate it. Any bureaucracy’s first priority is its own preservation, hence the recent revelation that the county roads dep’t focuses on repairing back roads so the potholes in the main ones will provide evidence they need more funding. Dummies don’t advance in any organization, but intelligence without ethics is dangerous. There are many smart crooks. Fortunately I’m too dumb to lie and keep my story straight so I’ve found it best to stick to the truth. It’s easier that way. Lazy, but honest.

  2. Virginia Leinart

    Bingo, Edna.

    1. R2

      Remember that the Pentagon doesn’t plan on using the airspace around Yosemite for war games. Am I cynical to believe Sarah is part of the plan? By raising entry fees drastically fewer people will visit the park, meaning there will be fewer people around to be shocked and appalled by the noise polluting what is s’posed to be pristine wilderness. Perhaps the Pentagram is paying off ONP bureaucrats the way they are likely “helping” the Forest Service? The military is the only part of gov’t that hasn’t been drastically cut, so it’s only sensible, from a bureaucrat’s perspective, to play ball.


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