Letter to Editor: Skool Bond Math Inkorect

by Elizabeth Stallings

I was hoping this Port O Call would try and shed more light on the school board’s ridiculous bond proposal for a new 100 million dollar high school. What with all of our rate increases for basic utility services and the planned increases in utility rates there is a real danger of people losing their homes if this bond somehow actually passes.

The Example that the School board has on their website of estimated home owners tax rate increase is very misleading. It explains that the rates would increase another $1.60 per thousand. It goes on to say that if your home value is $172,250 ( I believe the average home value is closer to $190,000) your tax would increase a additional $276.60 annually or at a rate of 2.97 a month?

The fact that nobody on the School board can do basic math or cares enough to put accurate information on their web sites for the public to view is a problem better addressed later by anyone who still has a roof over their heads.

No where on their web page do they estimate the average home owners additional total cost over the life of the bond. I would think that an additional $7,500 average from every single property owner might be information worth mentioning but they do not.

Anyone who is living in a rental unit can expect these increases to be passed on to them with rent increases. We have a large population of elderly and disabled fixed income residents who already struggle to keep a roof over their heads and something has to be done to protect these people from a school board who don’t seem to understand the consequences of their bond–or basic math.

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  1. Judi Hangartner

    Not really surprised on the boards math skills after all the new way of teaching is Common Core, there is no right answer to any math question. 2+2=5. Everything taught has a gray area with no set of rules. Their mission is to cause confusion amongst the many.


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