PenCom Experiences Radio Outage

On Thursday July 9, 2015 at approximately 1:00 PM both police and fire department radio frequencies that are transmitted to the Peninsula Communications Center (PenCom) began to experience significant performance issues. The ability for Clallam Fire Districts 2, 3, and 4, and the Port Angeles Fire Department to transmit or receive on some of their critical frequencies was lost. The primary law enforcement frequency in the central and west areas also stopped working. Units were moved to secondary radio channels. Personnel from Richmond Radio, PenCom, Clallam County Communications and City of Port Angeles Engineering and Facilities responded to the problem. It was determined that condensation Crom a I-1VAC system had developed to the point that it overwhelmed the normal control measures and a small amount of water disabled and damaged some radio equipment Fire department frequencies for Port Angeles Fire, Districts 2 and 4 were brought back to near normal operation later in the afternoon. As of mid morning July 10, 2015 law enforcement in the central and west areas, Fire District 3 and the fire department “toning” capabilities remain impacted and secondary radio frequencies and / or tone out means are being utilized.

Personnel are working on replacing damaged components and are working to get the radio frequencies back to normal operation as soon as is possible. PenCom is a division of the Port Angeles Police Department that provides both emergency and non emergency dispatch services for user law enforcement and fire agencies in Clallam County and manages the 911 system in Clallam County.

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