Peninsula Area Public Access (PAPA) Recognized

Port Angeles City Council voted 6-0 to enter an agreement with Peninsula Area Public Access (PAPA) to provide programming for up to 3 public access television channels to be available to Wave Cable subscribers early in the new year.

Dr. Ralph Smith, CEO of PAPA made a 30 minute presentation to city council on Tuesday night and introduced a dozen PAPA board members present.

Public Access television has been available to Port Angeles customers via the city’s franchise agreement with Wave Cable since 2002 but no one has, until now, taken the initiative to get a local television station up and running. In a recent survey of city residents 87% of respondents stated a desire for local programming.  The survey, conducted by Buske Associates, is  part of negotiations for renewal of the franchise agreement between the city and Wave Cable to expire in May 2017..

The goal of PAPA is to provide public, educational and government programming on up to three channels available on the Wave Cable line-up.  PAPA will also provide equipment and training for anyone in the community who seeks to produce their own programming for local and international consumption. 

Any budding film-maker now has an opportunity to create a television program or full length movie.

PAPA will associate with the Port Angeles Schools District, working with the Skills Center, which has its own television production curriculum, taught by their talented instructor, Lisa Hitt. It is hoped that Skills Center students can “letter” in media just as athletes do in sports.  Graduates with sufficient experience with PAPA will be prepared for entry level work at most television stations.  They will learn the nomenclature, electronic news gathering, electronic field production, lighting, audio, editing and story-boarding.

Funding for PAPA will come from sponsorship, producer training fees, memberships, video production work for local merchants and grants.

There will be a small amount of revenue coming from Wave Cable via a five cent per month per subscriber access fee which will be charged to each subscriber–under the current franchise agreement.

Currently PAPA programming will be available to city residents who are Wave Cable subscribers.  At least two county commissioners have agreed to invite Wave Cable to provide PAPA programming to the 14,500 Wave Cable subscribers throughout Clallam County.  The city and county have  separate franchise agreements with Wave Cable.

PAPA plans to provide live and tape-delayed coverage of athletic competition covering Peninsula College and all schools in the county as well as government meetings and cultural programs.  Depending on the number of volunteers PAPA would like to extend coverage to EDC meetings, Chamber of Commerce meetings, college speakers, festivals and live music events.  PAPA hopes to include news, exhibits and cultural events provided by  local sovereign nations.  

There will be live call-in talk shows allowing the community to weigh in on current events and also travelogues featuring the many  areas of unparalleled beauty in the county–of interest to tourists and residents alike. 

PAPA plans to feature profiles of community leaders and news makers and also promote projects designed to enhance the communication channels throughout the county. 

The faith-based community is invited to provide programs emanating from their local worship services.

Anyone interested in serving on the board or becoming a producer of local programming contact Dr. Ralph Smith, CEO of PAPA at 360-809-3388


  1. Steve

    Great news!

  2. Bryan Frazier


  3. Greg Moore

    So we will be televising all City and County Council meetings live? Outstanding!!!

  4. Dave

    This article is from September 2015!! Many of us attended the meetings; and the C.C. voted 6-0 in favor. And right now, when the C.C. is facing chaos, there is still nothing more up-to-date than the PDN, 48 hours later or a few words on the KONP web-site about meetings. If “all politics is local”, our seems to operate under a cone of silence.

    Editor’s Note: PAPA will begin programming on channel 21 on the Wave Cable line-up in the near future–hopefully by May of this year.
    Anyone seeking to get involved with the local public access channel please contact PAPA online at

  5. Kyle Parkhurst

    I was at that meeting in 2015 and distinctly remember that PAPA was going to be given full immunity to investigate the ongoing issues surrounding governmental affairs. I hope someone can wrestle a few air minutes but I don’t get Wave Cable where I live. Unfortunately the information will be lost to many of us.



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