As I observe my own family relationships, a common theme is apparent in all the relationships. Hillary and Kade are in their 20’s. Kevin and Joni are in their 30’s. Sabrina and Dave are in their 30’s / 40’s. Linda and I are in our 60’s, and met as High School Sweethearts. We have been together for 44 years, and married for 42 years. This month, I will share with you the secret of building a strong couple’s foundation.

If you are building a new home, you will always start with a strong foundation. A weak or poorly built foundation, can cause the whole house to be destroyed. Complex human relationships can create the same problem. The good news is that we can continue to build our human foundation, as the relationship grows and matures in love and wisdom.

The successful and loving relationship, follows the same guidelines to build a beautiful home. Listed below, contains the building blocks to build a strong and loving relationship;

• Build a relationship based on true love, respect, and truth.
• Treat each other with true passion. Never take each other for granted.
• Build a strong relationship, before bringing children into the relationship.
• Never give up your personal identity. You are building a partnership.
• Base your love in truth and honesty. Be a real person, not an actor.
• If you are building a blended family, all children must be treated on a equal and loving basis. Blended relationship fail at a 70% rate. Children are partners in a blended family.
• Clear boundaries must be established for Partner’s extended families.
• Continue a courtship relationship with your Partner. The Courtship should grow with the duration of the relationship. Plan weekly date nights.Keep your relationship light burning bright and with true love.
• Conduct monthly family council meeting. The meeting should include planning family adventures, and other family objectives and goals.
• Plan a monthly Couple’s adventure. Each month, plan a get-away which will be exciting and a relationship builder. No cell phones, distractions, or work related issues. Create a ” Family Life Plan ” during your adventure.

If you score 8 to 10 foundation points, you have a great relationship. If you score 7 or less, give me a cal

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