Clallam County Democrats’ Annual Fundraiser

Don’t Miss the Amazing Opportunity!

Clallam County Democrats’ Annual Fundraiser

The Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner   
Friday, October 23

Keynote Speaker 
U.S. Ambassador
to the
People’s Republic of China,
U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Washington State Governor
Gary Locke  
Dinner and program will be at
Seven Cedars Casino  – Club Seven

Social Hour – 4:30 to 5:30 
Dinner – 5:30 to 6:45
Program – 6:45 to 8:00  


$55 before October 10
$60 after October 10
$440 for a table for 8 before October 10  
Tickets may be purchased by sending a check with the attached order form to:
Clallam County Democrats
P.O. Box 2454
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Tickets  may also be purchased via PayPal  


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  1. R2

    $55 is a lot of money for the working class folks that used to be the Democrats base. Who is the target demographic for this event? Liberal yuppies? Obama promised to end stupid wars but got us into more and perpetuates Bush’s stupid wars. And we should support the Demonrats again? Even Sanders wants more war, if only by using the Saudi dictatorship as proxies. These evil theocrats execute kids for having protested their crimes against their own people, yet Obama bows to them. RFK, Jr. was right.
    ~”Republicans are 90% corrupt and Democrats 75%.”
    Ever since Slick Willy took the party right to court corporate cash those that can’t afford $55 dinners have been getting the short end. Maybe if some of that $55 went to the victims of Obama’s drone strikes it would be some small justice. Gary Locke is just another corporate stooge. No thanks. I guess having the event in a casino is appropriate given the casino economics Obama et al have promoted by refusing to prosecute the Wall St. gamblers who crashed our economy, and are doing it again. Those are the Demonrats REAL constituents — the ones who pay for hundred million dollar campaigns like Hillary and Barry ran to win. They are both stooges to the warmongering fascist corporate types that own this country. There’s nothing democratic about them. They are bought and sold and don’t give squat about what the majority of Americans think — otherwise we’d be out of these stupid, wasteful wars by now. The majority know that they’re being taken, and that the Demonrats don’t care about them.


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