Open Letter to Local Law Enforcement

Please see OPNET article on website of Port O Call news available at: 

If you have not viewed the video of the January 9th,  2013 court hearings in re OPNET v Fager Brothers you should. 

In the video of the court hearing heard by Judge Verser, the OPNET attorney threw under the bus the PAPD officers who conducted a search of Fager’s home and confiscated Fager’s Canadian money and his laptop.  

The OPNET attorney acted like they had no idea why your PAPD officers were there.

Of course they were there under the auspices of OPNET but OPNET disavowed involvement with PAPD officers. 

That means Port Angeles is open to yet another independent legal action including burglary, theft and violation of rights because of the actions of PAPD officers allegedly being out in Sequim, outside their jurisdiction, conducting their own operations–according to OPNET’s attorney. 

Of course this is hogwash but is how OPNET left PAPD twisting in the judicial breeze.

I hope you will urge PAPD to get out of this OPNET organization as it does not bode well for taxpayers of Port Angeles and Clallam County. 

 It is very likely that Port Angeles will have to come up with all or part of the $100,000 deductible to cover the Fager’s attorney fees–recently ordered by the court, but also another $100,000 deductible for the Fager’s federal action which will cause the city of Port Angeles and Clallam County to ante up for yet another portion of a $100,000 deductible before the risk pool weighs in. 

If the Fagers were to mount a new and separate action against PA then the city taxpayers would be vulnerable to the total $100,000 deductible and not share that burden with OPNET.

I do not get any indications that the Fagers are interested in a separate action against PA but, in my opinion, the city is vulnerable to such an action.

PS  Both videos are available on Port O Call website adjacent to the OPNET story.

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