Plans afoot for ouster of Fluoride Four

Letter to the Editor from Mario Muro

Plans being made to oust Forced Fluoride Four

Save the date, January 2nd, 2:30 pm begins the ouster of renegade city council members.

The time has come to take back our city from the clutches of the forced fluoride four.  Looks like the only way to do this is to mount a recall campaign.  We need to recall Dan Gase, Cherie Kidd, Brad Collins. 

We are now collecting evidence of malfeasance committed by these council members so that we can begin the proceedings which are necessary for a recall of city council members.  This is not a pleasant task but one that must be done if we are to ever have representative government in Port Angeles.  These four certainly do not represent the will of the people as reflected in the recent fluoride vote.

We’ll start with Brad Collins.  Collins is the one who first foisted fluoride upon us.  When he was an employee of the city of Port Angles he is the one who wrote the letter of no consequence which paved the way for fluoride to be added to the city water.  Shortly after penning that letter it is alleged that Collins called up his daughter and told her not to use city water to mix the baby’s formula.  He thought it good enough for the citizens but not good for his grand baby.

Collins failed to announce this conflict of interest in the run-up to the vote.  Since he was the one who first permitted the introduction of fluoride into our water supply he should have abstained from the vote.  By failing to register his  conflict of interest this may rise to the level of malfeasance required to bounce him off city council.  If that is insufficient then maybe the multiple sexual harassment charges will be sufficient.

Collins is already up on a couple of charges of sexual harassment of city workers.  Two different women employees accused him of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.  Here is a quote from the daily paper from a while back.

“Teresa Pierce’s hostile work environment complaint is one of two made against the city in the past two years.  Former finance director Yvonne Ziomkowski has a lawsuit set for trial.  
Pierce filed a claim against the city alleging Councilman Brad Collins made inappropriate sexual comments to her and repeatedly looked at her in ways that made her uncomfortable in 2010, 2011 and 2013.  “I have been subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile work environment since 2010 when Brad Collins was appointed to the Port Angeles City Council,” Pierce said in her claim.”

So, it looks like, according to female city workers, Collins is a serial sexual harasser.  This should be sufficient for recall.

Also, Collins implored the city council to send taxpayer money to the EDC so he could keep his seat on that board.  No mention of the value to the city for such an investment just wanted to keep his seat on the board.

Next in line is Dan Gase.  Gase is a city council member.  He is also a member of the board of the local Chamber of Commerce.  Recently the city and the chamber were in a tussle deciding who owns the website the chamber manages to pretend to promote the city as a tourist destination.  It is customary for anyone representing conflicting factions to abstain from even discussing the matter let alone voting on the topic.

In this discussion Gase took up the part of the Chamber against the city.  He should have announced he had a conflict and recused himself from the discussion.  

In another questionable ethics issue Gase, who is a realtor for Coldwelll Banker Realty, received the listing to sell the former Lincoln Theater in downtown Port Angeles.  Shortly after listing the theater for sale Gase had  a “sold” sign in the window of the theater.  Problem is the building wasn’t sold.  It appears Gase intended to freeze the availability of the building so a cohort would have a better chance at purchasing the building–maybe even at a reduced rate.

The effect of this questionable maneuver was to take the building off the market and deny the owner an opportunity to sell the building.  The “sold” sign is now removed and the building is still on the market.

Cherie Kidd, allegedly assisted by operatives in the Delta Dental group and the fluoride industry pulled a pretty slick maneuver with regard to the recent “Advisory Ballot.”   Kidd first cajoled her fellow council members to put the question of continued fluoridation of city water on the Official Ballot for the November election.

One week later she returned to city council and implored her fellow council members to strike that resolution and create the “do it yourself” advisory ballot.  The one that residents actually received.  Such a ballot is not protected by law.

One may wonder what happened between the time she had the vote placed on the “Official Ballot” and a week later when she scrapped that and demanded a city-inspired advisory ballot.  Allegedly she learned that if the fluoride question appeared on the Official Ballot then the local tax-payer funded health officers and the tax-supported Olympic Medical Center and its employees would have been prevented by law from interfering with the Official Ballot.  With this now becoming an “advisory ballot” mailed out by the city instead of the Auditor’s office then Scott Kennedy, Tom Locke, the OMC Board of commissioners and any other tax supported entity could now weigh in on the question and lobby the city council to continue fluoridation.

This type of flim-flam may or may not reach the level of chicanery required to recall a council member but it is certainly worth a try.  Another gambit said to be in the planning stages is to have her removed for lack of mental competency.  The evidence is said to be the rambling nonsensical word-salad uttered by Kidd when she attempted to explain her disappointing vote to the crowd attending city council meeting the night of the betrayal.

Kidd somehow rationalized that all those people who did not turn in the city’s ballot were, by their non-action, voting for continued fluoridation.  The same argument does not apply to all those people who did not vote for Kidd in the recent city council election which Kidd won by only 300 votes.  The vote was razor-thin even though her opponent, Dan Batham quit the campaign for several weeks before the election.

More likely the people who did not return the advisory ballot realized this group of renegade council members could not be trusted and, no matter the vote total, they would do as they pleased and to hell with the voters.  If that was their thinking they were exactly right.

This is a much more rational argument for the reason people did not turn in their advisory ballots.

With the removal of these three we can get a new city council that will abide by the will of the voters who pay the freight for city government.

So, the first meeting to plan the ouster of these forced fluoride fiends is scheduled  for January 2nd , 2:30 PM at 314 W. First Street, Port Angeles.  Parking in the rear is advisable.  

Please share this information with all your friends on social media.  Tell them we are seeking even more examples of questionable ethical behavior by these individuals.   


  1. R2

    Your pollyannish optimism astounds me. That by voting out old sycophants to power we can be assured those who replace them will be true democrats, champions of the people’s will. Power corrupts, and those who find themselves empowered will often have their heads swelled to the same size as the incumbents, and believe they know better than the public, if not on this issue then on another.

    What we really need is true democracy, at least on all non-crisis decisions. We can do this with off-the-shelf technology, such as used in telephone banking. Dial in, enter your PIN, and vote. Simple and any problems would be less than the current system. We’d still need representatives to write the questions, and watchdog the system, but we could truly have government of the people instead of just braying lip-service to the concept, instead of simply working to replace the old tyrants with new ones.

  2. R2

    Out with the old tyrants, in with the new, eh? Your confidence that we’ll be given the choice of more democratically inclined special-interest servants is naive. Power corrupts, and most people’s egos are susceptible to the flattery of being elected, so that they truly believe they know better than even the majority. The same special interests that Gase, Kidd & Collins succumbed to will no doubt be pressuring any new candidates you come up with and you’ve no guarantee they won’t succumb as well. Every person has their price.

    Few of the decisions the city council decides is of crisis nature. A better solution than voting in new tyrants to replace the old would be true democracy. We could decide these issues by telephone voting, the same way we transfer funds by phone at the bank. We’d still need representatives to write the questions we’d decide, but we’d more closely achieve the founders dreams of “government of, by and for the people.” Otherwise the probability we’ll just remove one set of out-size egos and replace the with another exists.

    “Pat Downey can’t help himself so we’ll leave him be–for now.”

    Explain this statement please?

  3. Giovanni

    Pretty serious allegations.
    I have to say, about the changing of position from the ballot decision to the advisory vote, this was decided by Washington state supreme court that said fluoridation is up to administrative discretion.

    Editor’s Note:
    Supreme Court had nothing to do with the change from having the question of continued fluoridation on the Official Ballot or an advisory poll.

  4. Nadia Seymour

    As others have said, the real issue is how these four council members treated the residents in Port Angeles, recently. Will the people feel the four council members were correct in defacing the democratic process and what America is supposed to stand for, or not?

    Yes, the particular topic at issue was fluoridation of the public’s water supply. Yes, for that particular topic, people had their views. But the real offence committed by Cherie Kidd, Dan Gase, Pat Downey and Brad Collins was their complete, intentional, pre-determined and contrived rationale used to deny the public of representation on an issue the council members knew very well the public wanted a voice in.

    The council knew very well the public was concerned, and previously debated ways to best hear from the public. After many hours of public testimony, the council decided to put the issue as an advisory vote on the November ballot, ensuring maximum voter participation.

    A week later, Cherie Kidd successfully convinced a council majority to hold a separate special election. An election reminiscent of the early days of America, when only those rich and privileged enough to own land were allowed to vote. In this election, only those paying water bills in Port Angeles received ballots. All other water drinking Port Angeles residents had no voice.

    The council members knew this was an issue of great concern to it’s constituents. So much so, that it spent approx. $11,000 for a special election to solicit responses from the people they serve.

    But, after the voter results were tallied, these four council members wasted little time completely ignoring the public’s wishes.

    And, to add insult, Cherie Kidd went so far as to state those that did not return ballots were to be counted! Not only counted, but counted as OPPOSITE of the majority vote of the public!

    Where, ANYWHERE in America, in ANY democracy, have non-returned ballots been assigned ANY value in determining the outcome? Where, in any election, have non-returned ballots been counted, and overturned a winning majority?

    The actions of these four demonstrate clearly their disregard for the democratic process. For that reason alone, they ALL should be recalled.

    The residents of Port Angeles do not need the approval of the courts of Washington to express their outrage at this affront to America. Every eligible voter should sign a petition for their immediate removal, and the four council members should respect those petitions, and step down. ASAP.

    When more signatures of residents are presented to council members than they were elected by, asking them to step down from that office, what moral rational can they have to ignore the will of the people?

    Cherie Kidd received 2,326 votes, out of 11,389 eligible voters. That is about 20% of eligible voters.

    The people of Port Angeles need to stand up and show the local leadership they will no longer tolerate this kind of flagrant abuse of democracy.

  5. Pete

    Giovanni may have been referring to a case such as Yesler v. Seattle, an 1890 case where the WA Supreme Court ruled:
    “Nor does the law permit the council of a city to delegate to the popular vote the determination of any matter before it unless the right to so delegate it has been expressly conferred or enjoined by statute.”

    So, the advisory vote meant absolutely nothing in the eyes of the law, and they knew this when they changed from the ballot to an “advisory vote” of bill-paying customers.
    Face it, we were duped.

  6. R2

    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
    ― Plato

    We get the government we deserve.


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