Port Angeles Event “This is “OUR TOWN” by Chelsea Ward


Port Angeles would like to invite all interested to attend our upcoming rally, “This is Our Town”,  against drugs and crime.

We will be holding signs, bbqing, handing out information on treatment, safety, counseling, and bumper stickers. We can also help direct you to the various groups formed around town that are trying to help this problem in different ways. Our main focus is to gather the community together to raise awareness, as well as form further meetings for those interested in changing laws, forming citizen patrols, and volunteering to help take the load off our police department. We will also do other events and community clean ups.

Where: Hair School parking lot, 2941 E Hwy 101
When: January 17th 2016, at NOON


  1. Nadia Seymour

    As has been noted previously, the emphasis of this effort is police force.

    Perhaps those that think a “war on drugs and crime” in our town is a smart approach might look to find evidence that this successful.

    Yes, we have been raised to believe that through force, we can have the kind of life and community we want. “Zero Tolerance” and “Three Strikes” laws are popular. Here in Port Angeles, as we see with this effort, the business group known as “Revitalize Port Angeles” (who is part of this effort) has from it’s beginnings wanted the less fortunate in our town removed from the downtown by force. They have wanted the subsidized housing facility closed, and the residents relocated “somewhere else”. Where? They don’t care, as long as it is far away from “their” downtown businesses.

    Ms. Ward states: “Our main focus is to gather the community together to raise awareness, as well as form further meetings for those interested in changing laws, forming citizen patrols, and volunteering to help take the load off our police department.”

    No actual help or solutions for the needy. Just force of will, in one form or another.

    In reviewing the many years of the “War on Drugs” by cities, Counties, states, countries and agencies, have we seen a reduction in drug use? How many billions of public funds have been spent on putting people in jail, policing, surveillance and passing new laws?

    Have the proponents of this effort investigated how expensive it is to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate one person, per year?

    “New York City is an expensive place to live for just about everyone, including prisoners.

    The city paid $167,731 to feed, house and guard each inmate last year, according to a study the Independent Budget Office released this week.”

    And then, if these inmates have drug problems, there is this: “It takes about $30,000 per year per person to provide drug rehabilitation treatment to inmates. By contrast, the cost of drug rehabilitation treatment outside of a prison costs about $8,000 per year per person.”

    From these numbers, it is easy to see why cities are finding it cheaper to provide housing and transition services to the homeless and drug addicted, than to jail them.

    If the people organizing these “protests” put their time and energy into helping their fellow humans, instead of thinking they can protect their “stuff” by increased patrols, arresting and jailing the homeless, and chasing them out of town, they would find better results.

    Closing down shelters in the winter is not helping anyone. It is an embarrassment.

    If this group really cares, maybe they would organize a non-judgmental ride service from downtown out to the shelter by the airport every evening. For starters.

  2. WELL

    no better way say what ever it is to cross your mind out goes the thought if you can not say anything nice then don’t say anything at all . out the window coming soon private privacy on your property public privacy and remember you the home owner the yard beyond that walking curb is not your private property that belongs to the city.. If all everyone wants to come to conclusions and judgment just doing want to speaking on everything and anything you want to..
    just go head do that pry and pry with this ANSWER to win over our your town over to get stronger by each person from your town TO THE NEXT Ever want to make things better as lending out your voice of what you think you now and then adding in a hole lot of other fimliars of what they think all you will have is nothing JUST a hole lot\ more court issues or worse. HOPEFULLY WE ALL DONT END UP FLEEING TOGHTER FROM A BIG WAVE OF WATER YOU DONT WANT TO LIVE HOMLESS with those guys @—<—,– DO YOU well don't count on him to help you decide who should stay and who should go when there is really no place to go. oh and whats up with fences and signs goig up downtown well atleast the water still looks nice for ow or abandon buildings and no trespassing signs well maybe other signs should be thought up and made just to put on those fences remember this you ASKED YOU GOTT IT

  3. Concerned citizen

    Well done port o call. I almost thought u wouldn’t see through( this is our towns) hate mongering. Apparently it gets worse. Adam chamberlin who is the head of the spear, has been down at the needle exchange taking pictures and harassing people. Like they are not down enough. U gotta go point your finger and kick people while they r down. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but a great percentage of drug users and the homeless come from violant upbringings, mental impairments, abandonment, etc… and Adam chamberlin is posting there pictures to disgrace them and in general bullying them. ITS THERE TOWN TOO!!. Evil begets evil. good begets good. So what good has. (This is our town) got to show for itself? Like u said port o call. Let’s try helping the people that r down. If u wanna make a difference, then help. U don’t berate or act superior over the less fortunate. [This is our town] members should b ashamed of themselves. If u ask me that group doesn’t deserve this town, and they should keep there self righteous hate filled knatzi opinions to themselves.

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for writing. After interviewing a half dozen of the homeless attending last night’s meeting I learn that most of them are FROM PORT ANGELES. The town has failed them by putting its money into Serenity House who put seven million dollars into real estate that has not a single bed. The city may be failing them again by failure to protect them from the bullying described. This is our town but the word “our” is all encompassing. With the same effort spent harassing the less fortunate they could be lifting them up in small ways like clothing or personal hygiene articles.

  4. Dann Marceau

    Adam Chamberlin is from where? I find the kid to be a problem, and the police should protect the public from the likes of low digit brains such as his.

  5. Random Port Angeles Person

    Glad Adam Chamberlin will be charged finally with felonies and misdemeanors to make Port Angeles a bit cleaner. It is great that Whitney Fairbanks actually cares, compared to the OUR TOWN group that talks about caring.


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