Reality Check: Clallam County Budget Shortfalls by Bryan Frazier





Below is a compilation of 15 points that require serious answers from our county leaders

based on hard numbers, facts and figures, not “Assumptions, Projections or Estimates”.


I for one would like to know how the county is planning to pay for mandatory essential

services this year and over the next 30 years in light of the current budget shortfalls,

impending Public Debt obligations and all other associated costs for the Carlsborg Sewer Project

and the pressing environmental issue begging immediate remedial attention in Sekiu.


The information below was obtained from the audio recording of the January 11, 2016

Board of County Commissioners Work Session.


1. The sales tax cut would represent a $1 million dollar cut in county income to save

20 cents on a $100 dollar purchase if left in place as Commissioner Peach and others

would prefer.

2. The $3 million dollar deficit in the current budget

3. The county will be $450,000 to $500,000 short of the $4.6 million budget.

4. The use of the Reserve Fund to balance the budget would leave $9.2 million in reserve.

5. A $1.2 million budget deficit for the $15.3 million Carlsborg Sewer Project.

6. Additional appropriations may be required from the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET)

or the Opportunity Fund for the Carlsborg Sewer.

7. A current balance of only $1.4- $1.5 million in the Opportunity Fund (1/11/2016).

8. Only an “estimated” $950 thousand-$1 million expected from the state sales taxes returned

for the Opportunity Fund.

9. Sekiu sewer is an pressing environmental issue begging immediate remedial attention. No funding.

10. $33,045 loan from the $10 million State Public Works Trust Fund Loan for the Carlsborg Sewer.

11. An additional $500,000 dollar loan pending from the $10 million State Public Works

Trust Fund Loan for the Carlsborg Sewer.

12. Debt Service (repayment) for the State Public Works Trust Fund Loan to be made from the

Opportunity Fund for the next 30 years, after a 5 year payment deferment, (kicking the can down the road).

13. Sales and use tax for public facilities in rural counties, (The Opportunity Fund) is set to

EXPIRE in 2023 and may not be reauthorized by the State due to budgetary shortfalls and

conflicts with other counties.

14. With the EXPIRATION of the Opportunity Fund in 2023 the Debt Service payment will have to

come from the County General Fund or Reserves.  What effect will this have on future budgets?

15. “The State Public Works Trust Fund Loan is a PUBLIC DEBT that must be repaid regardless of

where the money comes from.” “In the history of the State Public Works Trust Fund Board there has

never been LOAN FORGIVENESS for Public Obligation Debt.” “Interesting Concept, not going to happen.”

Cecilia Gardener, Executive Director, Washington State Public Works Board.


Bryan Frazier

P. O. Box 207

Carlsborg, WA


  1. randy terry

    Who are these questions going to be presented to?
    If Jim Jones has anything to do with the answers, those answers will have very little to do with actual fact.
    I have personally witnessed Mr. Jones grossly misrepresent publicized reports of theft and abuses with-in County ranks.
    He has publicly denied environmental contamination, theft and retaliation on the part of Clallam management.
    Blamed it on a disgruntled employee… How much easier can it get?

    Maybe someone would care to answer a question for me- I have written similar comments to this and other publications. These are read by “the County” I am sure. I have spoke at public meetings in the Courthouse with these same accusations.
    WHY doesn’t Mr. Jones or someone from the County write in or stand up and attempt to discredit me?
    In my opinion, any manuscript, budget or communication in general that has anything to do with Mr. Jones is fatally compromised by the fact that Mr. Jones has effectively breached public trust.
    He has condoned aberrant behavior among County leadership by facilitating deceit, bullying, intimidation and falsification of public records.

    If I’m wrong, he or the County should sue me.
    If I’m not, big leadership changes are years overdue.
    “We” are paying these people VERY good money. It shouldn’t be too hard for them to do their jobs as their job description dictates.
    The most surprising thing- the citizens of Clallam County allow these “officials” to go on with current practices. Many citizens even saying they know these positions are corrupt but “that’s government and that’s what government does.”

    Randy Terry

    1. Bryan Frazier

      Randy, These questions are posed for consumption by the general public, to digest the information and for them to come to a conclusion on the financial stability of this county.

      I have asked these and similar questions over the last 25 plus years to various Boards of County Commissioners and county department heads. All I have received is obfuscation and denial going as far back as former commissioner Camron.

      The list I have presented should be on the list of questions to be asked by the Financial Committee this coming March. Judging by the documentation I have received over the years from the county under public disclosure has provided me with the insight to to come to the conclusion that this county is in financial trouble and that going forward with the Carlsborg sewer agenda will cause this county and it’s citizen an overwhelming and extraordinary financial calamity.

      For those citizens outside of Carlsborg who think that this will not effect them, they are grossly mistaken. This $10 million dollar “LOAN” from the state is a General Obligation Debt” that must be repaid “regardless of where the money comes from, meaning county coffers that are already short of funds. The entire county will suffer the consequences.

      There are more pressing environmental issues in Sekiu/Clallam Bay with their sewer system failure that must take priority along with ensuring a sustainable potable water supply for the county residents.

      I am asking that everyone who can to attend the upcoming Financial Committee meeting on March 10,2016 to demand that this county get it’s priorities in order.


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