Open Source Soul Search by Eulalia Engel


These technological times are as daunting as they are interesting. The floodgates are open and information is flooding our consciousness in such a way that many would rather ignore it than filter and process it. To complicate things, a great deal of information we receive is, like our food, in its “packaged” form. We are often presented ideas that shed light to only a partial understanding of the deeper issue. This is usually done in the name of selling a product or promoting an agenda. These allusions are damaging because they obstruct our ability to build healthy relationships with one another. Complex problems cannot be resolved with binary or dismissive resolutions.

We have the technology, intelligence, and resources to build a better world. It’s the collective willpower to put them to use that we have yet to harness. For whatever reasons and there are many, our channels of discussing information we have absorbed are obstructed. This has resulted in a build up of emotions, insecurity, and irrationality. Honesty is treated as a liability, and many live in outright fear of others. Yet humanity’s survival depends on our ability to work together and bridge the gaps in understanding so that we can get things done.

The World Wide Web was created by the visionary mind of Sir Tim Berners Lee as an integrative platform that would connect and empower the world. Lee gave his software away to the public; this is why we are able to use it today. He did this by choosing that the license for the software be “open source” so that future generations would have the ability to enhance, protect, and steward it. The imparted wisdom behind open source software (OSS) acknowledges and embraces the fact that there are always new perspectives, advancements, and challenges that we always must take into account and be willing to resolve collectively. As long as humanity is in existence, it will be growing, learning, redefining, and developing. Whether it’s the World Wide Web or the human mind, the quest for perfecting our software is ongoing.

The disheartening state that Port Angeles politics have fallen victim to is one brought about through egotism and selfishness. We are all guilty of exhibiting these qualities to various degrees. However, they grow out of control when we continuously seek isolation from opposing narratives instead of inquiring about and experiencing them. The psychological state called cognitive dissonance can be uncomfortable, but it’s something we must seek in order to gain perspective about our references for our opinions. This is also why we need greater communication of ideas with each other in order to help facilitate this. The realization that our truths, perceptions, and motives are fueled by a series of factors often removed from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is a challenging process. However, it’s an attainment that might be the most liberating and empowering thing you can provide for yourself.

One can speak all day about the problems locally, nationally, or globally. However, none of them will start to transform until we take collective action in our own lives. There is no better time than now to empower ourselves through our ability to communicate honestly to ourselves and to one another. To do this, I suggest we start by taking a step back from our technological software and step into our mental software. Whether we believe it or not, our happiness is the one thing we have control over that does not cost anything. When we cut out the negativity, distractions, passive aggressive tendencies, and dishonesty from our lives it raises our quality of living regardless of our financial situation. When we are happy or at least comfortable in ourselves, we will change how we relate, interact, and treat each other. That is what will transform our lives, our communities, and our world.

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  1. Rose Marschall

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