Cherie Kidd investigated for perjury

Swearing In Cherie Kidd

Port O Call has called for an investigation of Deputy Mayor Cherie Kidd suggesting she committed perjury when she gave testimony, under oath, at the Ethics Committee hearing.

Brian Smith, acting Chief of Police for Port Angeles tuned the investigation over to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.  Special Investigator Bob Gebo is assigned to the investigation.  Anyone wishing to report to Detective Gebo concerning events of the February 2d city council meeting or Kidd’s testimony before the Ethics Committee should contact Gebo at his email address:

More specifically, Kidd accused fellow council member, Lee Whetham of standing up and raising his hands  in the air, palms upward, inciting the crowd to riot at the February 2d council meeting.  This is the reason she gave the Ethics Committee for shutting down the council meeting before the end of the agenda.  

Kidd testified Whetham’s actions created an unsafe climate at the council meeting and for that reason she abruptly ended the council meeting.  Video of the meeting shows Whetham remained seated, covering his ears from Kidd’s incessant pounding of the gavel

Anyone in attendance at either of these meetings, or who watched the videos of the meetings and want to express their views to Investigator Gebo is encouraged to do so.

A video showing Whetham’s behavior during Kidd’s meltdown is available here:


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  1. Brian H.

    If there’s a video proving this allegation then it seems like an open and shut case. What additional comments are necessary and why isn’t there any action being done right now? Who is paying Jefferson County for the investigation? The longer this is dragged on the more it will cost. More important issues are being put on the back shelf in lieu of addressing this matter. If the evidence is there then do something and put an end to this madness!
    Editor’s Note: The video showing the actions of Lee Whetham may be viewed here: It is clear Whetham was not behaving as Kidd described.

  2. Mike Libera

    I was at all those meetings – Cherie left a mess the first time and then proceed to step in it later. She just made it a WHOLE lot worse for herself. News Flash: Perjury is a FELONY! Do we want someone so self-centered they can’t even understand the potential consequences of their actions? No wonder she ignored us when we warned her not to get involved in the fluoride issue – no wonder she counted non-votes as “yes” votes. Well, it IS a wonder when she testified UNDER OATH that “the Council-member to your right” (Lee Whetham) made her do it (adjourn the meeting illegally). Remember what Lee had to say about that when he entered it into the Public Record at the last meeting? At least he didn’t file his own Ethics complaint against her and force the City to hire ANOTHER expensive lawyer to essentially fight itself. Good Grief – what a mess . . .and we have Cherie to thank for much of it. Now she’ll be fighting issues of her own creation – sad, isn’t it?

  3. Greg

    In the famous perjury case, the defendant Slick Willy retorted “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

    Perjury is seldom prosecuted except at the highest levels and very hard to impose a conviction if the accused recants or had a memory lapse or confusion during the original statement.

  4. just a number

    No memory lapse or confusion at all on the video of her under oath. She was very specific in her attempt to spin what actually happened (despite that ill-fated meeting moment on several videos). Lying sack of s#%&.


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