Petition filed to create new city government

Our Water Our Choice files petition to revamp city council

The petition containing 1,000 signatures calls for an election to reorganize the City of Port Angeles from council-manager form of government under RCW 35A to that of council-manager under RCW 35. 

The petition filed today paves the way for election of a full new city council which could mean the end to fluoridation of city water by a more responsive council.

OWOC files the petition with the City of Port Angeles and the Clallam County Auditor after the City’s Ad Hoc Committee on Alternative Fluoridation failed to produce an alternative to water fluoridation acceptable to both proponents and opponents.

A November 2015 ill-conceived advisory survey on water fluoridation in which a large majority said no became another chapter in city council history on forcing a toxic and ineffective drug on the public.  By extending fluoridation for ten years, city council repeated action ten years ago by another council refusing to place two anti-fluoridation initiatives on ballot.  A 5-4 Supreme Court opinion backed the council, ruling out the initiative process.

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