Homeless harassed by former addict(s) Updated

Homeless residents harassed by former addict(s)

There is a theory in the recovery community which suggests when a person begins to use drugs or alcohol his or her emotional maturation stops.  They remain at that same emotional age until they stop using.  What this means is if a teenager begins to abuse drugs at the age of 17 and quits ten years later the therapist who works with him/her will be dealing with someone with the emotional maturity of a 17 year old even though the chronological age is 27.

Unless and until a chronic user gets into and does the internal work required in recovery, such as the famous 12 step program, they will ever remain the same emotional age.  At least that is the theory.

This may explain why some of the members of a nascent group calling themselves “Our Town” reportedly harass homeless residents whom they perceive are using drugs.

Allegedly, some of the “leaders” of Our Town are themselves former users who presumably are now clean and want to vilify others who still use drugs.

According to statements made by some of the homeless residents Our Town leader, Adam Chamberlin has a habit of harassing homeless people even up to the point of accelerating toward them in his truck and swerving at the last minute.  Police are currently investigating a complaint he sprayed pepper spray into a car hitting the family including a man, woman and a six year old child.  Victims say he followed them for a while in traffic, when they stopped to visit a friend Chamberlin lay in wait.  When they left the friends house he drove up to their open window and sprayed into their car–hitting everyone in the car with pepper spray.

According to reports Chamberlin has a rap-sheet in at least three states including North Carolina, Florida and Washington.  Charges include Use/Deliver Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Dangerous Weapon, Harassment, Malicious Mischief(2 charges), Residential Burglary (multiple charges), Simple Assault, (2 charges), Eluding Arrest (2 charges), DWI, Reckless Driving to Endanger,  and Disorderly Conduct.  Sound familiar?

Our Town has a facebook page where they post photographs of homeless people and call the police whenever they photograph someone whom they think may have warrants out.  Chamberlin once operated a website called “Mugshots” running photos of people with whom he had some beef.  Recently Our Town posted a message to one particular woman saying, “I am going to ruin you.”  Their facebook account is closed to the public.  Facebook allegedly took down Chamberlin’s first website labeling it a “hate site.”

Another ploy  allegedly employed by Our Town is to raid the urban campsites along the creeks, steal the blankets of the homeless, wash them and give them to another organization.  Sometimes they pretend to provide blankets to homeless individuals while others photograph the uninitiated who come to get clean blankets.  They then post these photographs onto their facebook page.

Our Town operatives took photos of Port O Call interviewing homeless individuals and posted them on their facebook page.

When Port O Call interviewed Chamberlin outside the recent meeting at the Vern Burton Center Port O Call asked Chamberlin if he had indeed pepper-sprayed the family. Before he could answer, the founder of Our Town, Chelsea Ward,  a police volunteer, stepped up and stated 3 times, “there’s no record of it, there’s no record of it, there’s no record of it.”

After interviewing a half dozen homeless residents with eerily similar stories about Chamberlin and a few other vigilantes harassing them, the stories add up including brandishing a pistol numerous times at a makeshift campsite inside city limits.  Some say dogs were set upon them as they slept.

The pistol-brandishing incident is one of the few complaints made by the homeless that is actually getting a thorough investigation.  Ward seemed pretty sure  when she said “there’s no record”  because there are very few comprehensive investigations being conducted to see if these vigilantes are victimizing homeless when they come into town for a meal at the Salvation Army or to fly a sign in town seeking donations.

According to one young women, the victim of the pepper-spray attack  who stated the law enforcement officer initially refused to take her complaint because she had no telephone by which he could call her if he needed more information.  On another occasion her phone was confiscated by police as “evidence.”  It has since been returned.

Port O Call attempted to obtain a copy of Gilbert’s latest complaint and was refused as “active investigation.”

Jesse is another who lives outdoors.  He too claims to have had a gun pointed at him and was ordered to “get out of town.”  One of the stories that kept popping up within the stories of the interviewees was that of being threatened with vehicles attempting to run them over on the street.

Port O Call has in its possession a video showing a white, late-model SUV actually speeding toward the video maker and swerving only at the last second passing within inches and shouting profanities.  There are stories of vehicles running up on the sidewalk to scare homeless people walking on the sidewalk.

All these stories could be taken with a grain of doubt except there is currently a months-old unsolved death where a homeless man was victim of a late night hit-and-run.  Port Angeles police discovered the car and driver after a day or so and sat on the case for two months before referring it for prosecution.

As of this week the alleged hit-and-run driver is identified as J.P Smithson who was driving his parents car.  It is believed Smithson struck Robert Edward Simmons, went home, washed the car, concealed it behind the garage until his parents discovered it.  The parents questioned him about the damage and then called up Attorney Karen Unger who contacted police and offered to bring the driver in for questioning–in her presence.

Simmons, an unemployed pipe-fitter, died on the scene.

Another baffling matter:  The woman who complained of being pepper-sprayed by Chamberlin, Darci Gilbert was one of the first upon the scene of the hit and run.  She called 911, and stuck around until the ambulance arrived.  This seems to be pure coincidence.

Self-described Viet Nam Veteran, Bill Hosel showed stitches in his hand where he said he had to ward off a knife attack by vigilantes.  Hosel and his wife are living in an ancient RV in town and say their vehicle is constantly vandalized whenever they leave it unattended.  Windows have been broken out of it and their personal possessions strewn about the street.

Teri says she has lived in Port Angeles all her adult life and has been employed, or run her own business, up until two years ago when she says she was robbed and carjacked in Port Angeles.  She lost everything she had including money, identification and all her personal effects.

When the police found her stolen car they had it towed to an impound lot where the storage costs ballooned to a point where she could not afford to retrieve it.  Since then it has been a struggle to get back on her feet, replace all the identification papers stolen and getting back into an apartment.  She says she is, “constantly in crisis mode.”

One young man, a Port Angeles native who did not want his name used said he worked 5 years at Platypus Marine until he got into a fight with a fellow who had worked there longer than he.  Because he was the least senior employee he was asked to leave.  Since then he has been on the street and unable to find another job.  He too has been victimized by vigilantes from Our Town.

Of the half-dozen interviewed so far by Port O Call all of them are Port Angeles natives having lived here for most of their adult lives.  Most have had jobs that went away for one reason or another.  None are choir boys and girls.  Some use drugs.  Heroin has become a nationwide epidemic. It is a treatable disease yet  there’s no treatment available.

A lot of local residents are two missed paychecks away from being homeless.

Port O Call suggests there is a powder keg about to explode if the homeless are not  protected and the vigilantes are not brought to heel.

Port O Call does not suggest all the members of Our Town are into this vigilante mode.  Some came to the organization because they thought Our Town was all about helping the homeless instead of harassing them.

Port O Call published stories in support of Our Town in the early days of the organization.




  1. Rik Reynolds

    That Serenity House is hoarding $7 million in assets disgusts me. I’ve done (conservatively) $1,200 in sign work for them over the years, and donated hundreds of $ in goods I could have sold instead. No more. Shame, shame, shame.

    1. Martha McKeeth Ireland

      That charge against Serenity House is 100% BOGUS! The shame goes to the writer of this article.

      Editor’s Note: Thanks for writing. Please correct the amount of real estate owned by Serenity House in which there are no sleeping accommodations. Are we off by a million or what?

  2. Laurie

    What a twisted article.
    Brian smith stated things were being investigated and nothing was linked to any group.
    Our Town has made it very ckear from day obe that it does not support any vigilantes. We uphold the law and expect all everyone todo the same.
    If you had done your research before yiu pri ted this you would see that woman kept changing her story about who attacked her.
    Adam did not do it and would not do such a thing. He has not been questioned by police so why would he give a statement to a paper? They should get his 1st statement when accused of such a thing.
    You should know facts are important when you call someone out by name in such detail.
    What poor reporting.
    You showed up to a meeting with flaming questions that were off topic. You were never looking for awnsers, just a story.
    Bill is not a nom vet. He never made it out of boot camp and went AWOL. Was dishonorably discharged after they caught him and he served his time.
    He makes more than i do but blows it all on drugs.
    He is offered help every day when groups clean up the mess he leaves. He trashes Peabody creek. Walks out in traffic. Yells and tells women and kids yo fuck off hes a vet he can do what he wants. He doesn’t care about his stuff, someone will give him more cuz hes a vet. He has no respect for anything. Thinks the world owes him.
    Way to back a losing horse.
    Most vets consider him a disgrace.
    Hold a flag in front of him and see what he does. He has no respect for this contry. Itslaws. Its values.
    He didn’t fight for it.
    We don’t care about class. We will help anyone that needs a hand that asks.
    We will not tolerate those that do not respect this town and its members.
    That meeting was about getting everyone onthe same page. Getting everyone to obey the law. We were there because we do.
    We want to work with l.e. to find out how to make everyone follow the same laws.
    The homeless need to obey the laws too and leave no Trace just lime the rest if us. They need to have drivers licenses and tabs and park legally just likethe rest of us.
    There are shelters and camp grounds. That isnt what that meeting was about.
    We have had meetings to talk about those things. There is a housing resorse center. We helped fix tge serenity house van to get homeless to the shelter. People like bill dont want to go to the shelter. He has has given several reasons. Location is the main complaint.
    Our town is accused of many things buut there is never an ounce of proof.
    I was attacked by Tafy. I gave you proof. You didn’t print it. Why? They harbor criminals and were violently intimidating a lone disabled woman that did nothing illegal.
    Clearly you have sided with them.

    1. Avanda

      WOW!! this story is some bullshit! People of Port Angeles want these broke down shit pile rv’s (hosel’s) that leak shit all over our streets, the theft from homes and people and the millions of heroin needles to go the fuck away!! You’re damn right people are pissed and they should be. Look at TAfy, that place is a safe haven for drug addicts to deal drugs. People are constantly arrested there. There are grown ass people lurking around there all the time. Safe place for the youth? HA!! I think not. The people who run that place just need an excuse for people to need them, even though these addicts and sex offenders are using them. The people of Port Angeles are sick of it! I’m not gonna tippytoe around these people just so they dont get offended. How about port o call standing up for the citizens who work hard and want a safe community instead of fighting for the crime to be aloud.

      1. Elle

        I’m so sick of the drug deals going down from the motorhomes that park in the Walmart, Safeway, city streets, and a few weeks ago and local church parking lot.
        I watch as my property value plummets in Port Angeles. Wide-spread drug abuse, homelessness, and the fact that there are so many businesses out of business contributes to the factor. The final straw for me was when the new rehab clinic was was lobbying to purchase their current property. They clearly stated that they would take people for rehab from outside the area before considering locals. And, in the end, the people fresh out of rehab would be turned out in the community to live and find jobs. I’m sorry but this is a travesty. As a pharmacy technician I see what REALLY goes on…there are no jobs, the newly rehabilitated need to leave town to succeed and not become one of the statistics.

    2. Missi

      I just want to point out that even though I have no clue who “Bill” is… you just bashed the crap out of him. And as far as Tafy…. you guys have been harassing the self help meetings there and Taking pictures of the members and posting them online. And since you guys are all for helping the homeless like you claim why are you screwing with the few places that do help… did you know that if you are under 18 and homeless the Tafy is the ONLY help you can get without a parent signature. And with a town like ours with the type of people we have in it, most homeless teenagers can’t get a signature because there is nobody to sign. So your post is all about one person and how no one can help them because they are on drugs how about the rest of the homeless people that we have in our community?!?!?!

    3. Jesse Farmer

      I read until:

      “He has not been questioned by police so why would he give a statement to a paper? They should get his 1st statement when accused of such a thing.”

      No idea what that could possibly mean.

    4. Shane

      My son lives in Port Angeles and when I visited last (about 4 months ago), we witnessed a lady getting into an RV get bottles thrown at her and called a dope whore. We went to check on her and she wasn’t even LIVING in Port Angeles. She was stopping on the way to Joyce to pick up cleaning supplies for the motor home she had just bought off craigslist less than an hour prior. She bought it for her teenage son to hang out and play video games with his friends in so she could have peace in her house. I sat with her while she waited for police to show up and when it had been over an hour, she gave up and decided to continue her trip home. Good job, Port Angeles!

    5. Brooke

      Excuse me but actually the one who wrote this article has done nothing different than what Adam and 97% of the others in the “our town” group had done and still continues to do except of course they didn’t post a photo/video of such person nor did they state their home address. What Adam forgot to do while going around looking for peoples skeletons that have fallen out of their closets….he forgot to close his doors and whoops someone has tripped over his! Just because someone is homeless does not mean that person is on drugs or are thieves! Their are a lot of Vets that are homeless and do neither one of those things, they are homeless and have been since they came back from serving our country because they either had no home/family to come back to nor is there really any help out there for them.

      Editor’s Note: Port O Call does not believe the majority of the members of Our Town endorse the criminal activity exhibited by some of their fringe members. Some of the members actually want to help the homeless.

  3. Don

    Absolutely ridiculous article. It’s a good thing there are few readers to this paper. You are writing a harrassing piece against people you claim are former drug users and criminals. Where did you get your information….oh from current drug users and criminals. What’s interesting that you didn’t mention is that a photo was posted on a Facebook page of you interviewing active criminals and taking their word as fact. Maybe you should interview the other side, which includes law-abiding civilians and law enforcement employees sick of this drug issue.

    1. Jesse Farmer

      The writer got the information about Chamberlin’s criminal history from his arrest records in 2 states.

      Did you not read the article?

    2. Jesse Farmer

      The “other side” was interviewed, AND QUOTED in the article?????

  4. Brianna

    Wow….this is a very one sided, uneducated bunch of CRAP!!! I would very much expect any journalist to do THROUGH research before posting such bull shit. I’m appalled that you even have a job as a journalist, you are obviously unqualified.

  5. Wendy

    I have never read such a slanderous article in my life. In order to be a journalist you mist research yoir facts, which you have proven not to many yimes. I will be pulling all these papers from my place of business and will never have them there again.

    1. Jesse Farmer

      The writer got the information about Chamberlin’s criminal history from his arrest records in 2 states.

      Did you not read the article?

      1. Jason

        Actually he did not say that he got from arrest records, re-read. It’s according to reports, as in he was told by someone.

      2. Ruth

        No, he didn’t say that. Dale Wilson said:

        “According to reports Chamberlin has a rap-sheet in at least three states including North Carolina, Florida and Washington. ”

        If Adam Chamberlin has a rap sheet in Florida, you will almost always be able to find it online. You only need to know the county where he was charged.

        If I were going to pretend to be a reporter, I would have done a little digging and linked to at least the Florida charges.

        I would have done the same regarding the stories from the homeless people that were “interviewed”.

        But this is exactly the level of professionalism and effort I expect from Port O Call.

        This is gossip. If you like it, you believe it, if you don’t like it, you call it lies. There is no real meat to it.

        1. Rik Reynolds

          Which Adam Chamberlin is referenced here? The only one I find listed online in P.A. is 97 years old. There’s an A. Chamberlin in the phone book but if the guy’s 97.

  6. Jon

    I wouldn’t line my dogs cage with this complete work of nonsense…

    Really, if you can’t do any better than this, maybe it’s time to take up golfing.

    Everyone I know will be aware to dismiss this site as drivel.

  7. Kris

    This is disgraceful. Printing rumors and accusations is definitely something that will entice readers but it shows a great lack in integrity on the writers behalf. There is no need to go into great detail as someone else already has but what I will say is this, Chelsea and others mentioned in this “story” help the addicts and homeless in this town in many ways. They help them get into detox and treatment, they support them when they return, they feed them when they’re hungry and these addicts seek out their help. What they dont want to see is junkies leaving their dangerous drug paraphernalia laying around our town, people stealing from our local businesses and hard working community members and people dealing drugs. They are not out pulling weapons on people, pepper spraying them or running them down with their cars, they’re just not. Of course the addicts are upset that there are people are taking their picture and keeping tabs on them it makes it harder for them to commit their illegal activities. There are resources in our town to help them but they have to choose to follow the rules in order to use them.

  8. Craig S.

    This article is a fucking joke, as is the coward who wrote it.

  9. Deana Volker

    I find your comment re: Serenity House interesting and (if they read this) I’m sure they will be surprised to find out that they don’t have any beds for homeless. “The county’s go-to agency to fight homelessness, Serenity House has amassed over $7,000,000 in real estate holdings–all from taxpayer dollars, none of which contain even one bed for homeless to sleep.”

    As someone who has been involved with the Blanket Exchange, your comment re: photographing recipients at the Blanket Exchange I believe to be 100% false. Please provide evidence of this fact. (“Another ploy employed by Our Town is to provide blankets to homeless individuals and then photograph them when they come to get clean blankets. They then post these photographs onto their facebook page.”)

    I was out of town and did not attend the meeting so I will leave those comments to people who were in attendance.

  10. Lenette Kendrick

    I am appalled that you would write that Bill Hosel is a Veteran without finding out if it’s true! Getting a DISHONORABLE discharge from the military rips him of such an honor!!!! This article is discusting on many levels, but as a mother who’s has a son who is a 3rd generation soldier within my family who has HONORABLY served this country this is a slap in the face that goes beyond anything I’ve seen. God Bless all our Military who have fought for Freedom! God Bless all our Military who died for our Freedom so pieces of shit like you and your so called journalistic biased paper can print such garbage.

    1. Jesse Farmer

      The article doesn’t. It very clearly says that this Bill calls HIMSELF a Vietnam Vet.

      I knew, FROM READING THE ARTICLE, that “Bill” may or may not actually a real vet.

  11. CR

    Port o’Call is the pure definition of a RAG. Total garbage written by Mr. Wilson
    as sensational journalism. You have proved that you only report biased untruths, rumor, inunedos and lies.
    If you were a responsible journalist, you would have fact checked your interviewees and their “information. You were so far off that from the beginning of your libelous article on Our Town and Adam Chamberlin, that you misspelled Adam’s name and continued your gaff
    through the whole article. You can’t even get the names spelled correctly, let alone get the truth told. Your advertisers/sponsors will find out the unfactual written words that you have spewed. Want unbiased? I dare you to keep this post visible.

  12. robin engel

    I find it hard to believe the police did not do anything because the girl did not have a phone!It was because it was not true.You sir should be embarrassed,the LIES about Our Town are pathetic I will never believe any thing your so called newspaper writes.You might want to check facts before you write your next article Port O Call should be be ashamed to even print this garbage.

  13. Gordon

    LOL you are such a blowhard. If these people are actually trying to be upstanding citizens drug test each and every one of them I would love to see the percentage that pass the test.

  14. Jennifer

    If you have been slandered in this article, you should look into legal action against the writer.

  15. Xandra

    Journalistic integrity requires that information is researched and verified before being published. It is unfortunate that the information in this article has not been researched fully and is one sided if not flat out false. Because of this article, I will no longer support this publication. This is no better than tabloid material published to shock and rile up its readers. Absolutely shameful!

  16. Xandra


    I thought I would leave this here for others to read 🙂

  17. Kerri

    This is rediculous!! Shame on you for writing an article based on lies!! I am disgusted!

  18. Todd

    “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” – Mark Twain
    At one time I had a bit of respect for your ability to write opposing views on subjects important to our town. However it is obvious you have now mastered the art of our current presidential contenders and completely shit on making the slightest bit of effort to investigate the facts behind a story seeking out the reality of the situation. You’ve stepped down to the lowest common denominator in journalism to spew utter bullshit from your fingertips. Congratulations……you should be proud. Maybe you could run for president

    1. xandra

      Well said!

  19. Shari

    This article is an absolute disgrace, based on false assumptions and one sided rumors. Not a solid, proven fact in sight, the equivalent of the National Enquirer flapping away full of speculation and smut on a lonely store shelf. Our Town will continue to move forward and value the many supporters and original mission value of making PA safe again. This article is laughable.

    Editor’s Note: The thrust of this story is to make PA safe for everyone.

    1. Jesse Farmer

      Well, someone is harassing people. This isn’t a hoax or a conspiracy.

      The article is very clear that it is relating (reporting on) stories and accounts of these events.

      That’s what reporting is. Nothing in this article says these are facts.

      1. Elaine

        Jesse you are such a blowhard. This article is presented as news and carries implied ethical standards for fact checking. Your friend who wrote the article has clearly painted a false picture.

  20. Martin

    The aggressive tone, poor spelling and use of obscenity clearly marks most of these negative posts as being from OT members . Funny they don’t demand accuracy or ethical behavior on their own page, they just demand it from everyone else. These tin horn vigilantes need to stick to what they’re best qualified for – picking up trash, and leave actual police work to actual police.

    1. Rick

      My thoughts exactly, couldn’t have said it better myself…

  21. Elizabeth

    Love this article. It’s about time. Adam Chamberlains last group was closed by Facebook after they took a look at it and found it to be a hate group. I would say using a vehicle as a weapon is hateful. I d love to see the video. Can Port O’Call post the video. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  22. Elizabeth

    Good article. Adam Chamberlains last group Clallam County criminal watch was investigated and removed as a hate group by facebook. I would love to see the video of the helpful member of the new group using their vehicle as a weapon. What are the chance of Posting the video so it can be shared online?

    Editor’s Note: We are working on getting the entire series of harassment videos online. We want to give law enforcement the opportunity to do the right thing with it.

  23. A.D.R.

    They may have proof. You never know. I think I will wait and see what develops. Eyes wide open. Waiting to see what evolves. Never know who may have turned over evidence. In this town someone is always watching and not all blab what they see, hear or read to the public.

    1. A.D.R.

      People need to remember on both sides of the table, you can not undo electronic communication’s. Facebook, cell phones, email, and pictures can’t be taken back. When will people learn? Awe the wonderful world of technology. Just ask that old gal Hillary.

  24. Angie

    Our town sounded like a good idea I liked it I was glad to see it. But they don’t got all their facts right and they don’t tell it like it really is they just make assumptions of people and decide on their own who they are and what they’re doing. A very good friend of mine was posted on that site as a drug dealer because he was seen talking to people our town decided they didn’t like and said very awful things and told everyone to report him to police if they see him and he is in fact not a drug dealer doesn’t do drugs and was in fact giving someone a CD that he made and was handing out to people because he is an underground real artist that’s trying to get out there and make a name for himself and his music and actually has a few songs that are AGAINST the drug use in this town. I’m not saying they’re all bad I’m not saying they’re any good what I’m saying is that should be more careful about what they do to people because their lives are affected just as much as if they were helping they really hurt people too by doing things like that. He lost a great job opportunity because of that posting and they made claims he has drug trafficking out of his apartment and almost got kicked out but he has his music studio in his place and has been working on his music and alot and collaborating with other artists to make more albums. It’s shameful what they did to him. He didn’t deserve that. He’s a good young man and nobody should have to go through that.

  25. lex

    Someone had to say it. We all have been thinking it. Dehumanizing and marginalizing a group of people because they’re homeless and addicted is wrong. You reap what you sow.

  26. Betsy Fullerton

    My brother was the victim of the hit and run. The story is true. His Family is still waiting for the Autopsy to be completed so the police repot can be completed. The Public Defended keeps saying we are waiting on the toxicology report. That should not mater everyone who knew my brother knew he drank that should not determine if he gets justice . I went to the accident scene and it was not completely dark at the time of the hit and run. The person who hit him had to of seen him also the person washed there car and the parents turned him in. But still no arrest and no charges even though this was the guy’s second hit and run. My brother wasn’t always homeless in fact he worked at the ship yard in San Diego for years. He also worked here at westport. unfortunately he had to have his hip replaced at age 40 from working so hard and became hooked on pain killers because the doctors handed them out like candy. So just because someone is homeless does not mean they shouldn’t determine if they are human. Others should defend there personnel property and not go around like they are God and expect others to live by there standards everyone has a past let them fix there future on there own. Justice is for all not just those who fit into society.

    1. Elizabeth

      Betsy Fullerton just so you know you are not alone in wondering what is holding up the show with the investigation into your brothers death. You are not the only one who is starting to question the motives of our local criminal justice system for not pursuing this hit and run death and the lack of information about their progress. It is pissing off many of us.

    2. Jesse Farmer

      The doctors…

      Where does opium addiction start, people? Who’s really getting paid to push that?

  27. Becky W.

    This is slanderous, disgraceful, and completely inaccurate. Shame on you for abusing your privilege as a journalist (if you even deserve that title), and printing false stories about a person who has worked very hard to improve the disintegration of our once decent community. I hope the attention you got from this piece of written trash was worth the legal consequences you will undoubtedly have to endure as a result of your childishness. The documentation of theft and illegal drug activity in public areas is not against the law OR even close to harassment, nor has it done anything but assist in properly punishing those who deserve to pay for the suffering they have inflicted upon so many innocent victims. Homeless people are not picked on or harassed by any members of the 2 groups you speak of. It’s the *criminals* wreaking havoc in the community who are being outed publicly for their crimes, and calling it harassment to victimize themselves, because they can’t admit to their wrongdoings. The fact that some of these criminals happen to be homeless doesn’t mean *all* homeless people are put in the same category. Adam and the other members/leaders of these groups do not encourage or support malicious behavior or vigilante action. Get your facts straight if you ever want to earn respect from your readers.

  28. Nadia Seymour

    I encourage everyone who reads over this “controversy” to look closely at the times and dates of all the oh-so-similar rants against Dale’s reporting of the meeting he attended. Virtually all are the same day, with similar language, and only minutes apart from the following tirade.

    There are a couple of conclusions one can draw from this. Most of the posts are from the same person with an agenda. Or, this group is highly organized and motivated, and their leader can get them all to drop everything at any time of the day to turn their attention on bombarding a website with highly unified statements. Or that most of these post are generated by the same person with an agenda.

    Yes, the most obvious conclusion is usually correct.

    I must say that I find it sad that we see this level of intolerance and aggression in Port Angeles. America is supposed to be the “Land of the Free”. Not the land of discrimination. Not the land where some people get to decide who gets to live in a community, and who should be driven out.

    This group should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Laurie

      Or we just get notifications from Port o call when a article comes out and share it.
      Do you not know how technology works?
      We are not controlled by anyone.
      Maybe this decade is to smart for you.

      Editor’s Note: At the bottom of the landing page there is a button you can click to be notified when a new article is posted. Just enter your email address and you will get a notice as soon as it posts.

  29. Ken

    People need to realize this isn’t Seattle it’s a small town and still small family’s I don’t care what year it is people shouldn’t half to live in fear for there propertie and selfs ask yourself why there coming here when there’s gotta be so much more help elsewhere the major city’s are paying clallam county to send them here example the 7 million guarantee port Angeles is getting a chunk of that money they don’t care about are town and the trouble and drugs there bring pa will just open another treatment center state funded ofcourse I agree the way things are being handled is wrong and people need to speak up not act out in violence but when you back a man in a corner he will fight for his family and that’s were we are no help and only fight

  30. Phoebe

    I find it odd that so many people on these comments have an issue with the article being “slanderous,” But then want to slander others in their comments. At least the article is researched and factual. Bunch of Pots calling kettles black.

    1. HW

      It is far from “researched and factual”. He doesn’t have his facts straight on at least 80% of this article.
      Dale is a joke and has proved that by literally making up 80% of this article.

      Editor’s Note: Port O Call has received a lot of opinions about this article but no one has rebutted the facts of the article. Please explain which parts believed to be untrue and lend some facts to the story. Just saying it is untrue or biased or whatever is not a rebuttal. Pick out a fact presented and disprove it. We’ll publish it.

  31. Deniese

    I know nothing about this town or what goes on here but I do know that my nephew was the person killed by a hit and run driver. It has almost been 4 months since this happened and we don’t know anything more now than we did the day after it happened. All we are told is that these things take time. For the time I am being patient but I will not stop until I get some answers as to what happened that night and someone is held accountable for their actions!!

    Editor’s note: The police report has been released. You can get a copy of the report by filing a Public Records Request. They can send it to you in an email if you prefer. Contact Chief Brian Smith at PAPD.

  32. Concerned citizen

    Is everyone done defending this criminal Adam chamberlin. I personally have seen him harass woman and take pictures of addicted homeless people and taunt them verbally. U can choose to deny the truth all ya want people but facts is facts. He is a criminal a bully a supremeist and u guys support this guy? What’s wrong with u? Out of curiosity how come I haven’t seen or heard any good come from what he has done? How come there isn’t anyone that was homeless or down defending him? All I hear is a bunch of hate and violance spew from everyone.. Why don’t ya all go get your own town cause u don’t own shit! And leave the less fortunate alone. You supremeists can at least afford to go live a perfect leave it to beaver life in YOUR OWN TOWN.
    The rest of us are going to stay right here in America. The land of the free. Maybe Adam Chamberlin should read the constitution yout know the one he took an oath to defend with his life. OR have u all forgotten about life liberty and the persuit of happiness. If u don’t like my country then get the F out!

  33. Concerned citizen

    Adam Chamberlin absolutely has brought this violence against the homeless the poor and the weak. Who do u think started all of this? He is the head of the spear and I just got told that his minions where out paint-balling homeless women last night. So what’s next? A vigilante for the vigilante? So this is to all u would b enforcers, Careful who u attack cause those people too weak and poor to fight back have family’s too.
    Don’t think just because the cops wont do anything about it, nobody else will. Our Town members are so damn stupid and un organized they think it’s the homeless bringing drugs into town. Really!!? The homeless!!? R u guys just so fried from prior drug use that u have forgotten how u used to score? Well it wasn’t from the homeless. If it had been the homeless selling drugs then they wouldn’t b homeless anymore. So let me just say. Adam Chamberlin..yes Adam Chamberlin is currently using drugs. I personally have seen him getting high on meth. U don’t believe me? Then the next time u interview him request a random urinalysis with someone to watch him pee. I guarantee u will see the drug addict leap out his self righteous ass. In fact if this violence keeps up I’m gonna out everyone of the now-using drug-hypocrites that follow this nasty punk. There are more than u would think and post them are all over facebook

    1. fed up

      Please begin sharing the information you have. This hate group loves to shame and out everyone else. Turnabout is fair play.

      Editor’s Note: Some in this group do not know what the others are doing–in their name. It is up to the responsible members of the group to disassociate from the criminal element.

  34. ADR

    Anyone can pay and get Adam Chamberlin’s criminal history. It is many pages long. I am dumbfounded about one thing though, Adam claimed to have a private investigators license and a concealed weapons permit but why did he portray on his defunct site he did? I encourage anyone who wants to say this article us untrue and trash to put your money where your mouth is. He in fact has a very lengthy arrest record. Here is some facts if you want to do the real research those of you who think he is the cats meow: Phone Numbers: 3, Addresses 11, Emails 3, Criminal Records 20, Liens and Judgments 1. License: 0. No Concealed weapons Permits and N Private Investigator’s License on record. I am wondering what Adam did with all the money he had received from his Go Fund Me account that was set up to help him “HELP” clean up this town?

  35. Hmmm

    I wonder what those “Our Town” Adam Chamberlin supporters have to say about him now?

    1. Concerned citizen

      They should change Adams go fund me account from help him clean up our town to help him get clean and out of our town.

  36. lori Sweet

    I moved here several years ago. I have to say I have never experienced such hate and venom being spewed by the everyday residents of this city. The out and out hatred being spoken because of one article is really uncalled for. What has happened to decency in this city? Why is hatred the first thing to come out of probably 95% of the mouths of those publishing comments here? Do you folks go to church? Better yet…if you met someone on the street cold, tired and hungry, and this is the level of kindness and humanity you are likely to spew all over that person, who turned out to be Jesus..what would Jesus Do??? All of you, right, wrong, or whatever in between should be ashamed of yourselves.

  37. Adam7875

    Thank you above for the comment. I too feel disappointed in my fellow citizens. Often, during history discussions, I hear the claim by Americans that atrocities such as those perpetrated by the third Reich would “never happen here” yet I’m shocked at how quickly people will destroy other humans rather than address socioeconomic issues facing their society in a responsible OR humane way. A recent PDN article praised a homeless sweep. There is no longer a comment section on articles, I can guess why. I sent an email to the reporter and to the papers editor, it is cut and pasted below
    Dear PDN staff-
    Why not report prosecutor Mark Nichols is also in photo? What is his position here? Did not mention either that serenity house is closing it’s shelter and so, contrary to what was printed, has no beds to offer the homeless? I’m not an expert, but could it be legally problematic to trespass a citizen from public property which they technically own? In light of the recent international backlash against treating suffering people as criminals, how does the newspaper plan on addressing the obvious bias in this article and the failure of social services in the area?


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