Open letter to county attorney

This letter is written in support of Mary Ellen Winborn, Clallam County Director of Community Development who is attempting to protect the residents of Sequim Bay and by extension the entire county.  A developer has requested a permit to build a  motel size structure in the rural community on Sequim Bay.  The proposed structure is ten times the size of the next largest home in the community. See accompanying story titled:  Motel in Sheep’s Clothing

County prosecutor says issue the permit. 

What could go wrong? 

(see half million dollar Lange settlement agreement)


Mark Nichols, County Prosecutor

Brian Wendt, Deputy County Prosecutor


Good Afternoon:

The way this Sequim Bay situation is lining up it looks like another Lange fiasco and I don’t understand why you seem to be allowing, dare I say supporting it to happen. 

The county is likely to get sued one way or the other.  By the developer if she cannot have her way and by the nearby property owners if she does get her way. 

The property owners have more votes than does the California developer.  The jury pool will come from the county residents and they will know if you are supporting the residents or the outside developers.

Of course you can always settle and throw the bill back on the taxpayers a’la Lange but that will come at its own cost at the polls.

Of course you know this building is non-conforming to the code requiring a bed and breakfast to fit in with the surrounding neighborhood.  This proposed building is ten times the size of the next largest home in the area.

What she is calling “bedrooms” are actually suites which can be subdivided into five rooms each.  They can do this switch after the final inspection and you know the codes enforcement people are too busy to look into it and you know there is no stomach for enforcement anyway.

Who will pay for the clean up of Sequim Bay when the septic overloads and mucks up the water of the bay?  Will you put that cost on the taxpayers too?

Why aren’t you looking for ways to support your client–Mary Ellen?  Why aren’t you looking for precedent setting cases where a gargantuan building is denied a permit because it does not fit into the neighborhood?

Why are you allowing the lawyer for the risk pool to influence your decision making on this.  If the building is non-conforming then there is plenty of defense for her decision.

Guys, it is looking a lot like you are averse to women having their say in county government .  As much as it looks like a rehash of the Lange debacle it also looks like a rehash of the bullying of Selinda.  A lot of women vote.

I really hope you guys will get behind Mary Ellen and support her decision for the good of the county and for the preservation of the community.

I know you know this will take a long time to get through the court system but this will be on the minds of a lot of people when the next county elections come around and folks are not going to be pleased to know the county prosecutor let another huge mistake go down without a full court fight which includes support of the DCD director and the unflinching support of the county prosecutor’s office.

I do not think they need/want a new county park in Sequim Bay…

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  1. Bryan Frazier

    The prosecutor and commissioners need to grow a spine, call their bluff and tell the developer to go ahead and sue.

    They need to purchase properly zoned commercial property for their motel or get out of the area.


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