School children pressed into propaganda campaign

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School children used for propaganda purposes in fluoride fight
Opinion by Dale Wilson

(Phone numbers at end of article)

The Delta Dental propaganda machine has kicked into full campaign mode in attempt to persuade the people of Port Angeles to reintroduce fluoride into the city water supply. It is despicable to use the innocent children in this manner.

Despite the city council voting 4-3 to discontinue fluoridation until November, 2017 the usual suspects are back in front of city council to cajole the 4 members of city council representing the majority of voters who voted against fluoridation at the most recent advisory vote.

The most recent advisory vote was the fourth advisory vote since 1951 seeking to avoid fluoridation.  Regardless of the will of the majority of the people the city council voted ten years ago to introduce a neurotoxin into the water supply along with lead and arsenic which, for some reason, cannot be removed from the fluoride scraped from the smoke stacks of fertilizer plants.  That is the source of the fluoride going into water systems.

The Delta Dental Foundation is the big-money behind this assault on reason.  Dr. Tom Locke, former health officer for Clallam County and currently the health officer for Jefferson County is the president of Delta Dental Foundation.  He and Dr. Scott Kennedy, chief medical officer for Olympic Medical Center came before the city council recently to chastise the four council members who decided to represent the will of the people.

The foundation is funded by Delta Dental, a dental insurance company which pays for dental care provided to its policy holders.  Delta Dental may believe fluoride helps in fighting tooth decay.  If it does it may save them on their dental insurance claims.  Despite their billion dollar war-chest they have not funded a peer reviewed study which will buttress their claim that fluoride is beneficial.  This would cause an interested onlooker to assume they do not believe such a study would reinforce their assertions as to the effectiveness of fluoridation of public water supplies.  

Despite numerous appearances before the city council by these two high profile medicos they have yet to quote, let alone produce, a peer-reviewed study which shows the effectiveness of fluoride in public water as a curative for tooth decay.  Opponents have proffered studies showing the harmful effects of fluoridation.  The Harvard Medical School published a study showing fluoride may shave up to ten points off a child’s IQ.  The Lancet Journal of Medicine lists fluoride as a neurotoxin meaning it is toxic to the brain.  Why wouldn’t this give pause to these educated men of medicine?  Is it because they are being paid big money to shill for the dental foundation?

The fluoride battle has entered a new realm.  It is attempting to bring the school children into the fray.  At the recent city council meeting councilman Brad Collins suggested bringing in the county’s current medical officer, a fluoride proponent, to advise the school district how to inform children of what they perceive as a major threat to the children who are now deprived of a neurotoxin in their drinking water.  Deputy Mayor Cherie Kidd suggested it is the city council’s duty to inform the children they are now deprived of a neurotoxin since the majority vote to end fluoridation.

This can only be described as a scheme to propagandize the school children with fear of rotten teeth if their parents do not vote in 2017 to reintroduce fluoride into the city water supply.

This flies in the face of the facts.  Sequim has never fluoridated their water supply and their students have less dental cavities than do Port Angeles school children who have been exposed to fluoride for the past ten years.

Alert readers may have noticed a page two, half-page color ad in Sunday‚Äôs daily paper sponsored by Delta Dental.¬†¬† The ad was strategically located below a half-page black and white ad by the Port Angeles School District announcing ‚ÄúBack to School September 1.‚ÄĚ

The damnable aspect of the Delta Dental ad is it incorporates the usual suspects including the medical mafia but also shows The Boys and Girls Club, Port Angeles Food Bank, Feiro Marine Life Center, Hurricane Coffee Company in Sequim and David Marbrey, champion of the new  park adjacent to and paid for by the Olympic Medical Center.

Whether these companies know they are being used in a propaganda campaign by Delta Dental is unknown.  Certainly the school district recognizes this for what it is.

The subconscious part of the ad is to show these reputable institutions as if they are proponents of Delta Dental and their bid to continue poisoning the water supply to save them from paying dental claims of their policy holders.  Whether we like it or not our children have been pressed into use as fodder for the crusade to reintroduce fluoride into the water supply.

Port O Call hopes you will add your voice to those who think this is out of bounds to use children in the fight for fluoridation.  Call up Cindy Kelly, president of the Port Angeles School District.  Explain to her what is happening and ask her to keep the schools out of this political campaign by Delta Dental. 

Call up Dr. Marc Jackson, Superintendent of Schools.  Tell him it is unfair to use the school children in this manner. 

Call up Eric Lewis, Executive Director of Olympic Medical Center and ask him to keep his chief medical officer out of the city’s politics. 

Call up Jefferson County Board of Commissioners and ask them to keep their double-dipping health officer/dental foundation president out of our local politics. 

Call up the local food bank and ask them to keep out of local politics and stick to feeding the needy. 

Call up the Boys and Girls club and tell them you think it unseemly to allow their good name to be besmirched by this fluoride propaganda. 

Finally, call up David Marbrey and tell him congratulations for getting the medical center to ante up for a neighborhood park but do not sell out the kids benefiting from the new park.  They may not want to sacrifice ten points off their IQ just to play on a new playground.

Port Angeles School Board Members

Ask school board members to keep the kids out of the fluoride fight.

Cindy Kelly  452-9413

Sarah Methner  460-9730

Joshua Jones 797-1844

Sandy Long 452-9010

Director Shotthafer  452-4393

Olympic Medical Center

Ask Eric Lewis to keep his chief medical officer out of local politics.  If has that much free time he should be making house calls.

Eric Lewis, OMC Exec. Director  417-7000

Dr. Scott Kennedy   417-7000

Hurricane Coffee Company  681-6008

Boys and Girls Club  417-2831

Food Bank  452-8568

Feiro Marine Life Center   417-6254

(Ask Feiro if they would put fluoride in their fish tanks)

Jefferson County Board of Commissioners  385-9100

Ask Jeff Co Commissioners to keep their double-dipping medical officer, Tom Locke out of our local politics.

Pass this article along to friends who want to secure and keep our pristine water supply




  1. Suzan

    Great read and right on in so many ways!

  2. Ben Cappa

    Thank you again for your diligent pursuit of this issue.

  3. Rose Marschall

    Excellent article and thanks for all the phone numbers.

  4. Lessie

    BS story trying to blame the schill district for educating our children
    Editor’s note: Freudian slip? “schill district”

  5. Bryan Frazier

    Add placement totally orchestrated by the PDN aiding and abetting Delta Dental propaganda.

    P.S. Lessie, if you want to take poison and give it to your family you feel free to do just that but don’t expect anyone else to take it with you. Propaganda is not education.


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