Taxpayer-paid doctors schilling for Delta Dental

Letter to the Editor from Brian Frazier

Jefferson County Board of Commissioners

Dear Commissioners,

In light of the events at the last Port Angeles City Council meeting where your Health Officer and Delta Dental Board of trustees Chair and

Dr. R. Scott Kennedy Chief Medical Officer, Olympic Medical Center and Delta Dental Board of trustees member proceeded to

admonish the Port Angeles City Council for their recent vote to end Port Angeles City water fluoridation.  I feel that the conflict of interest

presented by your Health Officer Dr. Locke through his Delta Dental affiliation places Jefferson County in an awkward position.

 I don’t believe that Jefferson County Commissioners would enjoy Port Angeles City Council members interfering with Jefferson County politics

and I think it is time for you as Commissioners to request that your HO Dr. Locke refrain from any further “professional” involvement in the City of Port Angeles

fluoridation issue as a Delta Dental Washington Dental Services Foundation Board of Trustees lobbyist.  Dr. Locke should also be requested to either  resign as Jefferson County Health Officer or resign from the Delta Dental Board of trustees  as his affiliation appears to be in conflict with the best interests of Jefferson County Public Health. 

Dr. Locke’s Delta Dental affiliation begs to question where his professional loyalties are, with Jefferson County or Dr. Kennedy and Delta Dental’s pro-fluoride campaign?


These two Doctors fail in avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism as they both continue in their attempts to

discredit over 50 peer reviewed studies on the adverse effects of fluoride that have been compiled and reviewed, including 27 studies reviewed for the

Harvard Study on the Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children published online in Environmental Health Perspectives on July 20, 2012  and the follow up study Association of lifetime exposure to fluoride

and cognitive functions in Chinese children: A pilot study which show a direct correlation between developmental deficits and fluoride intake.

These two medicos ignore or attempt to discredit the article Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity published in The Lancet Neurology; a meta-analysis of 27 cross-sectional studies of children exposed to fluoride in drinking water.

An article published in The Lancet must be peer reviewed, adhere to and comply with stringent requirements and guidelines;

It appears that Dr. Kennedy and perhaps Dr. Locke may have an unprofessional political influence on OMC hospital staff through what appears to be a pro-fluoride letter writing campaign as the letters written by some OMC employees seem to be the same letter.

 Since Dr. Locke is no longer Chief Medical Officer  at OMC and does not sit on the Clallam County Board of Health, I do believe it is time for you, as Jefferson County Commissioners to rein in your Health Officer Dr. Locke in the best interest of Jefferson County and put an end to his Delta Dental lobbying and interference in Port Angeles City politics.


Bryan Frazier

P. O. Box 207

Carlsborg, WA


  1. michael gentry

    It’s obvious neither of these so-called professionals have any intention of giving up lucrative lobbying schemes to line their lab-coat pockets. Masquerading as sympathetic medical men is the height of hypocrisy. They should retire and slip quietly out of the spotlight which they enjoy with Trump-like glee. It seems that PoC has caught them with their hands in the cookie jar!

  2. Mark Johnson

    Trump like glee?

    How about Hillary like pay for play crony-capitalism?

    1. Bryan Frazier

      Like a typical right-wing teabagger you attempt to turn the issue to Hillary Clinton, this is a local issue not a national issue at this point, like the adage says start local think national.

      You can take your smug trumpism somewhere else since you appear to be too self-involved with Trump talking points.

      1. Mark Johnson

        So Bryan, I just wanted to clarify. Hillary hasn’t earned $200 million in the last 6 years through her foundation by speaking to Wall Street and foreign investors while working at the State Department?

        She hasn’t or she has?

        And by her doing so, how does this make me a right winger? I would be against all corruption, no matter what party.

        1. Bryan Frazier

          Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with this issue. We are not talking about that right now.

          Take your Trumpism and devolve somewhere else.

          1. Mark Johnson

            Francis, lighten up just a bit. My original post was in response to the comment just above mine by a Michael Gentry who threw a Trump comment into the fluoride issue. of course Hillary’s corruption has nothing to do with this local issue involving contaminating our local water. Nor will Trump’s inevitable apointment as president change the fact that we don’t need fluoride in our water.

  3. StopPoisoningUs

    Funny how those paid whores think “fluoride” is so great, but they can’t actually state the exact substance that they speak of, its chemical composition, where it originates from, or really anything at all about the stuff.

    In fact, I never heard anyone from either side in that faux “policy” debate ever talk about the actual stuff itself, what exactly it is that was injected into our water, and wound up in all of us.

    How can you argue over something that no one even knows what you’re arguing over?

    The next time anyone talks about flouride, or any other government-mandated chemicals, steer the discussion to exactly what substance(s) they are talking about.

    Editor’s Note: Ask them from which fertilizer plant smokestack it comes and why it also contains arsenic and lead.


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