Adam Chamberlin Jailed


Officers Recover Short Barreled Shotgun

Case 2016-21620

On October 12, 2016 Officer Whitney Fairbanks responded to a harassment complaint. Officer Fairbanks began investigating reports that sexual photographs of local people had been posted on a Facebook page called “Clallam County Criminal Watch 2.” During the investigation Officer Fairbanks developed probable cause to believe that Adam Chamberlin, age 43, of Port Angeles, committed the gross misdemeanor crime of Disclosing Intimate Images in violation of RCW 9A.86.010. On the afternoon of October 13, Officer Fairbanks arrested Chamberlin, and he was booked into the Clallam County Jail. Officer Fairbanks obtained a search warrant for Chamberlin’s home in an effort to recover electronic evidence. Port Angeles Police Officers executed the search warrant on the evening of October 13. During the search Officers located and recovered what appeared to be a sawed off shotgun with a barrel about 11.5 inches long. RCW 9.41.190 states that it is a felony to possess a shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18 inches. The felony firearms violation was added to Chamberlin’s jail booking charges. The case has been referred to the Clallam County Prosecutor’s Office for review. 

Port Angeles Police Department

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 Chamberlin appeared before Superior Court Judge Christopher Melly at 1:0′ Clock Friday for a bail hearing represented by attorney Karen Unger.  He was shackled at the waist and his head shaven in a “skin-head” fashion.
Clallam County Prosecuting Attorney Michelle Devlin read the charges against Chamberlin including possession of up to ten stolen cell phones and possession of a sawed-off shotgun.. 
Stored on at least one of the purloined cell phones were nude photos of the owner of the phone.  Chamberlin is alleged to have uploaded these nude photos onto his website, Clallam County Crime Watch 2. The original “Crime Watch” website was taken down by Facebook as it was deemed a “hate site.”
Chamberlin was also charged with possession of an illegal firearm, a sawed-off shotgun.  Possession of such a firearm is a felony in the state of Washington.
The state requested a bail of $10,000.  Unger said Chamberlin had turned himself in to authorities and had no “failure to appear” charges since 2004.
Melly released Chamberlin on personal recognizance.  Melly ordered Chamberlin to refrain from uploading or downloading any material to any website while under personal recognizance.
Detectives are attempting to find the lawful owners of the cell phones found in Chamberlin’s home pursuant to a search warrant served on Chamberlin’s residence on Thursday afternoon.
Chamberlin is also subject to an active investigation by Clallam County Sheriff’s Department for the alleged pepper-spraying of a family in their car on a county road.
Chamberlin recently received a letter from the Washington Department of Licensing informing him he has 10 days to show cause why his Private Investigator’s license should not be revoked or suspended.  His next court appearance is October 19th.



Booking Date: Oct 13 2016 4:16PM
Jacket #: 30187   Age: 43   Gender: Male
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Charges for this booking.
Date  # Statute/Description/Disposition Cnts Court Case
10/13/2016 1 9A.86.010 GSMD
1 FA
  2 9.41.190 (5212)
1 FA



  1. Richard Wade

    The wheels of justice turn slowly but ran over his dumb-ass!! VET YOUR MEMBERS “OUR TOWN”!

    1. Jesse Farmer

      Vet your members? This guy is the leader.

      1. Random Port Angeles Person

        It would be more productive to post the names of the members of “OUR TOWN” to know what crazy people should be avoided. The “OUR TOWN” group did only negative things and having good intentions doesn’t change that. If a person really wants to improve the area, they would become a cop that actually cares, like Whitney Fairbanks.

  2. Elizabeth Stallings

    I’m shocked…that it took this long.

  3. Frana Blaylock

    the schadenfreude feels good. maybe there is justice still for bullies

  4. VJL

    I didn’t see any restraining orders against him…sure hope they protect people from him.

  5. Tammy L Bruegman Bruegman

    Its amazing how Karma bites some in the Ass. 😀

  6. Steve

    Can’t fix stupid, but the sheeple sure follow it!

  7. Curious

    Hope there will be future charges of possession of stolen property. Receiving Stolen property coming in the near future. 🙂

  8. Shane Awnewe

    Gee willikers, I thought this story would be swamped with comments supporting Adam, cause the first Port O Call story about him is actually the cover photo on his GoFundMe page. Where are his supporters now? — not a single peep of praise here, on PDN, on Unearthed…

    Well, never mind. But you can read some of their names on the GoFundMe page at . They all had the option of donating anonymously, and by implication they are fine with public shaming, so surely they’ll be OK with honorable mention here.

  9. VJL

    Port O Call, I want to thank you for publishing this. Your article here was the first I saw besides Facebook comments on his booking. I think your news is faster than the PDN on important local news!

  10. Linda

    Good information. The guy is a shady criminal who now know what it feels like..

  11. Elizabeth Stallings

    I was in court today when Adam Chamberlin was charged with 2 felonies one for his altered shot gun and one for breaking into the phone or sim card and one misdemeanor for posting the private photos he found when he broke into the phone.Hopefully the other phone owners can be located and additional theft charges can be filed. As much raiding of homeless camps to collect “blankets” that went on many of the phone may have come from there and the homeless are not always that easy to locate. Adam Chamberlin showed up to plead not guilty today in a suit that clashed with his skin head hairdo and a large entourage of 20 something girls who were there to show support for him. I didnt count but there were more then half a dozen. I was surprised given the charges of posting another young womans private unclothed photos of a sexual nature that so many young woman felt he deserved their support. My only conclusion would be that like Adam they do not feel that a young woman who is a drug user deserves to be treated in a lawful way or with common decency. Or maybe they just are not very bright and lack self respect.

    1. Mr. Concerned Citizen

      You are exactly right. He’s a user. He attracts women with very low self esteem (notice this poster said no men). They are usually recovering addicts or have had someone close to them who have been on the wrong side of the law. He then convinces them that he is the man with all the answers (a so called savior?. It’s almost a cult like following with this guy.

      His followers are trained that if you do not comply to their way of thinking then you are berated by his followers and himself on social media that you are an enabler and are no better than them.

      This guy is dangerous and most of his true believers are no better. He has to be vetted for what he is. Hopefully when the truth of his actions come out a light bulb will go off and he will loose this so called support.

    2. polecat

      Vigilante ‘groupies’ would be my guess …
      Editor’s Note: Can you say “Squeaky Fromm”

  12. VJL

    Yep, reminds me of Manson followers too!

  13. G.C.
  14. S M

    He has also been involved in interference with a cps investigation his childhood friend is the CPS investigator. I’m sure those msg’s where never deleted Adam.


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