Three more “Our Town” operatives referred for prosecution

Armed vigilantes harass homeless in their camp

Late Friday afternoon (October 28th) three “Our Town” vigilantes were referred to the county prosecutor’s office for prosecution on charges of Threatening, Harassment and Illegally carrying a firearm.  

David Morse, Howard Reynolds and Shea McDonald are accused of dressing in matching camouflage and carrying pistols into the woods within the city limits and rousting homeless individuals camping there.

The victims, a brother and sister, reported to police the men entered their camp in the early evening of July 28th with pistols drawn and began tossing their belongings around, throwing their food on the ground.

When the female victim complained one of the three began to take photos of her saying, “this is your 15 minutes of fame baby.”  

While the three men were harassing the 115 pound male victim his sister slipped out of camp and took photos of the two vehicles including their license plates.  All three men admitted to police they entered the camp to tell the campers they were not allowed there.  Officers reminded the armed intruders, “you are not allowed in there either.”

Our Town leader, Adam Chamberlin was arrested a few days ago and charged with possession of ten stolen cell phones, a “bag full” of data chips taken from dozens of other stolen phones and possession of a sawed off shotgun.  Chamberlin had a total of 16 guns in his bedroom when PAPD served a search warrant on his home.

Chamberlin is under investigation by the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly pepper-spraying a family in their car on a county road.  Chamberlin is also accused of posting lewd photos on his website. Allegedly the photos are the personal photos of homeless victims from whom the phone was stolen.

“Our Town” is a loose knit group of people who hang out on a Facebook website administered by Chelsea Ward.  It is on this Our Town website where members are invited to upload photos of homeless individuals in embarrassing situations such as receiving blankets from Salvation Army or attempting to turn in used needles. 

Two weeks ago there was a lot of chatter on Our Town’s Facebook page about a travel trailer parked out on the side of Highway 112 between Port Angeles and Joyce.  Several posting on the Our Town Facebook page suggested what should be done about the trailer since it was owned by a homeless woman.  Someone on their Facebook page suggested burning the travel trailer–the woman’s only home.

Once the idea of torching the trailer came up on the Facebook page several other members chimed in support, one even suggesting they “throw a flare in it.”  Sure enough, within 12 hours the travel trailer was burned to the ground under what fire department officials called “suspicious circumstances.”


  1. citizen

    Its about time. The story is just beginning.

  2. Gina

    Every part of LE and the judicial system, individuals involved need to be held accountable as well!

  3. Joanne

    Port of call is a loose knit group of trouble makers on a mission…r

    1. Nadia Seymour

      You comment reminds me of what Margret Mead once observed: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

  4. Elizabeth Stallings

    What in gods name is wrong with these people? This Our Town group has turned into a bunch of violent criminal thugs and they have managed to make a mockery out of the names of local citizens who joined the group to help disadvantaged members of our community. They are an embarrassment to Port Angeles and cannot seem to drag our towns name through the mud fast enough. The few of them have made all of us look like jackasses. These people have homes,they have jobs ,they have advantages that our homeless citizens do not have and yet they insist on behaving in a violent, offensive, depraved manner. I am sick of it and something needs to be done.If one of our homeless citizens behaved like this the police would jail them and criminally charge them and that is what needs to be done to any and all our town members who have either forgotten or never knew how to behave like decent human beings.

    1. Enough is enough

      Perfect. Couldn’t agree more. Why are the “Our Town” group members allowed to harass and slander people because of their housing status? I hope someone is making a list of its remaining members. Those are the people that need watched!

  5. Vicki Dailey

    What a bunch of lies. who wrote this article needs to get their shit straight. Lies

    Editor’s Note:
    Just the facts mam, all from the police report.

    1. Crystal and Stevies friend!

      Is this your ex, the same Dave you accused of domestic violence? Such a wonderful person!

  6. Calling out hypocrites!

    Bunch of hypocrisy! These folks act like saints, but I’m sure if someone got a real look at these peoples lives you would find that they probably are bigots, alcoholics, and have absolutely no room to talk! How else would the have the kind if time it takes to harass, intimidate, and humiliate people who are just trying to survive in this broken system we live in!

  7. Sherry

    I’ve belonged to the “our town” group since moving to PA. Its an informative group. There are no “operatives” there is no plot. The organized events are only ones to help homeless and poor like the blanket exchange. They also organize clean ups of trails your kids use for recreation and school field trips. Needles needles everywhere.

    There are no possies being rallied. Theres no plans of violence. Theres no hate. They help people who ask get into rehab and better themselves.

    Stories on this site are full of lies and half truths. It is very frustrating. If there are people who chose violence and happen to belong to a group it doesnt make that group responsible for the crime. I dont believe one bit of your story as I am smart enough to research third party reports to avoid your inaccurate information. By the comments i see im mostly alone. Fact check people. Educate yourself.

    Editor’s Note:
    Actually they do use the Our Town Facebook page to plan actions against the homeless. They also used the Our Town website to plan an arson on a travel trailer out on Highway 112. These are facts you can gather from various law enforcement officials. But, by all means, do share your research with us and we will publish it. Plus, none of the high-minded members of the Our Town group are complaining of the actions of the vigilantes done in their name. If they are so warm and fuzzy toward the homeless why is no one calling out the vigilante wing of the group?

    1. Nadia Seymour

      Dear Ms. Sherry,

      I don’t doubt that you sincerely wish to help the homeless and needy in our community. There are a number of churches, groups and organizations in Port Angeles that have long existed to provide this help.

      There is a difference with this newer group “Our Town”. In your research, you might not have seen the screenshots that captured the conversations that discussed burning that trailer, or committing illegal activities. Of invitations amoungst “Our Town” members to participate in “hunting parties”, and to hide these activities from public view.

      As your research might have revealed by reading the PDN recently, Sgt. Viada of the Port Angeles Police reports that they have received 285 complaints of harassment in the last 4 months alone! The leadership of “Our Town”, as in Adam Chamblerlin, has been arrested by the Port Angeles police. More recently, 3 more of the group, as this article points out, are being investigated for criminal harassment.

      Perhaps you really cannot see a problem here. Most of the rest of Port Angeles (and beyond) do think there is a problem when a small town like this records 285 complaints of harassment in 4 months! That “hunting parties” organized by members of the group, using the group’s facilities, to specifically hunt down and harass the homeless is just unacceptable.

      And, the actions of the leadership of “Our Town” recently, to disband the original group, and then “rebuild” it by adding back those involved in the complaints of violence first reveals how the leadership feels about harassing tactics. Clearly, they are supporting violence.

      From what you say, Sherry, it appears you really want to help those in need. Perhaps you should join a different group?

      1. Sherry

        Save your condescending tone for someone less educated. No one is perfect in the group. Ive researched all these accusations reguarding adam and draw my own conclusions. adam doesnt run the group. Also there was no plan to burn down the trailer as you well know since youve seen the screenshots. Someone made an of hand comment about it needing burned down with obviously no plan todo so. If someone planned to commit arson how stupid would they have to be to advertise it in public form.

        Ive also educated myself on the activities of the individuals writing for this page…. those in glass houses caating stonea right?

        1. Nadia Seymour

          Dear Sherry,

          It is unfortunate and perhaps telling that you choose to interpret my attempts to extend civility as condescension. One can disagree, and still maintain dignity and credibility.

          With your comments here, one can easily ascertain they lack credibility. How can you try to defend a group such as this, with all the documentation, other than to simply avoid addressing or acknowledging the arrests, the police reports, and the 285 complaints?

          Educated? Perhaps, but it doesn’t show.

          One who is certain of the correctness of their position need not resort to threats such as your: “Ive also educated myself on the activities of the individuals writing for this page…. those in glass houses caating stonea right?”

          As you likely know, resorting to threatening and bullying is exactly what the violent element of “Our Town” do, as you do, now.

          What conclusions can readers draw?

          That you are NOT really interested in helping the needy in Port Angeles, but rather are expending time and effort defending this group. Why not just join a church group that is helping the needy, and has no issues concerning threatening and bullying accusations?

          Do you really want to help the needy?

    2. Concerned citizen

      Just a fyi. I personally have seen Adam Chamberlin sit outside the needle exchange and take humiliating pictures and slander people also try to pick fights. General bullying. On top of that a group of our towners where out paint-balling homeless people 2 of which where friends of mine. So u need to get the Cobb Webb out your ears and eyes and quit defending our town cause port o call doesn’t lie or talk trash just to get shock value ratings. If u wanna live in ignorance than at least keep it to yourself

  8. Mona

    More truly biased comments. Stereo typing everyone over the actions of a few. Bashing and publicly ruining people’s lives by publishing and pushing false information about some wonderful people that have done a lot for this community. Next time you take your children to the park, look for needles before you allow them to play. When the rats multiply in the druggies encampments don’t call the city to complain because they will not and cannot deal with the messes the drug encampments leave (not to be confused with the homeless ). Won’t it be wonderful to have tourist walk the beautiful water front trail and have rats run across their feet? Some of the people that are being attacked publicly are the very people who were mopping up these messes. Bashing people is not journalism.

    Hi Mona, thanks for writing in. I don’t think anyone objects to someone picking up trash, picking up needles, picking up the parks and trails. Folks object to bullies picking on defenseless people. You know like stealing their cell phones, shooting them with paintball guns, throwing roofing tacks in their face from a speeding car, running up on the sidewalk to scatter defenseless people on the sidewalk. Now if your friends could pick up and put up without jerking other people around you would not hear one objection.

    1. Concerned citizen

      I gotta ask but exactly what specifically has Adam Chamberlin done that was significantly “good” for our community? For that matter tell me what good has all of our town done for the homeless and unfortunate. I mean come on. at some point u are gonna have to come to the realization, dude! U belong to a hate group. Here is a an example if “someone” we will call them “Facebook” if someone shuts our towns Internet site deeming it a hate group. and you’re in that group. U might just be part of a hate group. Just saying

  9. Are these guys any better than

    Do Howie, Shea, or Dave even have jobs? Look at how Dave lives. In his parents backyard and a camp trailer between the bridges. He’s only 1 unfortunate event away from living behind Fresh Wok himself. Is it even legal to live in a camper trailer inside the city limits? I am pretty sure it’s not. Hmmm maybe these vigilantes should make sure they themselves aren’t breaking laws before they go gung hoe after criminals just like themselves!


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