Gun-wielding vigilantes missed their moment

In the news are stories of armed vigilantes dressed in camouflage setting up “hunting parties” where they go out rousting homeless camps ostensibly because of their littering habits.  Port O Call suggests they missed a great opportunity to fight littering when the Rayonier property they were defending was pumping the ground and the harbor full of toxic chemicals that will cost taxpayers up to $100,000,000 to clean up. (one hundred million dollars)

All three of the urban commandos were living here when the various industries were pumping poison into the bay and on the land.  Everyone knew about it but looked the other way because of the jobs provided by the mill.  Now the mills and the jobs are long gone but the toxic soup is still with us and once we pay for the clean-up all the advantages of those jobs will be in the negative column for those still around to pay up.

Maybe these cowboys are only cut out to harass defenseless people.  If they had gone into Rayonier’s offices while still operating here and demanded they clean up their mess or “get out of town” they would have been laughed off the premises and maybe even locked up.  Not so when the victims are homeless and defenseless.



  1. Emma

    I usually like you articles but that was a stupid. I think you are trying too hard to out this group that you are sacrificing your self and your paper to do it. Please, enough about them. Let’s move on. I’m tired of reading about this back and forth childish fight.

    Editor’s Note: I’m sure some are tired of hearing about this domestic terrorist gang operating in full view but the homeless people suffering their wrath are kinda tired of it too. There has been 285 complaints of harassment reported to the local police since July. Did you hear about ANY of those? Did you read of any arrests in any of those cases? The authorities don’t seem to have a grip on it yet so we have to keep it on their minds until they do. We will stop writing about it when the problem is solved. BTW, when someone points a gun at you it is no longer a “childish fight.”

    1. Nadia Seymour

      I wonder how the people of Port Angeles would react if the news story was about three armed men in camouflage gear who ambushed and threatened campers in the National Park. Tourists. Visitors.

      What would be the reaction if there had been 285 complaints by “normal” people of being harassed and threatened by, say, an organized gang?

      I think the analogy of the Rayonier toxic contamination, the local complicity, and the complicity of locals to the toxic actions of this group could be more thoroughly explained, but it is valid.

      The powers-that-be supported Rayonier mill in every way, ignoring warnings of the legacy that was being created that locals will be dealing with for many years to come. Like so many similar things, short term gain for long term losses.

      It is important to consider that this group, that some joined with good intentions thinking it was to help make Port Angeles a better place, has repeatedly doubled down and consolidated it’s leadership and control to a group of questionable individuals, including all four who have recently been investigated and charged by law enforcement for illegal activities. The group did not make a statement such as “These individuals and their reported actions in no way reflect the work and goals of … ” Or anything to that effect.

      In fact, the leadership kicked everyone off, and then added first the camouflaged gunman to the newly re-incarnated group. Just a few days ago.

      285 reported complaints? And virtually nothing is done? Why?

  2. Who is Howard

    Is Howard the husband of Shannon Reynolds, from the cornerhouse? Shannon is the daughter of the owner. If so Howard has only been an American citizen for a short time. I wonder how this will affect his status of citizenship? And does the Cornerhouse condone this type of behavior and have they thought about how this could affect business? Just because these vigilantes think all these people are bad doesn’t mean they don’t have family or friends who care enough for them to boycott businesses connected to this type of heinous behavior! What type of person would throw another struggling humans food on the ground?

    Editor’s Note: Yes, same Howard, affectionately known as “Howie” Rumor has it Howie will soon take over as owner of the Corner House Cafe.

    1. Who is Howard

      Wow as a life long customer of this establishment I don’t think I can support or condone this type of behavior. Doubt I’ll ever support “Howie” and his followers ever again. Cornerhouse and it’s connection to these heartless actions just put bad taste in my mouth!

  3. Nahrexwa

    I believe these bullies are damaging to Port Angeles and the City Coucil should really take note. It is because of people like them that I wouldn’t walk around downtown at night. I’ll certainly do my part to warn away visitors and tell them to overnight elsewhere. I hope the hotel and restaurant industry is aware.

  4. Elizabeth Stallings

    The three little terrorist claimed they brought handguns with them because they were afraid the homeless had weapons? Oh yes I read all of the time how the police have to intervene and rescue citizens from these violent homeless encampments…oh wait no I dont.

  5. Rik Reynolds

    Drunk drivers cause far more harm to society than litterbugs. What these patriots need to do is hang around outside the Cornerhouse in full cammo, open-carry, and demand anyone walking out of the bar submit to a breathalyzer test before they can get in their car. If they refuse then hold them at gunpoint until the police can be summoned to investigate.

    Then you’ll see some action. If the rights of someone with money are threatened law enforcement will likely respond quickly.

    1. Nailed it!

      Yesterday, a Cornerhouse bar patron and Family member of the establishments owners, David Bolewicki, made the paper for vehicular assault and according to the PDN “drugs and alcohol” were involved. I wonder if he was drinking at the cornerhouse before his accident that injured 2 Peninsula residents! Rik Reynolds insight in the previous comment came to fruition. Rik’s idea could have saved an accident, but Howie and the Cornerhouse are only concerned with people who are suffering financially, the homeless, and not someone with an active addiction drinking in the establishment. Well done crime fighters of the Cornerhouse your actions have lead to another crime and unfortunately the injury of innocent Olympic Peninsula residents Susan and Gary! Wishing my family members Susan and Gary the swiftest of recoveries.

      1. Rik Reynolds

        Thanks. Dale censors me now when I write something he disagrees with (while not explaining how I erred) so I won’t be commenting anymore on POC. If I wanted to waste my time writing LTE’s that I know won’t be published I’d send them to the PDN instead, to be blocked from a wider audience.

        Editor’s Note:
        Personal attacks are usually not posted.
        Comments on Port Angeles creating its own airline appear in the March print edition–thanks to you.
        99.9% of comments are posted–better average than your daily paper-pretty good odds, even with an abbreviated audience.

  6. Obadiah

    First, I’m subjected to fluoride in the water, forcing me to take my restaurant business to Sequim. They stop fluoridation and I start dabbling in P.A. again. Now I discover Cornerhouse condones vigilantism. I spent a lot of money there, but never again!! As a matter of fact, until PA gets its head out of its proverbial posterior I’m taking ALL my business elsewhere!! Good luck PA, your gonna need it! Btw, thanks POC for keeping us informed, the fish wrap PDN won’t!!

    1. Obadiah

      UPDATE: Just got home from having a fabulous birthday dinner in Port Townsend. The Fountain Cafe, highly recommended! The rack of lamb and the key lime pie was amazing! Port Angeles should hire the consultant they used. What a beautiful business community, and no vigilantes!!! And to think, this quaint little restaurant Mecca is only 1 short hour away from terrorist central. That’s incredible!!


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