Export logs, export jobs…




  1. Bert furdy

    EDC & Port have let us all down. 16 jobs lost here per million square feet Raw logs exported. Timber sales up, timber jobs down. Ships heading to China carry 15,000 tons each. So destroying economy and environment. Interesting circle of death there. Beyond Time to switch economy from extractive to appreciative. Otherwise these extractive industries are like a smoker with cancer. Endless source of pollution that won’t quit until death takes them.

  2. Rik Reynolds

    Requiring ALL wood exported to be at LEAST milled into lumber would create LOTS of family-wage jobs. The EDC & Port should be ashamed of allowing this sort of greed to exist when so many of their fellow citizens are impoverished.

  3. anonymous

    How many people were just laid off, from the Nippon Mill shutting down?



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