“Our Town” founder, Chelsea Ward threatens Port O Call publisher


Last night Port O Call received this email threat from “Our Town” founder, Chelsea Ward.

Hi again Dale, 

I was wondering if you ever even looked up the police reports on the so called pepper spraying incidents that were dropped? [ Editor’s note, charges were not “dropped” but Prosecutor Mark Nichols, longtime friend of Our Town, refused to prosecute]  Also, if you don’t stop with your insane rampage against Our Town I will be taking legal action against you.  This is your warning.  You are creating unnecessary issues for people that do not deserve to have your lies, slander and incredibly damaging rumors being spread in the town we are trying to help. I will not back down to you and I know that this town will support me in my mission.  
Chelsea Ward 
(Editor’s Note:  This is at least the second time County Prosecutor, Mark Nichols declined to prosecute crimes committed by the vigilante wing of Our Town.  Readers may remember last summer when three armed intruders entered into a homeless camp and tossed the belongings of the homeless and threw their food in the mud while taking photos of the homeless woman saying, “this is your 15 minutes of fame.”  When asked why he declined to prosecute Nichols said, “there was two sides to the story.”  Whereupon Port O Call asked, “have you ever been in a trial that did not have “two sides?”)

Just as a reminder this is the online discussion at Port Angeles Unearthed of “Our Town” from two months ago.

Picking “Our Town” Apart

Thanks to a concerned reader for sending along all the screen snaps! They are appreciated and revealing. In fact, here’s a very revealing one right here:

Let’s dissect this one paragraph from Chelsea Ward, shall we?
First, she gives us more names, which is always useful. The more everyone knows who is involved with this “Our Town” insanity, the better.
Next, let’s note the loaded language that bitter nutcase Chelsea uses. (Get that one, Chelsea?) In public, these “Our Town” clowns do generally try to stick to less inflammatory descriptors, like “homeless camp.” But in private, well, Chelsea just knows it’s “trashed” and that the people there are “junkies.” But
I’m gonna bet that Chelsea had never been there, and didn’t actually know the people there. (Freely making assumptions as so many of these hypocritical criminals do…) It never hurts to dehumanize your victims, eh?
Then, from loaded words we go to coded words. They have gotten permission for a handful (or gang) of trusted “Our Town” members (who can be counted on to do violence and/or keep their mouths shut) to enter the property and “clean it out” (do violence to those found there).
Two notes on this supposed permission. One is that if the owners knew there were people camping there illegally, why didn’t they just call the real, actual law? Why would they go with these thugs? And speaking of those thugs…If they had permission to be there ahead of time, I don’t recall any of them mentioning that in the police report or (in the case of stupid, stupid Shea) in comments to the PDN.
Moving on, Chelsea explains that because of this permission, the “Our Town” goons will “no longer be considered trespassers when we go back there.” Which is a classic inadvertent admission that they had been back there before, harassing these people before.
Finally, please note that, after all the seeming words of permission and comfort that she has offered, Chelsea ends by stating that “These clean ups will be behind the scenes for a while…” This seems like a clear tacit acknowledgment that what they are discussing and doing is, in fact, not ready for public consumption, no doubt due to the thuggish and illegal nature of it.
But hey, those are just my thoughts. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of your own. In the meantime, please keep those “Our Town” materials coming. As we can all see, this problem has gotten so big that even the PDN has had to write an article about it.
Better late than never, Paul…


  1. Please do post pictures of Chelsea and her cronies. If they think it is fair to take and post pictures of people they want to drive out of town, then they should have absolutely no problem having their pictures posted here. And everywhere.


  2. Maybe this was all a clever entrapment set-up devised up by law-abiding peace officers to snare the criminal element? Computer says nah.

    What a stupid joke this town is.


  3. From a mental health point of view, I find Chelsea to be Narcissistic. No really, I’ve been watching her for awhile. A trimmed definition includes but is not limited to the following: People with narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by their persistent grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, and a disdain and lack of empathy for others.[8][9] These individuals often display arrogance, a sense of superiority, and power-seeking behaviors.[10] Narcissistic personality disorder is different from having a strong sense of self-confidence; people with NPD typically value themselves over others to the extent that they disregard the feelings and wishes of others and expect to be treated as superior regardless of their actual status or achievements.[8][11] In addition, people with NPD may exhibit fragile egos, an inability to tolerate criticism, and a tendency to belittle others in an attempt to validate their own superiority.[1People with NPD tend to exaggerate their skills and accomplishments as well as their level of intimacy with people they consider to be high-status. Their sense of superiority may cause them to monopolize conversations[11] and to become impatient or disdainful when others talk about themselves.[8] In the course of conversation, they may purposefully or unknowingly disparage or devalue the other person by overemphasizing their own success.To the extent that people are pathologically narcissistic, they can be controlling, blaming, self-absorbed, intolerant of others’ views, unaware of others’ needs and of the effects of their behavior on others, and insistent that others see them as they wish to be seen. Her grandiose display in the above post clearly shows her over the top need to feel superior. Like the bully on the play ground who’s daddy just said she could that’s why and proceeds to sticks her tongue out at the other kids. She feels a need to show she can return to the Rayonier site and no one can stop her. Chelsea was a nerd in high school and only had one other nerdy friend so this group of hers has always been her dream. To be the twinkling star she never was. Chelsea, guess what my little wanna be star..there’s already a mole in your group. Oh wait, I see two! Bahahahaha!



  4. There’s nothing wrong with being a nerd in high school, or being the introvert. But most of us grow up and quickly learn that perceptions in high school don’t mean jack and it’s time to get on with your life and be a contributing member of society. Along the way you develop into who you are and you make friends and generally settle into your life. So it’s not THAT she was a nerd in high school, it’s that she never apparently matured and moved beyond that.

  6. And my oh my…How quickly it all comes to an end. After several days of getting 1-2,000 pageviews, we’ve dropped back down to around 700 today. I guess all the paranoid “Our Town” cretins have other things to worry about, now that they’ve gone “mainstream” with the article in the Peninsula Daily News.

    I have to wonder…Since no one, not the Port O Call, not this blog, and now not the PDN, has anything but bad things to say about the actions of the “Our Town” clowns…I wonder if any of them have taken a moment to think, and reflect on why that is.

    Naw. It’s like the old joke: What would they think WITH?



  7. They don’t want to face the reality that they are seen for what they really are.

    We see it a lot these days. Truth and reality don’t matter for much. It only matters if you have a group of other people that support what you support, and see things the way you do.

    Now that they see that they have not been able to bully you into submission, they cannot admit defeat, so they just go back to talking among themselves so that they can feel superior again.

  8. I’m not big on submission, and I am very much in favor of standing up to bullies. And yes, per your point, I’m sure that some of these ugly, cruel people don’t like anything that makes them see that ugly, cruel person when they look in the mirror.

    But again…If what they’re doing is so righteous, how come it’s also illegal? How come so many people are appalled by their actions? Hmmm, “Our Town”?

  9. Oops! We’re back up well above 1,000 already for today. With so many people “misunderstanding” and “against” them, I’m guessing the core “Our Town” folks don’t have much time for anything other than hopping from one website to another, chronicling the outrages against their righteous crusade.

    Sad pandas! So sad! Believe me!

  11. It’s all so sick..where is law enforcement? Let’s just put a bounty on any poor homeless people and make their lives even worse than they already are!!!…For goodness sake how is anyone camping in the Rayonier site bothering anyone? Do you live down there too Chelsea? Want it all to yourself? Why are you so hateful? What made you so mean?



  12. Let’s quit being so harsh on LE. One thing Our Town knows AND takes full advantage of – the homeless and the users avoid running to the cops when they’re having problems. It’s a risk they don’t want. And they don’t usually have evidence or witnesses when they do. So it’s hard as hell to gin up a cast iron case. These are some of society’s most vulnerable. Our Town couldn’t ask for more.

  13. Law Enforcement doesn’t have much to work with here.
    The issue is really in our city staff and our city council — why hasn’t a homeless plan been drafted, and guidelines developed, for a humane, and thoughtful way to help and protect the homeless.
    Oh wait…. thoughtful? planning? Our council just wants to make it so people can’t speak up at the meetings, restrict our first amendment rights, and twist the rules of procedures to allow the February meeting (Gavel Gertie) to have free rein to shut people up, and pass rules willy-nilly.
    Yeah, we’re screwed.

  14. YES let’s speak of Gavel Gertie again. What has happened in recent days or weeks to show that she’s learned or lesson or been reprianded at all? As we speculated and feared, the flouride issue and her gavel pounding behavior has all just been tidily swept under the rug and it’s back to business as usual at the City Council. I bet sh’es even back to attending ribbon cuttings and the like. Pathetic.

  16. Chelsea, you and your group are horrible people..Get out of OUR TOWN!!! We don’t want you here! You have no heart..That’s obvious.



  17. And since you are using her name, why don’t you reveal yours?….

  18. And, of course, you’ll also reveal yours, right Anonymous?

  20. Excellent dissection, CK. Candy coating aside, we all know what their true intentions are. They can’t hide the hate.


  21. Rayonier is a multi billion dollar operation. Do you really believe they allowed a bunch of goons go in and clean up their land? No way, if someone broke a leg there Rayonier would be liable. If there was an incident between goons and homeless and someone got hurt Rayonier would be liable. This idea that they now have permission is bullshit and anyone who thinks otherwise is touched in the head.



  22. Excellent point, and one I missed.

  23. In today’s legal environment, that is correct.
    There’s just no way they ever got “permission” from anyone at the company in a position to give it.

    Another fallacy in her story is that this ragtag OT gang is hardly a duly licensed and bonded security company. Therefore the owner must rely on law enforcement – it’s not legally possible to hire or accept vigilantes to police the property.

  24. These idiots probably told them they wanted access to “HUNT”. Rayonier promotes that. I’ll BET the full story of the hunt was not explained.


  26. What, you can’t print the truth?



  27. Uh, actually, I am printing the truth. Or are you taunting the PDN? In other words, what’s your point?

  28. Yeah, see, 12:12, on Monday Facebook was littered with posts condemning Port O Call and saying PDN would never print such “lies.” But Tuesday PDN did, and now all those people are “la-la-la” with their fingers in their ears, and not a single one has come back to those posts to admit they were wrong. Who are you kidding? It ain’t working on me.

  30. It is very hard to imagine “They found the man in charge at Rayonier”.A company such as Rayonier would never just give approval to any group just to enter the property to clean it up.A legal team with Rayonier would be consulted to see if it was even viable to allow a numbnut group of idiots to enter the property.Most likely if a group was allowed they would be required to sign Hold Harmless agreements in case the dumbshits got hurt.



  31. As above, excellent point. It’s not like they can just call a local number and say, “Let me speak to Mr. Rayonier.” Hell, as we’ve seen, half of these goons can’t even spell Rayonier, so how would they look up a number for anything or anyone?

  32. I was noticing Shea boy used that line in his highly effective denial of wrongdoing in PDN comments yesterday. So, yeah, let’s see it. I think their land office is in Atlanta but they have phones there. It would be useful to know if they were actually trespassing, even if Rayonier doesn’t choose to prosecute.

  34. I’m curious about the 44 people who liked/loved Chelsea’s post. Can we get their names? Can we get the names of the current OT membership?


  35. Just a reminder to look for the opportunities to infiltrate the group. Find one of them, including Chelsea, and pretend to be supportive. Play along, and record as much as you can.



  36. So we can be vigilantes too? Just sayin’.

  38. Speaking of LE, what happened to the CO Sgt Frasier? He suspended his fb account when he heard his name was outed on POC comment section about the torched trailer.I’m sure he’s still using his access on DOC’s computers to provide photos, individual personal information and location along with warrant history to aide Chelsea Ward, Jen Husser, Gayle Fuson, Tara Velarde (Adam Chamberlins financial solicitor)and many other’s running similar sites.
    Sgt Viada sure put on a good “public” persona by appearing to aide in helping the homeless in the paper last week. What a contrast compared to how he treats them when media isn’t present. Those fake names and new profiles are back up and running for some.
    If Chelsea resides in Sequim (Carlsborg), and her kids are enrolled in the Sequim school district along with Tara’s,why do they show such an interest in Port Angeles? Why do they consider Port Angeles their town?



  39. I’m pretty sure Mr. Frazier is not authorized to use his state owned computer and the DOC database to keep Our Town apprised of the status and whereabouts of their next victims. I do hope Law Enforcement will look into his unauthorized use of the state’s equipment and database. They are for official use only.

  40. Our Town bragged about getting warrant lists from DOC. Isnt this a law enforcement function?

  42. Her smokescreen attempt at protecting her followers. I’m sure Rayonier didn’t give them permission to commit crimes on their property.
    I’m thinking someone needs to fax their head office some police reports, copies of Chelsea’s postings and some newspaper snippets. There’s no way they gave them permission to go on their property to commit more crime. If that’s the case, I hope someone who’s staying there says they’re friends of Chelsea’s.

    I also think a version of fair play, forced karma needs to happen.
    She incited a war on businesses that advertise in POC. I think the public should be aware of what that group and their followers really do. Now, in affect, they are supporting criminals and criminal behavior.
    Secondly, All the members and followers that have donated money, have outed people, encouraged personal and property crimes, posted photos and rendered criminal assistance via their place of employment, should have their employers notified.
    Now, Chelsea’s admin on the Sequim criminal site along with Tara. They’re going to need a shovel soon. They’re getting in deep.


  1. Watching out for Karma

    If I was Chelsea Ward I would be irate at the fact people in the comments are releasing information about my childrens whereabouts! Unfortunately for Chelsea’s children they have become inadvertent targets for those who Chelsea has been targeting. I doubt it will happen, but maybe Chelsea will have an eyeopener when she realises that the same tactics she is using against innocent people in the name of catching a bad guy, is being used against her and her innocent children. I’m not wishing harm on her children, but pointing out the idiocy of her actions and the possibility of unintended repercussions of her actions. After all with as much of a fight Chelsea has put up, these people must be the worst of the worst when it comes to criminals!

    1. Anonymous

      The “funny” thing is, Chelsea sends these conflicting messages when she defends Chamberlin. The guy, a convicted felon, was busted WHILE a leader of her group, AND she defends him against the charges, to this day.

      So, she defends her friend who commits crimes in Port Angeles, but spends all this time harassing innocent people she doesn’t like.

      That just doesn’t work, in the real world.

  2. Anonymous

    Why the negative approach by “Our Town”? All they seem to know to do is resort to threats, harassment, bullying and vandalism. Is that what they think Port Angeles is about?

    Aren’t their members mature and smart enough to know violence and hate invite violence and hate as a response?

    Is this what the boosters of Port Angeles want? As we go into the tourism season, and people are making their summer vacation plans now, does “Our Town” really think it helps the community to create headlines about violence, vigilantism, the police unable to keep residents safe, and more?

    Supporters of this group really need to step back, and take an objective view of what they are doing. This type of “help” is not what the community needs!

    1. Just An Observer

      As the original commenters pointed out, the OT people that stir things up have their own mental issues. It really is that simple to explain their form of acted-out hatred.

      So include them in the new-policy-yet-to-be-developed to offer them, as well as the homeless, and anyone else at the end of their rope, some real therapy & assistance options.

  3. Elizabeth Stallings

    I just got a message from Karen Beck at T.A.F.Y. It seems that T.A.F.Y won’t be having a booth at KONP’s Home Show this year. They have had booths in years previous but last year “Our Town” had a booth as well. Our Town complained that there was some kind of friction between the two groups so T.A.F.Y the one and only non profit organization that we have available for Homeless and at Risk youth is no longer welcome. I think some kind of boycott and and T.A.F.Y presence outside the home show is in order!

    Editor’s Note: In the meantime there should be an ongoing demonstration in front of the radio station for practicing this discrimination. Take a look at the contract between the event sponsors and the school system, owner of the facility where the event is held. See if the contract allows this type discrimination. If it does then there should be an appeal to the school board to void the contract in order to stop this discrimination.

    1. Elizabeth Stallings

      I sent KONP a nice eamil message and told them I would be more then happy to paper this town with SUPPORT TAFY/ BOYCOTT THE HOME SHOW flyers paying special attention to the high school parking lot. I would of course invite students to protest outside the high school gym during the home show in support of TAFY and promote local donations to a worthwhile youth-focused non-profit. Hopefully they will rethink their decision denying a booth to TAFY this year and allow TAFY volunteers to show off the important work they do.

      Editor’s Note: Great idea, Port O Call will donate a ream of printer paper for leaflets. TAFY is the only local non-profit offering homeless teens a place to come to for meals, laundry, clothing, personal hygiene products and a loving person to talk with. I hope you will also contact the school district and ask them if the contract they have with KONP allows discrimination against this worthy group. If KONP is kowtowing to Our Town crazies then they are well out of the loop of not only human kindness but simple public relations. Our Town has gone underground because they could not stand up to public scrutiny of their tactics. They are no more–gone. Todd, your phone is ringing.

  4. Port of Angels

    I am shocked to hear TAFY is not being allowed at the Home Show!!! Just as I was to hear that Swain’s wouldn’t let them have their bake sale last year. That “Our Town” group really caused some problems in MY beloved little Port of Angels and I cannot believe some people support them! Contact KONP at http://konp.com/contact_us.php and let them know this is not cool. As for Chelsea and her crew, I am sorry to hear she is threatening the Port O Call. I, for one, really appreciate the news I get from here. In fact, do you or anybody else know when Chamberlain’s court dates are? Also Nichols is sure sounding under-handed to me…he won’t get my votes anymore!

  5. Elizabeth Stallings

    Here is a YouTube video link showing the some of the work Taffy has done and continues to do for the Homeless and at risk youth in our community. This is the non profit organization that Our Town, Adam Chamberlin, Chelsea Ward and their creepy followers have labeled as bad for our community and have attempted to cut off funding of donations for. This is just another of their attempts to destroy needed resources for our homeless citizens. They have begged, pandered and threatened local business in order to cut off needed donations for TAFY and the good work that they do. This is another fine example of OUR TOWN trying to masquerade as a caring resource for the homeless much like their raiding homeless camps with guns and stealing needed blankets and cell phones many of which were procured for and donated to the homeless by TAFY.

  6. Anonymous

    Is Our Town even a legally registered business enterprise? If not, then why would KONP discriminate against a licensed agency over a vigilante group?


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