This just in… McEntire seeks Treasurer’s post

McEntire sneering

It is reported to Port O Call three people have expressed an interest in replacing Clallam County Treasurer, Selinda Barkhuis when she steps down as county treasurer.  One of those expressing interest is former county commissioner, Jim McEntire.

Readers may remember it was McEntire who brought down the weight of the county government upon Barkhuis when she refused to deliver one million dollars to the Port of Port Angeles just on McEntire’s say-so. 

McEntire engineered the one million dollar gift to the port without any Memorandum of Understanding, without any contract as to deliverables for the money.  This was an all out raid on the treasury, engineered by McEntire, and now he wants to replace Barkhuis as county treasurer?

Surely the county commissioners will laugh off this overture in the same way the voters laughed off McEntire’s candidacy for re-election.  Wont they?


  1. Steve Koehler

    Have we gone through the looking glass, or down the rabbit hole…?

    1. Rik Reynolds

      It’s been suggested that there are multiple planes of existence and we perceive only one of them. Perhaps we’ve broken through into Bizarro World, tho’ that picture of Jim could have been an illustration in Animal Farm. That seems as apt a literary analogy. Welcome to Clallam County, where the animals rule.

  2. Richard

    Oh boy, bring Jim back, then we can have a real slush fund, totalitarian treasurer/government. NOT!!
    Isn’t he back at the money trough as a “consultant” for the Port? Gotta get his piece of that million dollar “gift” he so generously gave the Port prior to being VOTED OUT OF OFFICE! Some people just can’t read the writing on the wall,,,,go away Jimbo and enjoy retirement!!
    As a footnote, wouldn’t it be nice fellow taxpayers to see our taxes go down for a change, it could happen if the voters elected the right folks to office, but not with these pilferer’s we currently have, giving our tax dollars away like Halloween candy rather than reverting those monies back to the property owners! Absolutely amazing!! We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome, look at the mess Merrill Ring has made over at the airport logging site, where’s the oversight and
    accountability Port Authority?!?!??! This too will be conveniently ignored and someday, down the road, end up in the taxpayers lap under “property improvements”, even when there aren’t any!!! Why does the county ignore charging entities for “services rendered” when there are existing franchise agreements in place? These required fees would easily ease the tax burden on each and every property owner but the commission enjoys giving our money away too much to right this atrocious wrong!! So, no thanks Jim McIntire, stay the hell away from OUR money!

  3. Rik Reynolds

    Well that will certainly make it easier for Big Timber to rob the henhouse. If the gang running this county can get one of their own in a position to write blank checks for them they’ll be free to steal with impunity. Isn’t Cheri Kidd interested?

  4. Elizabeth Stallings

    Oh yeah! Isn’t that a good freaking idea. I have a felony theft conviction let’s just put me in charge. It just gets uglier and uglier.

    1. Rik Reynolds

      Obviously the candidate thinks he still has something to offer the citizens of Clallam County, so why not find something more suitable to his talents and abilities for him to do. The commissioners should create a position for him cleaning up the oil spilled at their M&R log yard. He’s apparently already a grimy character, so he’s used to being involved in slippery, dirty work. What’s this about a felony theft conviction? Link please?

      1. Elizabeth Stallings

        I riK as in I elizabeth have a felony theft conviction. Sarcasm? My favorite form of communication.

  5. Bryan Frazier

    You just watch.. The Port and the Economic Development Corp. will throw all their support behind Dim Sum Jim as they salivate over the prospect of ALL the cash they can get their hand on with McEntire in the Treasurers Post.

    The county already has $160,000.00 allocated from the Opportunity Fund for the EDC. To do what with? They haven’t done anything in the past 37 years to justify their existence and Jimbo sits on the EDC board according to their web site.

  6. Bryan Frazier

    Least we forget, Dim King Jim McEntire is also a board member at large for the Port Angeles Business Association. Just another entity constantly looking for a taxpayer funded handout while thwarting every effort to bring meaningful living wage jobs to Clallam County.

    Remember ol’ Jimbo says “be careful what companies you bring in–if they pay more than our local companies they will come after our employees.”

  7. Just An Observer

    People around here must think Clallam county governance is a reality show, put on for their entertainment and distraction, while their quality of life continues to slide right under their noses.


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