Drunken Nation Begins to Awaken; Agrees that Trump is Anabuse to An Intoxicated Populous…


By Lucas A Turney

For those of you who followed the reality television show of a campaign, which was the predecessor to what is now The Circus that Trump has single-handedly created, you will remember that he began pulling strings before Obama had even left office. For a man who slammed Obama for signing so many executive orders, the man seemed fairly comfortable putting into action no less than seven in the first couple weeks and is currently at no less than twelve. Many of them sound great, ranging from taking down drug cartels, thus, curbing drug trafficking into our country, to coming up with a plan within thirty days to eradicate ISIS and restructuring Homeland security to better protect our borders. Upon closer inspection though (which many people fail to concern themselves with due to either ambivalence or downright apathy,) the way in which he is going about these things may actually do more harm in the meantime than actual good in the long run.

If the desired results do occur, they may be welcomed, but the tactics and actions taken to bring them about are so crude and simplistic that to say that they have already upset many a legal, tax-paying American’s ways of life is an understatement. For many though, any actions taken by an administration that may displace some sense of fear or insecurity is, to them, worth the inconvenience, discomfort, degradation, defamation and and even loss of basic freedoms and human rights that many people from various walks of life are even now facing. Those in this country who merely don’t care at what cost their peace of mind comes at, seem to be largely outnumbered by those who choose to remain willfully ignorant of the cost of what they enjoy. I am unsure which I despise more.

Currently, a live poll posted on a liberal site on Facebook currently has Trumps first thirty days ranked as per “likes” and “dislikes.” Currently it is roughly head to head at three thousand apiece. This, to me, is a disturbing sign that not enough people in this country are actually paying attention to the nuances of the current political climate.

One of the main issues that is currently at the doorstep and worrying many, is that Humana will bow out of the Affordable Care Act (Healthcare,) in 2018. This will severely affect the ACA exchanges as well as the individual market due to the fact that they do not see the risk-pools leveling out any time soon as promised. This is not due to Obama’s design, but due to the fact that Trump tanked it with his economic decisions so that the only way it was sustainable was through government funding which isn’t there. But Paul Ryan has a “broad outline,” for a new healthcare plan. Sadly, it resembles a gasoline-fueled dumpster fire.

The whirlwind that hit this country when Trump came into office shook everyone up. Even his supporters quickly took to the defense of “Well, we didn’t think that he would go about it in that fashion.” And he most certainly has gotten attention from not only the courts, but the ethics committee. Anything that causes this many waves disturbs everyone who likes a steady craft. This is true whether you are Far Left, Far Right or somewhere in the middle.

Scoff if you like, but all of this may be a blessing in disguise. In many instances throughout history, a divided people have come together to defeat a common enemy. If Trump tearing at the very seams that hold this country together just to rebuild it in his image is what it takes for this country to become united once more, at least to the degree of general civility, maybe it is for the best. Think Newton’s Cradle. Maybe Trump is the raging catastrophe we must experience before we can look past the relatively minor issues that we hold so dear and try and make sacrifices so as to make this country a better place for all, and not just some. Selah


  1. polecat

    I voted for sanders in the primary presidential election .. and then, having witnessed the blatant scullduggery and malcontent heaped upon Sanders by the Clinton Machine & the DNC, thus putting Hillary in the top democrat slot, I voted for Trump as a FU vote ! The Democrats have NO right to cast blame for where things have gone, except to look in the mirror! Between the dirty, vile sh!t Podesta, Mook, Brasil, Wasserman-Shultz, AND the Legacy Press as well as others, did/used to can ANY hope of Sanders to winning the nomination, so that their approved corrupt candidate would win, by hook or by crook, really sticks in this citizen’s craw !! Do I give the Republicans a pass ?? …. absolutely not ! but I will say that at least, when they stick the shiv in your side, you know what your getting, where as the Dem/DNC, with their Identity politics, and their virtue signalling, will give it to you good and hard, but with a smile and a pat on the head ! BRAVO !!! … not ! I will note that, at this point, regardless of who in the political duopoly we elect, at ALL levels, we will continue to stair-step on down in a slow-motion collapse, while just about every politician, of ANY stripe, grabs whatever graft/grift they can claw away with ! Good or bad, THOSE are the reasons Trump came to be where he is now !

    1. Elizabeth Stallings

      The problem with giving Trump a Fuck you vote is that it is not just the smiling, knife-welding democrats you are fucking …it is the entire country. Not just the fat white ugly golf clothes country but the can’t get a square meal,a decent education and have never read a book because I need glasses and nobody knows or cares country…and they were already fucked.

      Editor’s Note: I love the way you express the cruel truth. Thanks!

      1. Neville Aitken

        Vulgarity is the tool of the unimaginative and ignorant. This is a prime example

        Editor’s Note: Likewise, the current administration.

      2. polecat

        Right …. tell that to the many BernieBros/Sisses who, along with the millions of ‘Deplorables’ ALSO voted for Trump, either out of angst … or desperation … !! And the supposed liberal left, have learned absolutely NOTHING since the election …. just look at who the DNC installed as their new chair; just another corporate suck-up, who cares not one whit for the little people ! All they have is ‘Oh look .. nasty Republicans’ … and … “PUTIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the Democrats are as bankrupt as their cohorts across the aisle !! Will Donald Trump do anything to midigate the continuing destruction of the middle class and the poor while the 20% credentialed class enjoys their perks as they snub their noses at the ‘dirty’ folk below ?? I hope so, but the party he ran with certainly wants to deep-six anything that will break their grifting rice bowls. In that respect, they, and the democrats are one and the same! Both Trump and Sanders are a symptom the decline of the U.S.empire, as, indeed, is the decline of all the modern western world economies, as we all grasp at straws.

        1. Anonymous

          Sad to see so many buy into the whole “Putin” thing. No actual evidence of anything yet to be produced, but Americans still fall for the Cold War rhetoric, all these years later. The “Military-Industrial Complex” we were warned about is alive, well, and in more control of America than ever before.

          Yes, many books, TV shows and movies were based in the 50ss and 60s on the scenario. Russia as a country with only one purpose on the earth, destroy America any way possible.

          That Russia was once ruled by strongman leaders and had a strong state police force is a matter of history. So did Germany. In fact, America now has friendly relationships with many countries once run by dictators, militias and “bad governments”.

          The weapons and security industries in the US have a strong incentive to keep Americans afraid. There is big money at stake.

          Americans are told about the threats China and Russia pose to world security, but it is only America that has military forces in more than half of the world’s countries. America bombs, invades and takes over other countries at will, and with impunity. America has the largest military, and an annual budget many times that of dozens of countries, combined.

          Putin and Russia pose no threat to America. But they make for a great distraction; in this case for the Democrats to use to not face the terrible things they did in the last election, and the terrible candidate they ran.

    2. Gladly

      Now there is someone with some sense. The original article looks as if it was written by one of the nuts my squirrel drops as defective. Bernie would have gotten a lot more votes than Clinton had he not been shafted by the Wicked Witch of the East. I think Trump will do just fine when the Dems run out of dirty tricks as he turns this country into AMERICA again.

      1. anonymous

        If only that were possible. If only either of those candidates could deliver on their promises. If only the nation’s troubles could be reduced down to it all being the fault of the “Dems” or “Liberals”.

        It is these kinds of comments and beliefs that reveal why America is in such trouble, and the “fix” is a long ways away, if even attainable.

    3. Steve B

      I would have voted for Sanders. The DNC screwed him over in favor of Hitlary, Hillieary, Bill Clintons estranged wife. The reason NOT to support her or her entire lying, cheating democratic party, including Sanders who not only was cheated by the democrats, but stood behind the entire party that wouldn’t stand behind him. I’m glad the Sackless Sanders, the cheating Democratic party, and Hillary who has proven to be an incompetent, lying, flip-floper didn’t win the election. Its pretty sad when TRUMP is the best option! Blame yourselves for supporting the failing Clinton and not giving yourselves a better option than Trump. Maybe your party is the one to blame for screwing Sanders and leaving Trump as the SAVIOR vote! Maybe too many wanted a women to be president regardless of policies. If you really wanted a woman president, Jill Stein was a better candidate than Hillary. Those who cry about Trump winning and who supported the DNC, HRC, and the related problems have only themselves to blame. Sad but True.


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