I got it figgered..

The Peninsula Housing Authority is hell-bent to crush 33 perfectly good homes.

Matt Rainwater, head of “Pennies for Quarters” is attempting to provide  homes for homeless Veterans.

Get Rainwater and Kay Kassinger, head of Peninsula Housing Authority, in the same room and hammer out a deal.

Rainwater’s site for his development is just down street from the homes to be crushed.

We have a local house-mover.

Start a fundraising campaign to purchase and move the 33 perfectly good homes PHA wants to crush.

Move them to Rainwater’s site.

Am told the homes can be bought for one dollar apiece.

I will contribute the total purchase price of the 33 homes.

The community will get together and raise the funds to move the homes.

Rainwater and crew can do the site work for delivery of the homes.

Several problems solved.

You’re welcome


  1. Stephanie Noblin

    Great idea…Get Matt on radio and PAPA and have a call in show. Hash it out with the public.

  2. Kodiak

    I think we should fire the lot of em , and put Dale in charge of the entire program.

  3. Sereena Townsend

    I do too they’re scammers I have proof I live in one of their worthless rooms they charge u for a lite bulb & and the maintenance man’s time to put it in WTF.!!!!!


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