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Adam Chamberlin LOVES Attention


Alright, whiny “Our Town” clowns, it’s put up or shut up time. In other words, time to man up, Adam Chamberlin. Is that something you’re capable of doing?

Now, let’s see…Adam’s position, as he himself has written (bad grammar and typos included) is this: “Dale Wilson…For whatever reason…has been on a eight month campaign of lies, libel, slander and harassment against me.”

Adam Chamberlin, convicted criminal, goes on to explain: “In order to accomplish this twisted agenda, Wilson has encouraged vulnerable people to file false reports with law enforcement, and has incessantly harangued the Port Angeles Police Department and County Prosecutors office to charge me and others with crimes that we have not committed and have no knowledge of.”

Okay, Adam Chamberlin, convicted criminal, before I can swallow your “explanation” of events, I have a few questions…

Like motive, for one. What the hell would Dale Wilson’s motive be for all this? Why would he have a “fixation” on you? Why? Tell us all – WHY? Because, from where I sit, Adam Chamberlin, convicted criminal, this sounds a lot like your inflated ego talking. Obviously the whole “Our Town” clown thing has a whiff of cult about it. And cults are usually built around an egomaniac of one sort or another.

Related to the above, Adam Chamberlin, duly convicted criminal, is the question of why Dale Wilson would supposedly have this specific “fixation” on you. It’s difficult enough to believe that he would just, out of the blue, “fixate” on you; it’s even more difficult to believe that he would do so and also spin a whole web of (in your words) easily disprovable lies just to “snare” you, Adam Chamberlin. Now, is it possible that you’re just so irresistible that Dale Wilson did all that to “have you” Adam? Well, yes – it’s possible. But it seems highly unlikely.

Because that would make Dale Wilson a screaming, batshit crazy lunatic. The kind of lunatic that anyone would be able to see coming from 50 yards off. But, whatever faults he may have, Dale Wilson does not seem to be a lunatic. He created a newspaper on his own, and has kept it going. Said newspaper only keeps going because Dale get businesses to buy ads. Now, let’s think about this: What business is going to buy an ad in a lunatic’s newspaper? That would be none – no business would do that. So your foundational theory that Dale Wilson is just crazy is itself pretty shaky, sanity-wise. It just doesn’t hold up, Adam Chamberlin, convicted felon. And without a solid foundation, your whole story starts to fall apart.

Like the idea that this screaming, totally unhinged lunatic could also convince strangers to file charges against you “just ’cause.” Like the idea that the PAPD and the prosecutor’s office could be pressured to file fake charges against you because, geez, we’ve gotta get that guy Wilson to stop calling us. That would mean that all of those people have committed crimes, just because Dale Wilson told them to. Does that seem plausible? Not very. But if it’s true, Adam Chamberlin, convicted felon and known liar, please, by all means, do get on the phone and call the state AG or someone else higher up the law enforcement food chain. No, really. Do that, Adam Chamberlin, you credibility-free creep, and see how far you get.

Now, there are a whole lot more holes I could poke in your version of things, Adam Chamberlin (pretty much a proven liar), and I have a whole lot more of your “private” messages I could post here. But I’ll wrap things up with this: You say you’re just a gosh, gee whiz nice guy who has, aw shucks, been unfairly targeted by this here mean, mean man Dale Wilson. You say you’re not a bully, have never done anyone any harm, etc., etc.

If that’s the case, why do you wind up your recent whiny rant with a none-too-veiled threat? Speaking of Dale Wilson, you say, “It is clear he intends to continue this campaign as long as he is physically able.” That sounds pretty creepy, Adam Chamberlin, head “Our Town” clown, and like a call to arms for your cronies to, you know, do something.

In other words, you stay true to form, Adam Chamberlin – bully. Thug. Criminal.

But hey, feel free to post here and prove to us how right (and self-righteous) you really are, Adam. You loser, lowlife, bullying creep. Put up, or shut up.



  1. Mr. Chamberlin, I invite you to a wager. You get yourself a good lawyer, sue me for any and all these claims you say you have against me. If you win I will leave town. If you lose you leave town. This is a simple solution.



  2. Oh, you expect a moron like this to put up, or shut up? Good luck with that. The only way these people can continue to exist is with their secretive little club, where they can convince each other of “truths” that really don’t exist. You asking for these fabrications to stand up to scrutiny does help them to continue feeling like victims.

    This is what is so priceless about their “Stop Enabling..” name. Their group can only exist if they enable each other’s feelings of victimization.


  3. Ooops, sorry for the typo. The sentence was supposed to read “You asking for these fabrications to stand up to scrutiny does not help them to continue feeling like victims.”


  4. Thanks for the correction/clarification.


  6. to quote the esteemed Mr. Shakespeare “The lady doth protest too much, me thinks”. (Hamlet)

    Adam Chamberlain is crying like a little girl, acting like a child blaming Mr. Wilson, when he should be blaming HIMSELF.

    But, that just isn’t how Adam rolls, is it? Nope. Everyone is wrong. He’s right.


    I feel sorry for the minion morons who listen to this jerk-off (probably all women who ascribe to the “beauty and the beast” …concept of relationships. They’ll change him. Right?)

    The fact that he posted his “War and Peace” novella on facebook (in their new “our town” page) says a lot.

    What a loser. Waaa-waaa-waaa.


  7. “Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about the hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

    Since Adam Chamberlin’s not innocent, why change his name? Put it out there for all the world to see. The finest Port Angeles has to offer.


  8. I agree with you, CK, that Adam is an attention hound.

    I just did a google search for “adam chamberlin port angeles”.

    The first three hits are PDN articles about Adam’s crimes and trial.

    Then there’s one POC article.

    Then the next three are Unearthed posts about Adam’s “exploits”.

    So it sure seems he’s getting the kind of attention and ranking he deserves. Good luck with that job search, Adam! You may be down and out yourself before too much longer.


  9. And, we’ll wait.


  10. Great to have you back


  11. Wow, somebody who runs this site must sleep with Dale. Are you Dale’s gay lover? Quit protecting Mr. Wilson. He is a big boy and can handle his own. I’m sure Dale has gotten himself into a mess like this before. Just let him have his crazy lunatic blog and be. Why does CK and Dale seem to be one in the same???



  12. Oh, I’m just ever so impressed with your homophobic insult! Wow! THAT’S A NEW ONE. Did you think that up yourself? That’s great, really great. I’m so thrilled to have such a mature mindset commenting here. You really told us, I can tell you!

    Sigh…I’m not protecting Dale Wilson. I’m mocking the cowardly Adam Chamberlin. There’s a difference.

    Also, he doesn’t have a lunatic blog. He has a newspaper and a website. I am the one with a lunatic blog. Got that straight now? (Get it? “Straight,” like totally not gay. Get it? I’m just trying to communicate at your level here…)

    Finally, not to nitpick, but…Your comments are chock full of bad grammar and inappropriate word choices. (“Does” should be “do,” that sort of thing.) I’m guessing that you’re a Rough Rider, yes?

    In that case, let me t-y-p-e s-l-o-w-e-r so you can understand me. Okay?


  13. P.S. – Thanks for writing, Adam! You creepy loser.


  14. What is interesting is how this group has tried to make Mr. Wilson the problem!

    Of course the powers-that-be want to silence Mr. Wilson. He has been exposing the enormous waste of tax payers money they have been squandering. Of course the criminals at “Our Town” (yes, being convicted of crimes committed in Port Angeles makes you a criminal) want to silence Mr. Wilson.

    The rest of us owe Mr. Wilson a huge debt of gratitude for the years of tireless work he has put in to help make Port Angeles a better place. Anyone who really wants to understand these issues needs to look into how many hours each DAY Mr. Wilson puts into helping this town. How do I know? I see him at meetings of the City Council, County Commissioners and Port. I see him at City Hall, the seniors Center, schools, the Skill Center, the Library and civic groups.

    And you know who I don’t see at these meetings all over town where so many people work to make Port Angeles a better place? Adam, Chelsea and these other sad excuses.

    Those of us who do actually care about this town, know how to actually help. Vindictive, angry and vengeful people like those that support vigilante actions of people associated with “Our Town” create more problems than they solve. They are so blinded by their anger, they just don’t see the harm they really are doing.

    The response above by Anon 10:17 shows this.

  16. Mary Everson anyone? She sent in a comment defending Adam Chamberlin, convicted felon, that I’m not going to allow. Does the name ring any bells? She has a Blogger profile…That has never been viewed since being created in October of 2016.



  17. Make that three times convicted felon. Just because a friendly judge expunged his first two felonies doesn’t mean he is not a three-peat felony offender.


  18. look up Adam Charles Chamberlin on the name search on the WA court records website.

    While you are at it look up Jacob Oppelt. Do we really want someone with that much involvement running for city government?


  20. Noted that no one from the “Our Town” gang has written in to try and defend and/or explain their actions, and/or to describe any “lies” that have been told about them, or in any way tried to rebut the (very believable, very plausible) descriptions of them as a bunch of cold-hearted, clueless thugs.



  21. Of course.


  22. And still waiting…I KNOW they’re reading this, but they KNOW their justifications can’t stand up to examination. They cannot operate in a system that challenges their beliefs. The sick “Our Town” rationale only thrives within the closed, closeted confines of the “Our Town” echo chamber.

    In other words, never mind physical confrontations, even with the written word, they are cowards.


  23. When challenged, they retreat – the mark of bullies everywhere. Chelsea has blocked so many people on Facebook she can’t even have an argument anymore. Which, to be sure, is how she likes it. Bubble, bubble …


  24. Yep. Hundreds of pageviews today, but not a single word in their own defense. And this from people who are supposedly concerned about what we’re saying.

    But, as we all know, they won’t “fight” in a forum that’s not fixed. Here, they could expect real pushbacks and challenges, so, like cowards always do, they slink away. Back to their safe and controlled Facebook page, where they can have a combo pity parade and circle jerk.


  25. Exactly, retreat to their private little club. And, as is pointed out, have total control over what people see, hear and say.

    Really? Chelsea blocks anyone who posts things she doesn’t want others to see or talk about? And supporters of this bunch think that is okay?

    Sounds pretty much like a dictator.



  26. that’s not a dictator, it’s a wanna be bully. The closest they get is the DICK in dictator.


  28. CK just created grounds for an involuntary custodial psych exam of Mr. Chamberlin!

    One other observation. You query: What business is going to buy an ad in a lunatic’s newspaper? Answer: the patrons of PDN.



  29. Good point! Insanity is doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again, and expecting different results…From the PDN.


  31. Looks like the good people of port angeles have given over the city to the bullys. how did it come to this. what were the girls in port angeles smokin back in the seventies? they birthed some twisted kids. adam go slap your mother


  32. Facebook shut down the Stoppers page for a day while the many shaming posts were surgically excised. An anonymous comment there says “Facebook wasn’t happy about some of the warrant and drug house posts for some reason and they were removed even though it was public record and factual.” That’s the 3rd or 4th time this bunch has had its peepee whacked by Facebook. They still don’t get it, of course.

    Shaming is a cheap shot when the guy with all the felonies pretends he’s a victim.



  33. they put it back up with “reposting” today. The only way to harass them is to keep reporting to facebook.


  35. Why are there homeless people in Port Angeles? Because Port Angeles is an extremely economically distressed and poor community.

    Why is it so economically distressed and poor? Because of the poor decisions made by our poor choices for elected officials.

    The homeless are a symptom, not a cause. If anyone (and I do mean anyone) wants to direct their ire at a group for this “situation”, might I suggest they stay off the streets and storm city hall?



  38. Million dollar boutique beaches instead of affordable housing…duh!

    Turd tanks instead of micro-loans for entrepreneurs…duh

    Utilities costing as much as the rent…duh

    The elected assholes in this community CREATED the homeless problem, and now want to ignore it.


  39. Poor Adam just wants to be admired. And he is! The man is practically worshiped by the pushing 30ish, unwed mother, divorced, rough rider dropout crowd and followed closely by the Don’t fuck with me, I own a truck with big tires, kick the tires, slap the wife, rough rider drop out crowd. It upsets him when he steps outside of his social circle and into the big grown up world where people make fun of him and ridicule his hateful,fearful attempts to make others look bad and by virtue elevate himself to his imaginary status of “Port Angeles Community Social Redeemer.” Here is some advice for you Adam.
    That skin head look, whether male pattern baldness or intentional affiliation, has got to go. Hair plugs or a hat, pick one. You should lose a few pounds,get those yellow teeth fixed. Go back to school where you are exposed to lots of different kinds of people who do not own trucks with big tires. Earn a degree or two. Most important while you are doing this, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Listen to other people who not surprisingly are vastly more intelligent then you are. Then talk about social justice. Hopefully by then you may have something besides stupid, mean and pain in the ass to offer.



  40. Thus sayeth Bif!

    That sounds like a pretty good plan to me, Adam Chamberlin, convicted felon and wheel-spinning going nowhere fast fool. You ought to thank Bif for taking an interest in your well being.

    But, of course…Still nothing from big man Adam, or his cult of followers here. In any case, don’t worry, Bif, they’re at least reading this. It may take them a while, and their lips may move while they’re doing it, but they’re reading this.


  42. And, the silence speaks for itself.

    Anyone who still supports this group and it’s efforts needs to re-evaluate what kind of people they have associated themselves with.


  43. What about Facebook? As we’re hearing in the wake of violent content that was posted, Facebook is saying that it wants to stop abusive content.

    Okay, so what is Chelsea and her crowd doing on Facebook? Nothing but using it as an organizing tool and site to facilitate abuse of people they are targeting. Posting pictures and personal information of lots of people, with messages to intentionally harass these people. That these activities have resulted in violence against people who this group has posted information about, using Facebook.

    Hello, Facebook?



  44. I’ve been reporting the new page. But until it crosses the line, or enough people start reporting it, FB can’t justify taking the page down. Why? Because it’s not obvious how hateful it is, unless you know all the back story.


  46. And then there is this gem from Adam: “Indeed, it appears that he now intends to turn PAPA TV into an extension of “Port O Call.” In other words, into another forum from which to launch personal attacks on myself and others, and using your tax dollars and donations to do so.”

    I don’t need to talk for Mr. Wilson, as he is very capable of speaking for himself, but I find this crap as offensive as the rest of it.

    As Adam himself noted, Mr. Wilson is only a Board member of PAPA TV. One vote among 8 or 10 (or whatever number ) other Board members. I find it offensive that Adam thinks everyone Mr. Wilson is associated with is a mere yes-man puppet that does what ever Mr. Wilson says or wants. Maybe that is the world Adam and Chelsea live in, but not for regular, decent people.

    I attended one of the Board meetings a while back. In reality, Mr. Wilson was pretty quiet during the whole meeting, and added to the discussions where appropriate. The meeting was run very professionally by the president (which was not Mr. Wilson), and the whole project is something the people of Clallam County should be very proud of.

    Unlike the crazies like Adam and his followers, that TV station is broadcasting positive images of Clallam County, available around the world. It is doing more to improve things in Port Angeles and Clallam County than most any other project the City and County have spent so much money on, to date.

    Am I impressed with what these folks have done? You bet.

    Do I think Adam shows himself to be a complete idiot with the above statement? You bet.



  47. It’s called projection. The bully (and convicted felon) Adam Chamberlin calls Dale Wilson a bully. Criminal and thug Adam Chamberlin has a core group of admirers who will do his bidding and defend him endlessly – the very set-up that he accuses Dale Wilson of having.

    And on and on. The concept of projection is very important. Whatever a slimeball is accusing others of doing…You can be fairly certain that’s what the slimeball themself is doing. As to whether it’s conscious or not, I don’t know. But you see it all the time.

    Especially with the “Case of the Our Town Clowns.”



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  1. A concerned

    It is amazing to me that Adam Chamberlin remains as part of an “anti-crime” “clean up the town” group. That the group allows him to continue as a spokesperson and leader. From reading the above, it appears he has been convicted of committing crimes in Port Angeles! Isn’t this in direct conflict with what the group is supposed to be organized to address?

    And, in reading the statement from Adam, it seems he is really a problem. Maybe his parole officer can get an order mandating psychological evaluations and a treatment program?

    He seems to think everything is all about him, and seems to be supported by his group in believing this. This is sad to see.

    It makes me think about a football team. What happens to the team if every player thinks they are the star, and that they need to do what they have to do to keep the cameras on them? The team doesn’t work together as a team. They don’t have an agreed strategy to win the game, and it is just chaos. This is what is happening in this city, with this “Our Town” group.

    And, reading about what they are doing on Facebook?! They just block anybody who says things they don’t want to hear? How can that be healthy? How can that be good for hearing from the people of the whole town, not just the people who agree with them?

    It would be one thing if they were a knitting circle, and didn’t want to be distracted from knitting their sweaters. It would make sense not to allow all kinds of people talking about different things. But this group thinks it is doing things on behalf of all of us. The whole city. If it really is, then we all deserve a voice in what they do.


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