Homeless woman beaten–no arrest yet

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This week while filming the latest episode of “Now You Know,” a public affairs interview program hosted by Dale Wilson, the crew filming the episode broke into tears when a 50-something year old, formerly homeless lady told of her experience getting beat up by a group of local youth.

She was sleeping under the only roof she had, the Liberty Bell replica at Veteran’s Park on Lincoln Street.  Last summer, just before dark, they rode up on bicycles, dragged her out of her sleeping bag, beat and kicked her, breaking several ribs, breaking her glasses and detaching her retina.

She spent six weeks in the hospital recovering only to be turned out onto the streets again.  After a few more weeks on the streets and with the help of community volunteer, Tony Cook and others she was finally provided new glasses and placed in a secure living situation with the help of Serenity House.

Somehow we have failed our young people if they think it okay to beat up a defenseless 90-pound destitute female living on the streets.

Of course they cannot fully feel the error of their ways when the county’s prosecuting attorney, Mark Nichols will not prosecute charges laid by the local law  enforcement agencies in instances such as this.  Both the Port Angeles Police Department and the Clallam County Sheriff’s Department have referred charges against this type of cowardice yet Nichols more often that not refuses to prosecute them.

This gives others the green light to target and abuse homeless and vulnerable individuals.

Further compounding the problem the city council of Port Angeles has not yet had a serious conversation about how to deal with the problem of homelessness in town.  They pretend these are out-of-towners coming here to bask in the generosity of the locals. 

Actually, most of the homeless in town are sons and daughters of Port Angeles–many graduating high school here and working good jobs until the economy tanked in 2008.

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  1. Random Port Angeles Person

    Local domestic terrorism, like that of the “Our Town” group and their leader Adam Chamberlin receive the support of the local police. Adam Chamberlin just received 60 days community service, only due to having a sawed-off shotgun, ignoring the previous harassment and vigilante behavior that he both engaged in and inspired. This means Adam Chamberlin will only continue to provide the community with his services in the future.

    Editor’s Note: Beg to differ, the local police department and the sheriff’s department did their part. It was the county prosecutor, Mark Nichols who dropped the ball by dropping the charges. Chamberlin was originally charged with felony possession of a sawed-off shotgun, felony computer trespass, possession of 10 stolen cell phones, possession of a “sack full” of data chips from stolen phones. County prosecutor, Mark Nichols inexplicably dropped all the charges except the sawed off shotgun. The Clallam County Sheriff’s Department also referred charges against Chamberlin for pepper-spraying a family in their car as they drove by him on Bean Road last summer. Nichols also declined charging Chamberlin with that.

    1. Random Port Angeles Person

      Encouraging unpaid police volunteers is also part of the police’s involvement with the “Our Town” group. By not pursuing any charges or investigations, there is no risk of self-incrimination either. Depending on paid police officers to provide the service they are tasked with providing using tax dollars is important, and it is unlikely that unpaid people would suddenly become vigilantes, in a way ignored by the local judicial system, unless it was connected to the local law enforcement.

  2. Anonymous

    Mr. Nichols is simply a danger to our community.

    1. Joan Colter

      I am outraged by the prosecutor’s actions or non actions. He should be kicked out of office and put in jail. Thank you, Joan Colter.

  3. Vicky Larson

    This is horrible that young people here could do this! I’m so glad the woman has received help and wish her all the best.

  4. Anonymous

    How’s that hate crime investigation coming along? Last I heard they knew who was involved but couldn’t get enough evidence because there were no witnesses and the perps wouldn’t talk.

  5. Geena

    I really wish someone with authority and a heart would dare to live homeless for one week on the streets of PA.
    I’ve been homeless for nearly a year. Its been a nightmare.
    The hateful vigilante group of Adam and Chelsea’s band of asses are beyond ruthless.
    I keep to myself, don’t beg,bother people, drink or drug and these good ol boys n their jacked up trucks follow me every day.
    Why? Because I lost everything in my life? Jerks!
    No one cares around here and there’s only one way out.

    Editor’s Note: There is life after Port Angeles, this is not how most of the rest of the world is. Most communities do not allow the most vulnerable to be mistreated. Don’t despair. Make a change of scenery before you take any drastic measures. We care.

  6. Paige

    I find it very sad and troubling to hear all these stories and I’m sorry but inaction is and should be considered to be just as guilty for being complicit by allowing these stalkers of “Our town” gangs and people with that mindset to not only continue this behavior. IT IS HARRASSMENT, it is stalking!!! Period ! Thank you for doing this article, because this community should be helping and be uplifting. Not promoting domestic terrorists to just get off scot free?? Start shining a light on the issue! May be a good time to do some interviews with the homeless. Start some dialogue with those who are able to hold a conversation. Do a story and their story and find out! The stories may just surprise you!


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