“I object”

The following is a copy of an email sent to Clallam County Commission Chairman, Mark Ozias, representing Sequim and the east side.

I take objection to the manner in which he chaired a hearing on the expenditure of almost one million dollars which, for months was disguised as a grant “for construction of a Boys and Girls Club” but actually intended to pay to crush 33 perfectly good homes owned by the Peninsula Housing Authority–the actual recipients of the grant.  Numerous county departments and agencies forwarded a false narrative intended to deceive the public to the actual use of the grant funds. 

Lest you think this is just a “do good” proposition, there is, of course, a profit motive in the deal.  There are “private investors” whom the housing authority will not name.  They will prosper in the deal. 

A proper hearing should discover whom the commissioners are putting us in bed with.

Hello Commissioner Ozias

I object, under the “Appearance of Fairness Doctrine,” to the manner in which you chaired the Public Hearing April 11th on the Opportunity Fund Grant to the Peninsula Housing Authority, heretofore disguised as a grant to “construct a Boys and Girls Club.”

You exhibited the appearance of bias when you arbitrarily and capriciously instituted a time limit on public participation and comment allowed at said hearing.  When you chaired a similar hearing, at which I informed you had been improperly noticed, you proceeded to hold the hearing anyway and allowed proponents to provide testimony without invoking any time limits.  Most of the proponents allowed to provide testimony at that first hearing exceeded the time limit set at the second hearing at which you not only invoked a time limit but also interrupted my testimony to inform, “you have about a minute left.”  

These actions, individually and collectively, exhibit an appearance of bias.

As you recall you had an earlier hearing that day on a separate matter and while most of those giving testimony exceeded the time limit set you never cut them off nor told them how much time they had left.  I was the only one that day, and in fact in the past four years, held to time limitations at a public hearing.  This is certainly an appearance of bias.

At the first bungled hearing you allowed proponents unlimited time to support the subject of the hearing.  At the second hearing, after you cleared up the improper notice issue, you set time limits and enforced them only on me, an opponent of the subject of the hearing.

Proponents had unlimited time at the first hearing.  Opponents were treated unfairly and you exhibited bias and the appearance of bias.

Also, there is ample evidence you have had ex parte communications with proponents outside the hearing and outside the presence of those who opposed the subject of the hearing.  You have had ex parte communications with Alan Barnard, Norma Turner and others.

Also, since the Opportunity Fund Advisory Board was appointed by your fellow commissioner, Randy Johnson, and since Johnson fully developed the existing advisory board as well as the current iteration of the Economic Development Council which manages the Opportunity Fund and served as president of the EDC for many years he has a conflict of interest and an appearance of bias in sitting in on this hearing and further in voting for the adoption of the outcome of said hearing.

For these reasons: bias, appearance of bias, ex parte communications, conflict of interest, improper notice and false statements by the county administrator in his “staff report” I call upon you to void that hearing, overturn the results of the hearing of April 11, 2017 and reconvene a fair and unbiased hearing absent all those who have a conflict of interest, have given false statements on the subject, and those who ignored those false statements and gave cover to those uttering false statements even as they were printed in the official newspaper in an ad paid for by taxpayers and authored by the county administrator who gave false testimony in the run-up to both hearings.

“As  developed  in  case  law,  the  appearance  of  fairness  doctrine  is
intended to protect against actual bias, prejudice, improper influence,
or  favoritism.    It  is  also  aimed  at  curbing  conditions  that  create
suspicion, misinterpretation, prejudgment, partiality, and conflicts of
interest. If an action is subject to the appearance of fairness doctrine,
then all legally required public hearings, as  well as the participating
public officials, will be scrutinized for apparent fairness.”


  1. Sereena Townsend

    I absolutely agree I’ve had it. Get the feds in. This town need the federal prosecutor. The amount of embezzlement has now reached the ears all over the United States. We are now known as the county where anyone smart enough to lie cheat an steal an u get to keep money. And now the Housing Authority. And it’s no wonder why they are having a homeless problem. I for one live at the feet of the thieves. I have evidence on the double billing. I also have facts that they went over budget on the remodeling which actually was a pipe fixing party. One of the office workers is dating one of the cuntstuction workers that’s how he got hired. Probably why they went over budget. It came out like this, the girlfriend convinced the worker to come back and he could bring one friend his childhood friend from California. Now the office worker, her boyfriend an his friend, all show up and all three of them were presented with three brand new silver cars. All the same type. So long story short, let’s see housing squirm their slummy shit away from FEDS!!!!! This county Is losing its center infrastructure and I, for one, know that the Feds have no intentions of letting those involved with the stealing from poverty programs, and committing IDENTITY THEFT. They took a money grant out on the poverty stricken citizens to line their pockets and I’m sorry it has to come to this. I’m also inviting ACLU in. They have been made aware of this county. Under the rug shit all the way back to ’91. It’s time to stop this bullshit. I can be reached at 360xxxxxx

  2. anonymous

    The way the Commissioners have handled this whole affair certainly casts suspicion upon what the real motivations are.

    Why not redo the hearings, so that the questions are answered, everything is stated clearly, everyone understands what exactly is being proposed, and there is no reason left to be concerned?

    1. Sereena Townsend

      We all know their Intensions they can not give you a with certain answer cus someone got their answers criss cross an now they don’t know what to do. Here’s what any non jack ass would do my God find another site for the supposed #1proposal an get those 33 damn other housees filled rent them based on their damn income that means if building only 30 more than so be it this is out of control an must be stopped I will no longer hold shit unless this is rectified shame on housing as if we don’t have enough to worry about being so close to line of fire with an world bombing Jimmy damn cricket ude think we could have just a few organizations that we can trust this dirty bullshit is an embarrassment to the whole nation do they seriously think that king 5 news would print something they didn’t investigate an find pha is guilty they are seriously worried that this my dear friends is nothing more than a good reason that a riot should insite but we the poor citizens of this county will prove bigger than our own city political personnel those whom got their hands sticky only for too many times,embarrassment has us looked the other way. Well u k ow what it’s killing this county an we must be of A.C.L
      U. to once again come to us an mediate this shit put the town again on if this this an this is not done by this such an such time we impose a fine on those whom have not been doing their jobs for this county. An then ide beg o the American civil liberties Union to ask those whom have committed crimmial felony acts to kindly step down out of their jobs or they can take a fired step they should be grateful their asses aren’t behind bars.


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