Letter to Ozias, Investigation into Op-Fund Grant necessary

Mark Ozias, Chair, Clallam County Board of Commissioners

Good Morning Commissioner:

As you are Chairman of the Board of Clallam County Commissioners I call upon you to postpone the scheduled hearing regarding the $900,000.00 award of Opportunity Fund  money to Peninsula Housing Authority until an independent, unbiased investigation can be conducted into the possibility of fraud surrounding the application.

A preliminary journalistic investigation suggests there may be irregularities in the manner in which this award was requested and approved.

There have been attempts to mislead and misdirect the BOCC and the public as to the legality of the use of these funds.  Those possibly involved in this subterfuge include the County Prosecutor’s office, the Op-Fund advisory board, board members of the Peninsula Housing Authority and other, not yet named, individuals.

Until there is an independent, outside investigation of this chain of events leading to the award of this grant the public cannot be assured of the legality of this use of Opportunity Fund funding.

I bring you these facts: 

The Peninsula Housing Authority falsely supported this grant application as using the funds to construct a Boys and Girls Club. 

The local paper falsely announced the use of the funds as going to “construction of a Boys and Girls Club.

The official Agenda for the County Commission meeting falsely listed the use of these funds as “Construction of a Boys and Girls Club.

A letter from David Alveraz of the County Prosecutor’s office falsely approved the use of Op-Fund money based on their use as going for “construction of a Boys and Girls Club.

Of course none of this is true and the community has not yet learned of the misdirection and misinformation.  The actual intended use of these funds is for the destruction and removal of 33 perfectly good homes now sitting on the property the PHA hope to unnecessarily redevelop.

Therefore it is incumbent upon you, as chair of the BOCC, to postpone this upcoming hearing on the use of these funds and call for a fair and independent outside agency, such as the state’s Attorney General, to investigate the possible attempts at fraud and conspiracy to defraud the county government and thus the taxpayers. 

Obviously the County Prosecutor’s Office is not a proper agency to investigate this matter as they may be implicated in the illegal activity surrounding this matter.

I hope you will give this matter your utmost attention.

Thank you.


  1. Obadiah

    Bravo! It’s about time someone had the courage to call them on their shenanigans! Hope the state AG does get involved, maybe some accoutability, especially from the prosecutor’s office and the PDN, will be shed on this self serving, elitist driven, slush fund hierarchy! Maybe there’s still some hope for the tax paying underclass of Clallam County, let’s hold our breath!

    1. Yugottabe Kiddinme

      Since when has either Mr. Nichols or the PDN ever been accountable? Their job is to support the corruption, not stop it.

  2. Ben Cappa

    I’m looking forward to Commissioner Ozias’s response.It seems that a reasonable response is warranted.

  3. More Info

    Opportunity Fund “Guidelines”:

    Opportunity Fund Code:

    5.40.040 Use of proceeds.
    Moneys received from this tax shall only be used by Clallam County for the purpose of financing public facilities serving economic development purposes in accordance with Washington statutes. The public facility must be listed as an item in the officially adopted Clallam County overall capital facilities plan, or the economic development section of Clallam County’s comprehensive plan, or the comprehensive plan of a city or town located within Clallam County.

    For the purposes of this section, “public facilities” means bridges, roads, domestic and industrial water facilities, sanitary sewer facilities, earth stabilization, storm sewer facilities, railroad, electricity, natural gas, buildings, structures, telecommunications infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, or commercial infrastructure, and port facilities in the State of Washington.

    For purposes of this section, “economic development purposes” means those purposes which facilitate the creation or retention of businesses and jobs in Clallam County. Economic development purposes may be accomplished through construction of public facilities that have direct job creation or by construction of public facilities, such as infrastructure, that create an environment for business development and job creation.

  4. More Info

    When you click on “Opportunity Fund Board” on the County web site, this is what pops up:


    More than suspicious, eh?

    1. anonymous

      Yes, interesting.

      It is a tight little circle, they have constructed.

      1. anonymous

        Yes indeed, and there’s a technical name for their tight little circle – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization.


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