Olympic Peninsula; Ground Zero?

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Why the Olympic Peninsula will be ground zero in a nuclear exchange:

Naval Base Kitsap, located on the eastern shore of Hood Canal. An estimated 1,344 nuclear warheads are contained in this complex, according to Hans Kristensen, Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists. This is arguably the biggest single concentration of nuclear warheads not only in the US, but in the world.

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The Atlantic / April 14, 2017

North Korea and the Risks of Miscalculation

As tensions rise in East Asia, they highlight the dangers of Trump’s unpredictability.

What’s different now is Donald Trump. Whereas many of his predecessors steered sedulously clear of escalatory rhetoric, preferring to treat various North Korean leaders as recalcitrant children at worst or distasteful but nevertheless semi-rational negotiating partners at best, Trump has threatened North Korea via Twitter, declaring that the regime is “looking for trouble.”

Threats of preventive strikes, or even leaks that such strikes could be under consideration, can prompt the other side to want to strike first. There’s a reason that, when NBC reported Thursday based on intelligence sources that the U.S. was prepared to implement exactly such an option, senior officials from the Pentagon quickly disavowed the story and declared it “extremely dangerous.”

There’s a reason that the Chinese foreign minister is urging “all sides to no longer engage in mutual provocation and threats, whether through words or deeds, and [not to] push the situation to the point where it can’t be turned around and gets out of hand.”

Even the most predictable of leaders must make decisions about each other’s likely actions, and have imperfect information even with the best intelligence, and act on those educated guesses. When two leaders each habitually bluster and exaggerate, there’s a higher likelihood of making a catastrophic mistake based on a bad guess.

– Kathy Gilsinan

* * *

NBC is reporting that the Trump administration is ready to launch pre-emptive military strikes on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Meanwhile, North Korea says that it is prepared to pre-empt any US strikes with a nuclear attack on America or its allies in response to what Pyongyang says is provocative aggression.

The NBC report says that the White House is ready to order strikes on Pyongyang “should officials become convinced that North Korea is about to follow through with a nuclear weapons test.”

The amassing of nuclear forces – an “armada” as US President Donald Trump calls it – off the Korean Peninsula by Washington is bound to be seen as an aggression by the North Korean leadership. It is arguable that the US is the one that is carrying out an act of war by sailing its forces towards North Korea.

Given Trump’s trigger-happy disregard for international law and the abject standard of US intelligence, a preemptive US strike on North Korea is therefore highly probable.

* * *

“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the ‘Russian Revolution.’ It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people.” – Alexander Solzhenitzyn

* * *

For the first time since the mid-sixties I believe nuclear war to be terrifyingly close. The Trump regime seems hellbent on provoking a major conflict with Russia. And anyone else that likes to join in, the more the merrier. That Russia poses no threat to America or Europe is beside the point. The US Administration is like that bellicose drunk who wants a fight and will not be dissuaded by logic or appeasement. Eventually you have to deck the fucker because there’s no alternative. That’s the way I’d feel if I were in Putin’s shoes. – Irish Savant

* * *

Enemy Combatant

“In Syria, Trump should let ISIS be Assad’s, Iran’s,

Hezbollah’s and Russia’s headache — the same way

we encouraged the mujahideen fighters to bleed Russia

in Afghanistan.

What else? We could simply back off fighting territorial ISIS

in Syria and make it entirely a problem for Iran, Russia,

Hezbollah and Assad. After all, they’re the ones overextended

in Syria, not us. Make them fight a two-front war — the moderate

rebels on one side and ISIS on the other.

If we defeat territorial ISIS in Syria now, we will only reduce the

pressure on Assad, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah and enable them to

devote all their resources to crushing the last moderate rebels in

Idlib, not sharing power with them.

Syria is not a knitting circle. Everyone there plays dirty, deviously

and without mercy. Where’s that Trump when we need him?”

Friedman’s suggestion above is unhinged and frankly psychotic. But the real transgressor here is The New York Times and its nefarious, local transmission belt, namely, the PDN, which are adding their imprimatur to the ravings of a clearly unwell writer.

* * *

“I think this is the most dangerous moment in American Russian relations since the Cuban missile crisis since 1962.” – Stephen Cohen

* * *

Threats and bluster are part of a familiar and long-running game of brinkmanship between the U.S. and North Korea, but this time the situation has been made more dangerous by two volatile new players: Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

President Trump, often prone to impulse and almost always undiplomatic, only 12 weeks in office and, like other new presidents, still learning on the job. Through tweets and spoken words, Trump has promised to stop North Korea’s progress toward becoming a nuclear power. “North Korea is a problem. The problem will be taken care of,” Trump said Thursday morning.

“The most unpredictable part of this story is Trump, not North Korea. North Korea is doing what it always does,” said Sue Mi Terry, a former CIA analyst who specializes in North Korea. “There is a lot of brinkmanship going on, but people can miscalculate,” she warned. “And things could go very, very wrong.”

— Barbara Demick / LA Times

* * *

“To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

— Nuremburg

* * *

Those who despise Trump, despise him still,

while those who support him now also despise him.

* * *

By betraying people left and right Trump has now shown that you cannot trust him, that he will backstab you with no hesitation whatsoever. Would you ever take a risk for a guy like that? Contrast that with Putin who is “notorious” for standing by his friends and allies even when they do something really wrong! There is a reason why the AngloZionists could not break Putin and why it only took them one month to neuter Trump: Putin is made of titanium, Trump is just an overcooked noodle

I submit that Trump is mentally deranged. He is simply not fit to hold the office of president, even if Jews were not pulling the strings. The thing is, Trump is escalating conflict everywhere. He’s loosening the rules of engagement and killing people en masse.

Tillerson is now making statements about “punishing criminals” anywhere in the world. Trump is a psychopath drunk on power. The world is going to have to stop this madman.

— the Saker

* * *

I think the Russians have finally reached the same conclusion that many of us have: we are dealing with a bloodthirsty, utterly delusional psychopath who’s drunk on power, surrounded by like-minded psychopaths, enablers and apologists of every stripe, and being egged on by a Satanic, Jewish-supremacist death cult.

Who knows what this madman will do next? Apparently the Russians are worried that the madman will attack North Korea. Speculations are rife that this will be his next move. Now put yourself in the shoes of the Russians and Chinese governments. If Trump is willing to start a gratuitous war on the Korean Peninsula which will kill – God only knows how many people – he is also mad enough to launch a first strike on Russia or China. Thus I sadly predict that Trump will start a war.

Russia and China will pretty soon realize, if they haven’t already, that war on them is inevitable and they will strike first. As they must. As I see it, it’s not immoral to launch a first strike if you know an aggressor is about to attack you. Now that Trump has removed his mask, will Russia and China just sit there helplessly and wait for their turn to be attacked? Not likely. That is far more immoral than going after the bully first. A preemptive strike is not only mandatory, it seems to me, but the most moral thing to do — if only to save one’s own people from the gratuitous violence of a criminal psychopath running amok.

— Harold Smith

* * *

The Donald’s missile “attack” on Syria’s al-Shairat air base is surely the most impetuous, thoughtless, reckless and stupid act from the Oval Office that we can remember – and that covers 50 years at least. — David Stockman

* * *

When you see the elite buying up land in the southern hemisphere you know they know a nuclear war is close. . . . with the surety of nuclear war in the northern hemisphere property in Argentina and Antarctica looks very inviting. We have Trump to thank for the new interest in moving to the far south of the Southern Hemisphere. D Trump? What a disaster. – – Patricia Doyle

* * *

“We have been lied to over and over in cases like this and I do not think [Trump’s attack on Syria] shows toughness, I think it shows everything Trump’s enemies said about him — that he’s erratic, that he’s emotional, that he’s desperate for approval — it wasn’t because they violated some some horrible, you know, laws of war and humanity,”

— Ann Coulter

* * *

We have US missile sites now positioned on Russia’s borders. We tell the Russians the lie that the missiles are to prevent an Iranian nuclear ICBM strike against Europe. This lie is told, and accepted by the puppets in Europe, despite the known, incontestable fact that Iran has neither nukes nor ICBMs. But the Russians do not accept it. They know it is another Washington lie.

When Russia hears these flagrant, blatant, obvious lies, Russia understands that Washington intends a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia.

China has reached the same conclusion.

So, here is the situation. Two countries with nuclear forces expect that the insane fools who rule the West are going to attack them with nuclear weapons.

What are Russia and China doing? Are they begging for mercy? No. They are preparing to destroy the evil West, a collection of liars and war criminals, the like of which the world has never previously experienced.

It is the US, still unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban in Afghanistan, that needs to ask for mercy.

Putin has shown amazing patience with Washington’s lies and provocations, but he cannot risk Russia by trusting Washington, whom no one can trust. Not the American people, not the Russian people, not any people.

America is now on the march toward Armageddon.

— Paul Craig Roberts,

* * *

For years, I have been trying to get people to understand that the key agenda driving both parties in Washington, D.C., is WAR. Neocons and neolibs are all about WAR. They can argue and wrangle about social and domestic issues as much as they want, but what unites them is WAR. When will the American people come to realize that there is just ONE PARTY in Washington, D.C.: THE WAR PARTY?

It didn’t take long for the icons of the War Party to begin patting Trump on the back for his attack against Syria. War Party potentates who never had a kind word to say about Donald Trump are now praising him for his “brave” decision to bomb Syria. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, and the bulk of War Party propagandists in the mainstream media have joined the chorus lauding Trump’s missile attack. For example, MSNBC’s Brian Williams called the attack “beautiful.”

For years, I have been trying to get people to understand that the key agenda driving both parties in Washington, D.C., is WAR. Neocons and neolibs are all about WAR. They can argue and wrangle about social and domestic issues as much as they want, but what unites them is WAR. When will the American people come to realize that there is just ONE PARTY in Washington, D.C.: THE WAR PARTY?

— Chuck Baldwin

* * *

History shows the danger of allowing the CIA or any intelligence agency, whose very modus operandi includes misdirection and lying, to be the sole arbiter of what is true or what is prudent. Otherwise every day might see a repeat of the many foolish CIA actions which have led to death, displacement, dictatorship and terrorism.

All serious media organizations are in the business of obtaining information by encouraging sources to step forward. The key difference between media and intelligence is that the media is in the business of publishing what it discovers to a wide audience. WikiLeaks is an award winning media organization that is well known for the accuracy and volume of its publications and its millions of readers.

Unsurprisingly it is the strength of WikiLeaks’ publications relating to the CIA’s illegal activities, including its attacks on France’s presidential candidates and political parties and its attempts to infect its allies and consumer products with viruses that has led to Director Pompeo’s claims that its editor Julian Assange “has no First Amendment protections”. These claims are dangerous and should be critically examined.

Director Pompeo’s statement sought not only to threaten Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks, but to definitively subvert the First Amendment and fundamental notions that are intrinsic to American democracy. The First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting free speech and the press; it is not only a right for the publisher. It is a limitation on the executive designed to check authoritarianism and guarantee the public knowledge and debate which is necessary to preserve the democratic ideals on which the idea of America was built.

As for the CIA’s attempts to demonize a publisher as a “fraud” and a “coward”-the public can judge what is fraudulent about an award winning decade-long record for publishing the truth and what is cowardly about WikiLeaks standing up to years of authoritarian bullying. Director Pompeo lacks irony when he suggests “WikiLeaks should focus its fire on autocratic regimes”

While simultaneously calling for a crackdown on free speech. Director Pompeo’s has attempted to turn both the facts and the First Amendment on its head and finds himself in the company of Erdogan of Turkey (57,934 documents published by WikiLeaks), Assad of Syria (2.3 million documents) and the Saudi dictatorship (122,609 documents), to name but a few autocratic regimes that have attempted, and failed, to censor WikiLeaks.

Director Pompeo’s speech attempting to stifle speech only serves to underscore why WikiLeaks’ publications are necessary. WikiLeaks will continue to publish true, newsworthy information that contributes to the public debate.

America’s Founders, with brilliant foresight, understood the absolute necessity for preservation of a free press to foster critical debate about the actions of the government. The alternative is tyranny.

– Julian Assange


  1. woody

    Lord, I hope the NAVY gets a lot of good practice time before anyone gets the idea to lob missiles our direction

    1. Anonymous

      All that electronic warfare business won’t help one iota.

  2. anon

    Mr. Assange was “dispatched” last Fall, having provoked the Beast. His “deadman” switch was triggered, resulting in the Vault 7 disclosure & others. He never saw Trump in office.
    Anyone have good hard evidence of his current existence?
    Rather, someone has assumed his name behind the scenes.
    And nobody seems to care.

    Just one more reason the people have been rendered incapable of real, meaningful revolt (save for the white hat hackers).

    At any rate, thanks for sharing, Harvey!

  3. T Ruth

    I think the approach of centralized, top down governance is the source of our problems, but it sure serves the elite few for us to keep playing along.

    Since when has a system of one person being “leader” worked out? A system where we allow ourselves to be dictated to, and that only serves the favored few?

    And, year after year, we walk right back into the election booth, and do the same thing.

    Hmm. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results?

  4. polecat

    Every time I read (in the PDN) about the new pier to be built for the Navy sub tenders, in our port, all i can think of is .. BULLSEYE !!!
    Everything that is good and alive can be turned to a hellish vapor in an instant, but our seeming .. uh .. ‘leaders’, with the help of their sycophants, simply are too psychopathic, greedy, and power hungry to care !

  5. Anonymous

    Save The Olympic Peninsula is one good org that can address these kind of issues. Without those who care and do their small part, the entire Ediz hook can easily become militarized sooner than you think.


  6. jp

    are you telling us that over half of the usa stockpile of nukes are all here in wa

    Editor’s Note: Have no idea what portion of nukes are stored nearby. One is enough.

    1. jp

      you said “An estimated 1,344 nuclear warheads are contained in this “… which is strange because all of us has around 1900


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