Redeveloping the Rayonier Property–it can happen, here’s proof


Port Angeles has the Rayonier Property, a property almost identical to the Mill Pond Project successfully re-developend in Astoria, Oregon, a town about half the size of Port Angeles.  Here is how they turned a “brownfield” clean-up site into a multi-million dollar housing and mixed use development.  There is no reason the Rayonier Property could not be re-developed in the same way.  We just need to get all the stake-holders in the same room and hammer out a plan all can agree upon.


Can’t see the pdf? Download it here.


  1. Anonymous

    Do remember that the site is also location of the former village of Y’Innes, which is depicted on one of the murals downtown. Remember there is an ancient burial site located there, with an untold number of graves.

    The City does not own the site, Rayonier still does. The City bought 11 acres (if I remember correctly) in their “emergency” to build the addition to the City’s sewage treatment system, also located in that area. That is where the infamous 5 million gallon “Turd Tank” is located.

    It is also in the tsunami zone, and very vulnerable to inundation as sea levels rise. Governments and insurance companies are increasingly wary of allowing new construction in vulnerable areas.

    Just to include these realities into the considerations.

  2. Judith Broadhurst

    Who wrote that intro advocating for this particular use of the land? We do need apts or condos for older people, but current definitions of “affordable” aren’t for anyone but people with pensions PLUS Social Security or other sources of income. Still, that’s better than letting them be second homes or ultra-expensive condos as in Victoria.

    The city owns roughly 15 acres of it now. But it would be reprehensible to build anything there that benefits only a few people or only rich people.

    And Anonymous is right about the tsunami zone. Just plain stupid and irresponsible to build residences there.

    Editor’s Note: Ahem, in re, “just plain stupid and irresponsible,” downtown Port Angeles is in that same “zone.” Port O Call would love to see Rayonier hand it over to the city and the city let them walk away. Then the city caps it with six inches of clay and a few inches of soil, plant grass, make it a city park, respecting the surroundings and memorializing the past.

    1. Anonymous

      In the past, it has been suggested Y’Innis be featured and honored in a respectful way, with other areas turned into a public access park.

      More and more, policies are evolving to not allow building in acknowledged hazardous areas. The taxpayers have to pay the bill when disasters hit. Canada is now discussing these policies as record flooding is destroying homes.


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