A Night at the Emmy Awards Banquet

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A night at the Emmys is everything you ever imagined it to be—and more. Nine young Emmy-nominated students from the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center were invited to attend by virtue of their being nominated in the “Sports Live Program” category. The Skills Center crew brought to PAPA-TV their coverage of last year’s high school football homecoming game.

After only one year of instruction under the very capable tutelage of Patric McInnis the crew was able to put together excellent coverage of their classmates’ gridiron exploits.

Nominees include: Holden Hapsburg, Jonathan Maestas, Brandon Gomez, Lilly Sandberg, Ed Lester, Jordan Campbell, James Murphy, Nathaniel Perry and Colby Backman.

Working together under the lights and out in the cold they were able to create professional coverage of the Rough Riders’ homecoming game so parents and friends who could not make the game could enjoy it in their own living rooms via Peninsula Area Public Access Television.

Upon hearing the crew was nominated an anonymous friend of PAPA-TV provided the funds necessary for tuxedos, hotel accommodations, meals, and transportation for the entire crew to attend and experience a night on the red carpet at the Emmys.

Just before heading over to the banquet McInnis issued last minute instructions for how to behave upon winning—and graciously accepting the fact you may not win.

Instructions included: When working the crowd keep in mind these are the people with whom you will be interviewing for professional positions next year—and the next. “Give a good firm handshake, make eye contact, introduce yourself, remember their names, compliment the winners, graciously accept losing—but don’t be satisfied with losing. Know you will be back stronger with newer better offerings and, with the added knowledge, thousands entered the competition, only three in your category were nominated, only one can win.”

Congratulations to our neighbor to the east, Kitsap County High School won the category in which our crew was nominated.

There was a good-natured competition to see who could collect the most business cards. These cards to be kept on file for professional contacts when seeking that first career position. Students ready to move into the professional world of television can use this list of contacts when ready to reach out for jobs, or advice, in the industry.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all and the fire of professional competition was lit. They will be back on the red carpet and one day—soon–we will bring home the hardware.

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