Body found under 8th street bridge in Port Angeles


PORT ANGELES — According to the Peninsula Daily News a body has been found under the bridge over the Tumwater Truck Route on Eighth Street.

No details are yet known.

Port Angeles police were called to the site around 4:30PM.


  1. Steve B

    And cue the “we need fences” commenters!
    You can put fences, barricades, nets, and what ever else you want to on these bridges, but this is like giving a drunk driver an extra air bag and a helmet it does nothing to solve the problem!
    The real problems, and it amazes me that all these smart people screaming about fence completely miss reality, is the lack of mental health care! Mental health is not a joke, but we sure seem to treat it as such.
    Fences are for keeping farm animals and inmates in. Mental healthcare is for treating humans and the issues that cause suicide. As long as these issues go untreated we will continue to have high rates of suicides regardless if we put up fences or not. Sometimes I wonder if it is fences these people really want or if they just want the suicide to take place elsewhere, out of sight of the general public, anywhere but the bridges we all drive on everyday. Unfortunately fences will only deter someone who has mental health problems to seek out another place or another method of suicide when mental healthcare help is still unavailable.
    I myself have been in Port Angeles my entire life of 40 years, I have had at least a dozen friends, school mates, and acquaintances commit suicide right here in Port Angeles, None of them used a bridge!
    I would love to know the percentage of suicides in the area and what percent have jumped? My guess is under 10 percent.
    Fences do not help, available mental healthcare is the only way!

    1. Joan Colter

      That is absolutely correct. They will always find a way to kill themselves, their being so desperate, since there is not nearly enough mental facilities anymore. Come on-help those who have mental problems. Thank you, Joan Colter

  2. Citizen Sane

    Good insight there. The deciders of this town are so desperate to make payroll as their focus that they can’t come to grips with ANY issue pertaining to quality of life. Much less responsible spending combined with responsible garnering of resources.

    Many jurisdictions are struggling with mental health care. But many other towns encourage the resources and the marketing of those resources. Here? The only thing that dumb-ass “leaders” can say are, well, dumb-ass things. They will never even acknowledge the problem, or at the very least appear to be genuinely concerned about it.


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