COPA Comprehensive Plan Amendment necessary to crush homes

Benign notice equals big changes in Port Angeles (see notice at end of article)

The city council of Port Angeles must make changes in its Comprehensive Plan before the Peninsula Housing Authority can crush 33 perfectly good homes in order to build a housing project in Port Angeles.  The city is about to approve this destruction.

According to a confusing array of records coming out of the courthouse the county commission approved nearly one million dollars for the housing authority to crush these homes.  The only catch is the city of Port Angeles must amend their comprehensive plan to include the destruction of these homes before the million dollar home crushing grant can be approved.  Fifteen different official documents were issued by the county obfuscating the real use of this million dollar grant.  All said it was to build a Boys and Girls Club.  Everyone who touched each of those 15 documents knew it was a sham.

This is the grant from the Opportunity Fund which masqueraded as a grant “for the construction of a Boys and Girls Club.”  This is the grant which caused Commissioner Mark Ozias to shut down  public comment when this writer was  attempting to blow the cover off the well orchestrated charade

City residents should attend this meeting and demand city council NOT approve these changes unless and until the housing authority has done all it can to re-purpose these homes.  Up til now the housing authority has done all they can to dissuade anyone from purchasing one of these homes.  If “Pennies for Quarters” can find a convenient spot to build tiny homes for veterans surely the well-paid brain-trust in this community can figure some creative way to move or somehow save these homes.  If the housing authority has a million to spend on destroying homes surely they can spend that money to find a new location to site their new project.

Nathan West, Director of Economic Development for the City of Port Angeles can simply refuse to issue a permit to destroy these homes but the community must let him know in no uncertain terms that we will not stand for such an assault on common sense.

With affordable housing being as scarce as it is it makes no sense to destroy 33 good homes.  The only reason to be found in this silliness is that private investors are putting money into the public housing project and they do not want any competition for their government backed investment.  Too many affordable homes and their investment may not pay off as well as it would if there was an orchestrated shortage of affordable rental homes.

Readers may have noticed an article in the daily paper recently showing an apartment home being floated across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to be re-purposed in Port Townsend.  Now that is creative.  To spend taxpayer to crush 33 perfectly good homes is, or should be, a crime.

Notice sent out by city of Port Angeles:

June 6th Public Hearings on Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Wetlands Ordinance

Notice is hereby given that the City Council will hold public hearings on June 6, 2017 to consider amendments to the city’s comprehensive plan and municipal code.

The City of Port Angeles is conducting its annual amendment process for the City’s Comprehensive Plan and proposes to make amendments to the plan. The proposed amendments are intended to meet the requirements of the Washington State Department of Commerce requirements and the Growth Management Act. The City is also considering a Municipal Code Amendment to its Wetland Ordinance in Section 15.24, specific to clarification of definitions.

Members of the public and interested parties are encouraged to attend the public hearings in front of the City Council that will be conducted on June 6, 2017 at 6:30 PM, City Hall, 321 E. Fifth Street, in the City Council Chambers. Verbal testimony will be taken during the public hearings.

For further information, please contact Allyson Brekke, Planning Manager, at 360-417-4752 or

Facebook Please attend this meeting and tell city council they must NOT allow these changes until these 33 homes are properly re-purposed or that the housing authority selects a new site and saves these homes  from destruction.


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