Low-Impact Development & Rain Gardens at the Port Angeles Main Library


As part of the North Olympic Library System’s annual Summer Reading Program Bob Simmons, Jonathan Boehme, and Vince McIntyre will present an introduction to Low-Impact Development and Rain Gardens at the Port Angeles Main Library on Thursday, June 29, at 6pm. Learn how low-impact development techniques help manage stormwater runoff to protect our water quality. Jonathan Boehme and Vince McIntyre, Civil Engineers, will explain how rain gardens, permeable pavement and soil quality contribute to keeping waterways clean.  They will also explain what City of Port Angeles rebates are available to assist you with low impact development in your yard.  Bob Simmons, WSU Associate Professor, will provide an introduction to rain gardens and how you can begin in your own yard.

About the Presenters

WSU Associate Professor Bob Simmons has over 25 years of experience in providing community-based natural resource stewardship and conservation programs focusing on water quality in the Puget Sound region.  Since 2005, he has been extensively involved in stormwater management utilizing rain gardens, drawing from the latest research done by the WA Stormwater Center, based at WSU Puyallup and others in the region.

Vince McIntyre, Civil Engineer I, City of Port Angeles, spent several years in the residential building trade before attending Washington State University where he achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. His Master’s thesis focused on remediating urban stormwater runoff by removing zinc and copper using lignocellulosic filter media. He is a State certified Engineer-in-Training and has served the City of Port Angeles for just over a year performing development review, project design and inspection, permit compliance, and public education and outreach.

Engineer/Project Manager for the City of Port Angeles Jonathan Boehme is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington.  He has experience in stormwater management, including water quality sampling, low impact development design and site development.  He managed the 4th Street Stormwater Project, which constructed rain gardens at eight intersections in Port Angeles.   Mr. Boehme is responsible for the City’s NPDES Phase II Permit compliance including pollution investigation work, public education and outreach, development review and program development.

More About the Summer Reading Program

The theme for the 2017 Summer Reading Program is Build a Better World.  This summertime celebration, which encourages people of all ages to read throughout the summer, features a reading challenge and a multitude of events for adults.  Stop by your local NOLS location to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge and learn how to have a chance at winning fabulous prizes!

The Summer Reading Program is generously supported by the Friends of the Library at all four NOLS libraries.  For more information about events happening this summer, visit www.nols.org, call 360.417.8500, or email Discover@nols.org.  The Port Angeles Main Library is located at 2210 S. Peabody Street.

The North Olympic Library System is Clallam County’s public library.


  1. Anon

    I seem to remember Port Angeles City staff telling us that rain gardens can’t be built here because the soils are so “impermeable”. Remember?

    Oh, right. That was before they got (was it a million dollars?) a grant to build a couple on the west side of town. Remember?

    1. Tyler

      Right, that was what we were told when the City was trying to sell us on the $50 million “CSO” project.

      That, the City’s largest public works project, was needed because so much rain water was being put into the sewage pipes, and when it rained a lot, the sewage overflowed into the harbor.

      When it was pointed out that other cities helped residents disconnect roof downspouts with rebates to solve exactly the same problem, the City said that was not possible here in Port Angeles, because the area soils were so impermeable. “Like concrete”.

      Except when they have a project they now support!

      Of course rain gardens are a great idea.

      1. polecat

        The combined brains of (past and present) the heads of departments, as well as city council members the City of Port Angeles, are ‘impermeable’ …. just like concrete !!


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