LTE: Save the Skills Center

“I understand that only about a third of our Port Angeles high school graduates go on to college.  Skills Centers are part of the K-12 public school system in Washington State.  But I’ve heard that the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center in Port Angeles may be closed because our area does not have a large enough student population to fill the state required number of classrooms. 
Port Angeles high school graduates who are not college bound have achieved passing academic grades but they have not yet learned FAMILY WAGE employ-ability skills. Skills Centers provide public school students (9th grade through age 21) with the opportunity to learn DIGNIFIED COMMERCIAL skills needed for employment AND develop the maturity to learn to cooperate in a work environment at no cost to the student. “
Beth Oakes


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  1. Richard Wade

    Well said! Now please tell it to the school board on June 22nd! Thank you for a wonderfully astute comment!


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