Top Ten Lessons Learned by County Treasurer by Selinda Barkhuis


  1. One Of Many

    Ms. Barkhuis, surely you know that many folks appreciate your true public service, accountability, and integrity. Which virtues Messrs. Jones and Nichols appear to lack. It can be difficult to stand up to the “good ole boys”, but you did. THANK YOU.

  2. Greg

    Would a personal umbrella insurance policy cover liability that you have described, or perhaps an errors and omissions insurance policy?

  3. just a chipper

    what a wonderful piece, THANK YOU.. to actually admit the flaws of these elective officials when living in a society of such neglect and self-centered leaders. people who are elected to have integrity and justification regarding the concerns and LAWS of the people in Clallam County. only a brave WOMAN such as you Selinda can admit to such dishonesty and trust they are scheming. very informative.. you deserve way better!!! Much blessings your way on your future endeavors..


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