Will the real Clallam Democratic Party please stand up

Opinion by Dale Wilson

Will the real Clallam County Democratic Party please stand up

A diaphanous duplicate democratic party is emerging from the otherwise moribund local party. They call themselves “United for a Democratic Future.” While having a separate charter they took control of the democratic headquarters downtown. The local Democratic Party dues paying members are paying their operating costs but have no control of their activities. Have no control of what signs are put up inside. Have no control of what posters or photos are in the window. It is a coup.

It took a while to get to this. Readers may recall the reorganization of the CCD back in December. Huge numbers of disappointed Bernie supporters flooded into the local party. They brought youth, energy, enthusiasm, ideas. They took over–through the normal election processes. The old guard would not have this. They changed the locks. Closed down the headquarters. Threw the bums out.

At one point they even moved all the furniture and fixtures out of the downtown headquarters. Now we know why. A coup was hatched and they would have to “start all over” to effect the takeover.

It’s a pretty sweet deal but I don’t know how long the card-carrying dues paying members are going to pay the freight, enjoying none of the benefits-like free speech.

Port O Call attempted to get a comment from Norma Turner, one of 5 “governors” of the new UDF.

We have received no response.


  1. anonymous

    At some point, people will see the reliance on the established political parties is not serving them very well. That these parties spend most of the money they get to put out appeals for more money, all to keep “The Party” going, instead of really working to help the best interests of the people, and the country.

    Many of the major organizations have become like this. The paid employees and directors spend much of their time “fundraising”, to pay for their own salaries, pay the rent for the offices, etc.

    The other negative with the established political parties is that they are more concerned about “The Party” and it’s success, than the issues “the people” actually care about. At votes, logic goes out the window, and members vote the way “The Party” requires them to.

    In Port Angeles, we just see the remnants of public representation swirling around the bowl, as it goes down.

  2. Homesteading Works

    And going down it is. Self-reliance is the future.

  3. polecat

    “It is hard for someone to understand something … when their salary depends on them not to understand it!” Upton Sinclair

    That, ladies and gents, pretty much sums up the Establishment Democrats to a T !!! .. both here in our little place in the world, as it does in the ‘big smokes’ of L.A., N.Y.C., … or D.C., as they are far beyond redemption.

    The Democratic Party is DEAD!… Long Live the DEMOCRATS!**

    Stated, as a former democrat … since 2009 !


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