Cougar sighted in West Port Angeles

A cougar was sighted at the 1100 block of W 9th Street in Port Angeles at 3:00pm today according to the Sheriff’s Department.  Fish and Wildlife have been notified and are going to the scene of the sighting.   Residents are advised to keep their pets inside.
Cougars move far and fast so it will not likely be in that same area long and can quickly cross into any area of town according to Ron Cameron of the CCSD.  He also recommends residents keep their children and pets inside.
Big cats do not usually enter into residential areas.  This one may be older or ill and unable to catch its usual prey which includes anything from rabbits to deer.
If you come into contact with any big cat, such as a cougar, do not run.  This triggers a reflex in the cat and the chase is on.  Get inside quick but do not turn your back on it and do not run.


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