Great time to audit humane society

With the recent firing of the executive director at the local humane society it might be a good time to audit their books.  The humane society, and all non-profits, are supposed to file IRS Form 990 each year to show what monies are brought in and how it is spent.  The local humane society has none of these on file for the past few years.

The humane society receives more than $100,000 of Clallam County taxpayers’ money each year.  Plus, it receives all the registration fees when pet owners register their pets as the law requires.  With this much money going through their books it makes sense they would keep everything open and above board by filing the necessary forms with the IRS.

Add to this the confusion inherent when there are still two names associated with the same group.  The old name, “Clallam County Humane Society is still active as well as the new name, “Olympic Peninsula Humane Society.”

If donors write a check to “Clallam County Humane Society” where does that money go?  Without the proper forms on file no one will ever know.  If they fail to keep an accurate count of how many people register their pets then that money is adrift somewhere too–especially if pet owners use cash for the registration.

For such a beloved organization to be so loose with their internal controls only invites abuse.  Now would be a great time for an audit of both the Clallam County Humane Society and the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society so they can blend these two entities into one.  Then the surviving organization should catch up on its IRS Form 990 filings.

According to a recent story on KONP the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society is recruiting for a new executive director.  Any professional would be foolish to enter into this environment without a fresh audit to know exactly for whom s/he works and the current financial status of the organization.


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  1. Deep Thorax

    this may be a big deal. Lynda Crowe is the major donor and wife of Green Crow owner. Board member, Carol Johnson is wife if Randy Johnson of Green Crow and a County Commissioner.

    Why does an executive director disappear this way?
    What has happened to my donations over the years?
    Shouldn’t we hear more? This is a 501c3, tax exempt, tax deductible non-profit after all.

    Editor’s Note: The humane society has not filed their required IRS Form 990 lately so we cannot determine what they have taken in or how it was spent.


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