LTE: Oppelt unfit for city council

Letter to the Editor:

Mr. Wilson:

There are several of us involved in this activity; none of us are fond of anonymous letter-writers.  However, because  of the circumstance of the case, anonymity is an absolute necessity.

You or somebody on your staff mus do a background check on city council candidate Jacob Oppelt.  His rap sheet just became available to us and to say the least, it’s frightening to think a person like this might be elected to a decision-making position in our city.

In short, this man has a checkered legal past, including not one, but TWO hit–and-run incidents and TWO episodes when he lied to the police.

He was found guilty several times of misdemeanors, and in at least one instance, October 2008, he was jailed briefly and paid a $300 fine for “Making A False Statement To A Public Official.”

Less than 5 years ago he was charged with Theft 3 and pleaded Not Guilty.

We feel this information should come out as soon as possible.

Please, Mr. Wilson, don’t let the anonymity of this letter deter you from checking out Mr. Oppelt’s past behavior.  this is legitimate information that surely, you, as a reporter can track down and verify.

We call ourselves…

The Committee To Keep Corruption Off P. A. City Council.


  1. Sam Deeds

    Didn’t I just hear Mr. Oppelt declare in an interview on KNOP that he doesn’t even have a misdemeanor in his past?

  2. Mr. Businessman

    The Port Angeles Downtown Association threw him out of office as their President because he couldn`t show up. This guy is a bad actor. He`s proven himself to me and the rest of the business community here.

  3. My life don't Matter

    And he just had another kid. So along with his spread-thin business interests, he said nevertheless he’ll have plenty of time to do the research and think things through on council. Yeah, right.

  4. Obadiah

    Hey CTKCOPACC, where have you been? This entire county is not but a culture of corruption! Your commissioners just “gifted” $901,000 to a Chicago non-profit! CHICAGO! We didn’t hear a squeak from you guys! Where were you when Jim McIntire “gifted” 1 million dollars to the port who, in turn, gave Jimbo $16,000 for a botched research report, hiring him as a “consultant”, one of two popular ways of converting public funds for personal gain, the other being feasibility studies.
    Where were you guys when the school district was stealing the skills center building after you all voted to reward them with a 43 million dollar levy, 5 mil of which was allocated for vocational education?
    Oppelt’s 2 misdemeanor convictions don’t hold a candle to the white collar crime taking place right under your noses, from the school district to the district attorneys office and everything in between. If anything, from a criminal standpoint, Oppelt is “underqualified”, but I’m sure he’ll transition nicely!

    1. Howard Beale

      THAT is a damn good question! Why don’t more folks give a damn about the outright theft of their public money? Take a good look around, it really doesn’t have to be like this.

  5. Ed

    What success has he had. Maurice’s ? Lincoln? Both sit vacant.

  6. Theft 3

    Please be sure to check with the Safeway Grocery Store too, their shoplifters list ( Never Allowed Back In The Store List – 2012 ).

  7. david

    what about him having drug possession during the Safeway incident(COCAINE)

  8. Adam G Ross

    Relatively new to the area, and don’t know Mr Oppelt. Most people, especially if they live in Port Angeles for very long, do know that a) times are desperate for the majority of citizens forcing some to make bad decisions, up to and including stealing things they need to survive.

    It’s a deplorable situation and any new businesses or ideas are quickly sabotaged and stifled by those already in control.

    These people have been happy to allow a beautiful and peaceful place to decay and wallow in closed up businesses and exponentially increasing unemployment, corruption, homelessness while turning a blind eye to (or possibly profiting from) obvious organized crime activity, drug smuggling, real estate fraud, theft rings, and vigilantism.

    I’ll vote for Mr Oppelt despite the misdemeanor charges I’m sure he regrets and has paid society back just on the odds he replaces one of the corrupt and malicious city leaders we clearly have several of already.


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