Scam Alert, page A-4 of today’s daily paper

Believe it or not there is a full page ad in today (Thursday) daily paper soliciting buyers of $2 bills for 12 times their face value.  No, really.

The ad is made to look like a news story.  It is a scam.

They have a spiel that is totally confusing by design.  They call them “Banker’s Stacks” and so forth and hint that they will be valuable some day.  In the meantime they want you to send them $149 for $12 worth of currency.

Mom gave me a $2 bill for my birthday 25 years ago.  It is still worth $2.  Buyer beware.  Daily paper, be ashamed.

Dad told me, “the fastest way to double your money is fold it and put it back in your pocket.”

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