Sheriff sounds alarm
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Recently the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office received a Public Records Act (PRA- RCW 42.56) request from Port Angeles resident
Adam Chamberlin as follows:
—-Please provide me with a CD containing all of the licensed pets in Clallam County, including license numbers, owner information, and all other pertinent information. Please provide me an invoice for the compilation of these records and I will pay upon pickup.—
At present, I (Sheriff Benedict) intend to release the records requested absent a court order directing the information be redacted in whole or in part on August 25th. It is my belief that these records should not be released, however, the PRA, as interpreted by me, leaves me no choice.
There are 2,222 Clallam County residents who have current pet licenses that were purchased through the sheriff’s office or the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society (OPHS). In addition to this press release, I am sending letters to each pet owner explaining that these records will be released after third party disclosures and absent action from Superior Court. Anyone in this group objecting to release of this information has the option of petitioning Clallam County Superior Court and explaining why they object to the release of this information (in accordance with the PRA, specifically RCW 42.56.540). We expect to have all of the letters to the licensed pet owners out by August 4th; the deadline to petition superior court would be ten days later. We recommend seeking legal assistance/counsel to file a petition with the court.
I regret that the well-intended Public Records Act in Washington State has morphed into its present state. In addition to being a major administrative burden through frivolous requests, Washington citizens are learning that most personal information they provide to state and local governments to enhance public safety, or to comply with regulations, can be released to anyone and for any purpose thereby invading their right to privacy as well as potentially compromising their own safety.
Until this matter is fully settled, I have suspended our pet licensing program and will consult with both the county commissioners and legal representatives to chart a way forward.



  1. Worried About Our Future

    Creepy! A three times convicted felon is requesting personal information on thousands of Clallam County residents? And, it looks like he will get it?

    How can this be considered a good thing for the community?

  2. Steveo

    What’s Adam’s plan for these records? Are registered pet owners his next target? Or is he after the pets themselves? Adam is a lowlife clown and his actions including this one have only made Port Angeles a shadier place to be. Pretty sad when the Sherriff out’s the crime fighter wanna be!

  3. Sereena Townsend

    I call bullshit. You are going to give a 3 time convicted felon, who also has a habit of harassing citizens, our addresses and personal information?
    My God when does this end? And when will c.c.s.o. step up an take their power back from these infidels in our community. Isn’t this the point of having a police department in town for them to protect and serve the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. The law breaking vigilantes seem to be holding all the balls in this town. Hell if those jobs are up for grabs and any one can go around acting like a port Angeles police officer well I say “I GOT THE SOLUTION SARGE JUST CALL SCORPIO”

  4. GiGi

    In a post Adam made sniveling , he claims that his intentions were to start a free pet return business as he does not like how pet posse asks for fees for locating and returning lost dogs. Then the real reason, he doesn’t like their relationship with Dale Wilson.
    This dude and his ring leader Chelsea Ward Robibson are so seriously paranoid and downright creepy it’s beyond bizarre.
    They spend hours and hours posting BS about Mr. Wilson and the Port O Call news inciting hate and lawsuit threats when they are the perps and criminals.
    Funny thing he posts that he read the press release after a hard day at work. LOL!
    You know driving around and stalking, then creating cyber aliases and vigilante websites is such hard work.

    1. Sereena Townsend

      That’s the meth heroin and years of totally paranoid psychotic delusion. TRULY trust me, it’s their own worst end for we have addressed his so called feeble attempts for attention.
      So now the paranoia an psycho shit gets turned back ON them. All by acknowledgement​ to the fact these two infidels are there for two minutes in the spotlight. The time is over for you two, Adam & Chelsea.

  5. Random Port Angeles Person

    He wants to avoid prowling the properties that have dogs. Getting the information allows him to systematically check, to avoid getting attacked by a dog (the only real threat to Adam, since the police and judicial system turn a blind eye to his vigilante behavior).

    1. Steveo

      And then if he gets attacked by an unregistered dog he can sue the homeowners and the State!?


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