Letter to Editor: Judge Rick Porter pulling our leg?

Letter writer doesn’t believe Judge Rick Porter’s fanciful cover stories

To the editor:

Oddly enough, Rick Porter doesn’t BRAG about going active with the JAG Corps on his Linked-IN account. You’d think he’d be the first to brag about anything and everything.    Wonder why he keeps it quiet?

I can’t imagine that they really need HIM. And, I can’t understand him saying how top secret it is…when another Judge in Oregon is pretty outspoken about it all:


No matter how far I go back into searching 60-day assignment  ..specifically in relation to JAG,  I find NOTHING,

This gives me an inkling that something is bullshit.

Why? Because if JAG was so in need — why in the hell would they tap HIM, and not others, as well?   I find one guy, the guy in Oregon to “assist air-force top lawyer” Porter’s seems to be a much different situation.

I always like to look at the big picture, and very few judges are tapped to go to JAG, and all of them go for much, much longer.

In this case he was first “going to grow grapes” in one article, and then “super secret, even wife won’t know” in another article.

I know the smell of rotting fish when I smell it.

Meanwhile, I think that EDC Executive Director, Bobby Schroeter was unhappy, and he didn’t come through with the $$$ from the county, the city OR THE LEVY and meanwhile, he isn’t exactly a team player with Team Corrupt Clallam. He’s an “outsider” which only makes sense that he was rolling his eyes, like the rest of us, with the nonsense that pretends to be business here.  As I’ve said often,…a bunch of little boys clomping around in daddy’s shoes…

When the stench comes from more than one place, it’s difficult to locate — this all stinks.

I find it amusing (and try to not read too much into it) that Jim Jones is retiring, and Colleen might be, and Pay-or-Appear Porter is vanishing, and now EDC’s head is booted, and we have a new schools chief….  so, maybe we can only hope that a few more people step down, or otherwise “quit the field.”

I have a list……    they’re getting my hopes up.

(Name withheld at writer’s request.)

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