Better way of viewing elections

Without getting into an extended diatribe, I find it hard to find examples, throughout history, where our form of ‘top down” governance has actually resulted in happy societies. It seems those with a particular interest are the ones who direct society in one direction or another, and most often, their own personal financial gain has been the “interest”.
Having said that, I absolutely believe it is each of ours obligation to be involved in our communities, and to do what we can to better it. Given the current structure, it is imperative we “get smart”, and learn how to best get our elected officials to do what we want them to do.
Who holds the office is of minor concern. We need only to look at broken campaign promises to be reminded that relying upon electing has-been “leaders,” and believing their campaign pitches, is to set ones self up for that all too familiar disappointment.
As with any conversation, if falsehoods are left to be assumed to be truths, nothing good will result. We need to change the way our politicians are viewed. They are not dictators. They are not some form of judge, who listen to the various parties interests, and then decide what is best for the “rabble”.
They are administrators of the public trust. Administrators who carry out the day to day duties involved in providing for the needs of communities. They are “public servants”, not demi-gods. Governance is about us.
All of us.
Neighborhood groups develop the policies for their neighborhoods, which are conveyed to the larger city/county administrators to implement and facilitate. We do not beg, implore or hope the county/city council and staff might throw us a favor by including a sentence or two we suggest into THEIR plan.
Our neighborhoods are ours. We all have invested into our neighborhoods, some long ago.
As suggested previously.. it is an election year. The timing is perfect to reset what we, the people, will accept and vote for. 


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  1. Michael

    So true. In Chris Hedges recent piece on the coming collapse of critical institutions and the economy following the gutting of them under the Trump administration he wisely points out that….”.. parallel institutions, including unions, community development organizations, local currencies, alternative political parties and food cooperatives, will have to be constructed town by town.”
    Without citizen-manned centers of community design, planning and new forms of public infrastructure development and maintenance most of rotting “middle America” will inevitably become “third world”.


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