Publisher enters race for County Commissioner by Tyler

Dale FINALLY says “Yes”.

After years of urging, by many in the community to run for elected office, Dale Wilson finally said “yes!”

Dale stands for election to the County Commission. Dale demonstrates tireless commitment to the community. He immersed himself in the issues founding the Port O Call News in 2013 to provide useful information to the community.

As publisher he attends and reports on meetings of the county commission, city councils, chambers of commerce, the EDC, the business associations, Port of Port Angeles and political debates. He knows the issues.

(All back issues of Port O Call are available at:

In 2015 Dale recruited a board of directors and together developed PAPA-TV, the first public access television station in Clallam County. On his public affairs program; “Now You Know” Dale interviews news makers and community shakers, helping you make sense of what’s going on in the community.

(Interviews available at

Despite his often incisive expose’ of decisions and actions, Dale’s professional and interpersonal communication skills enable him to maintain positive relationships with those involved in decision-making on the important issues affecting the taxpayers.

After graduation at the University of Tennessee and earning a Master’s Degree at Murray State University, he enjoyed a diverse career including stints as a broadcaster, fundraiser for a children’s home, general contractor, Team-Building Consultant and an educator at the high school and college level.

With Dales’ direct experience in County issues, established relationships with regional leadership, and proven track record of looking out for “the people,” there is no doubt Dale will be a great County Commissioner.


  1. Jane Hielman

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. Mike

    Ha! Dale should attempt to not use the third person grammar, but he’s certain to liven up this race. I have no doubt he’d be a great Comish. We need non industry — long term input on the west end. The three way/ five way combinations County wide are going to be intriguing. Any chance of getting PortoCall back in print?
    Editor’s Note: Notice the byline, Tyler wrote it. I asked him to and he was kind to oblige.

    1. Mike

      You’re right! Have a great weekend!


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