Let the campaign begin..

By Dale Wilson, Candidate for Clallam County Commission

Let the campaign begin…

This morning, around 7:30, three candidates for County Commissioner, District 3 appeared before the Port Angeles Business Association at Joshua’s Restaurant. The coffee was hot, the food delicious, the crowd attentive. After short self-introductions by the candidates the members of PABA peppered the squad with questions. Each candidate was allowed a couple minutes to respond. If one candidate wanted to rebut another s’ remarks they were allowed brief rebuttal time.  Each candidate represented himself, and his constituency well.

All in all it was a great demonstration of old timey politics.  Attendees asked pertinent questions about government regulation, private property rights, taxation, shoreline management, code enforcement and lawsuits against the county.

The unusual part was the questions directed only to me, in private, coming from the reporter for PDN; Paul Gottlieb.

He asked, “Would you remain on the board of PAPA (Peninsula Area Public Access Television) if elected county commissioner?”

I said, “why Paul I didn’t know you knew PAPA existed, you’ve never written an article about the first public access television station in the county. You never mentioned we invite any and every non-profit on the peninsula to provide us with, or allow us to create, a public service ad to promote their mission. You never mentioned, in our first year of broadcasting, one of our programs, produced by local high school kids-coverage of the local high school homecoming game-was nominated for an Emmy Award. You failed to mention this same group of Rough Riders were nominated for two Emmys, this year, in our second year of broadcasting. You failed to report one of our documentaries, commissioned by the county lodging tax committee, covering the Olympic Discovery Trail as it wends its way through sunny Clallam County, won “Best of the Northwest,” in two categories, at the Community Media Film Fest in Portland, You failed to mention one of our public service announcements, commissioned by the city of Port Angeles and produced by these same amazing kids, and detailing the recent improvements at Civic Field, was subject of the second Emmy nomination this year. So, in answer to your question, will I remain on the board if elected commissioner’ the answer is yes, as long as the board will have me and as long as I can make contributions to public access of information I will surely do so.”

Paul suggested I take it up with his editor, Leah Leach; 360-452-2345


  1. Jane Hielman

    Go dale.

  2. Michael

    Paul is not on the good news beat. Why should he report on anything but controversy. His sniffer works for blood and little else apparently. I doubt he will be looking for your accomplishments. You’ve done more for transparency and reporting with integrity on the Peninsula than the PDN has or could ever do considering it’s bias towards the City, County and Port regimes.


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